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Ready to Propose? 14 Ways to Pop the Question This Fall

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing
5 ways to pop to question this fall

Are you ready to propose? Indiana National Guardsman Jesse Fordyce was very ready recently. The Iraq war veteran held up a giant hand-painted sign at the airport with the help of family and friends to propose to his girlfriend Kelly, who also serves in the military. As Kelly descended the escalator to baggage claim, she was surprised to see the giant sign and her boyfriend on one knee with an engagement ring nestled in a grey box.

If you’re ready to take a similar plunge, then pick an affordable engagement ring set crafted with real diamonds, and craft a creative fall proposal using some of these ideas as a starting point:

14 Creative Fall Proposal Ideas

  1. Get your fall on at the pumpkin patch. Jump on the hayride, sip some cider, and pick the perfect pumpkins with your future bride. Make plans to carve the pumpkins on a later date, and hide the affordable engagement ring set inside of a scooped-out pumpkin.
  2. Take a hike together to enjoy the fall colors. When the moment is right, simply get down on one knee in the middle of the path with the ring box in your hand, and think of a creative way to tell your bride-to-be that you have fallen for her and are ready to propose.
  3. Give thanks for your love at Thanksgiving. Nestle an engagement ring in the middle of the apple pie (plan well, so no one swallows it!), or slip a ring onto her finger during the Thanksgiving grace when everyone is holding hands around the table.
  4. Dress up as a vampire for Halloween. Instead of using your best fake Transylvanian accent to say, “I vant to suck your blood,” find the perfect moment to cry out, “I vant to marry you!”
  5. Invite your future wife over for an old-fashioned leaf-raking party. Challenge her to see who can rake the biggest pile of fallen leaves, and then reclaim your youth by jumping into the piles. When you are both lying in leaves and laughing, pull the affordable engagement ring set out of your pocket.
  6. Go horseback riding! A relaxing ride through the countryside or mountains is the ideal way to appreciate the gorgeous fall colors. Arrange to take a leisurely horseback riding excursion for two. When you stop to take in the view, surprise her with a stunning engagement ring set.
  7. Take advantage of your last chance to go camping before the winter weather sets in. Drive to a campsite with plenty of warm gear, or go the glamping route and rent a secluded cabin with a fireplace. Enjoy this blissful one-on-one time together with no distractions. Open a bottle of wine, start a fire and make gourmet s’mores with her favorite kind of chocolate. Propose over the firelight.
  8. Find a nearby brewery or winery, and make a reservation for a private tour and tasting. Sample the fall-themed beers or the most recent vintage, then arrange for the staff to bring you glasses of something special you know she’ll like. Pair your toast with a diamond engagement ring.
  9. Find a fall corn maze near where you live, and have a blast running through it like little kids. When you get lost in the maze, away from the crowd, tell her you want to take a short break. Then get down on one knee with the gorgeous engagement ring set she’ll love.
  10. Plan a day trip to a place you’ve never been before, but don’t tell her where you’re going. Pick a charming small town or a city with a lot of character. Stock the car with her favorite snacks and tunes, and enjoy a scenic drive with a backdrop of changing leaves. Have a romantic lunch, then explore the town on foot. Find a quiet spot to pop the question.
  11. If you and your sweetheart aren’t allergic to hay, a hayride might present the perfect moment for you to propose. This idea is a flexible, too. You could take a ride to look at the changing fall scenery or take a haunted one at night (if you and your partner are fans of spooky scenes). You can even arrange to have a private hayride set up just for you two.
  12. Find a fall corn maze near where you live, and have a blast running through it like little kids. When you get lost in the maze, away from the crowd, tell her you want to take a short break. Then get down on one knee with the gorgeous engagement ring set she’ll love.
  13. The color-changing leaves of fall is always a beautiful sight to behold. Yet, someone still needs to rake them up after they’ve fallen. The abundance of orange, red, and yellow leaves on the ground presents a few different proposal opportunities. First, you can try to casually start a leaf fight with your loved one, then end it with a romantic proposal. You can also rake the leaves into a heart and propose in the center, or you could rake them into a “marry me?” question.
  14. Another pumpkin proposal idea – this time a little more specific! Autumn pumpkin carving provides a unique opportunity to propose in a creative way. Buy two pumpkins, one for you and one for your spouse-to-be. On your pumpkin, carve out “marry me?” or something similar. Be very secretive about what you’re carving on your pumpkin so that your significant other becomes increasingly interested. When you’re ready, present the carved pumpkin to her/him in a grand fashion. Then get down on one knee and present the love of your life with a diamond engagement ring.

Photo Credit: Flickr (Mark Guim) markarus

Modern Couple's Guide To Proposing

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