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Modern Couples Guide to Proposing

In the ’90s romantic comedy “You’ve Got Mail,” the secret identity of Meg Ryan’s online admirer (spoiler alert!) is finally revealed at the end of the movie, not by Tom Hanks, but by his character’s big golden retriever, Brinkley. When Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly kiss in the park after the truth comes out, Brinkley joins their embrace.

For some couples, their pets are an important part of their relationship and their future life together. Some couples even choose to have their dog, cat, or other pet play a pivotal role in their proposal or wedding. Do you have a beloved pet that you would like to incorporate into your proposal? Here are a few sweet and romantic ways to include your furry friend in the moment you get down on one knee with a diamond engagement ring.


Creative Proposal Ideas Involving a Dog

1. The Outdoorsy

This one requires a good dose of attention to detail, so only go for it if you’re nearby to monitor closely! Dig a shallow hole in the garden. Bury the engagement ring box along with a few dog biscuits, and loosely cover the area with dirt (making sure you know where it is, just in case). If you have a retriever or another dog that’s good at sniffing out treats, he’s likely to track down the bone, eat it, and then come drop the ring box in your lap to play. Practice a few times in advance, rewarding your dog for each time he delivers the box successfully. Your significant other is sure to be surprised by this pleasant alternative to a drool-covered tennis ball.

2. The Classic

Once you have shopped for rings and found the perfect diamond engagement ring for your bride, tie the ring box to your dog’s collar with a colorful ribbon. Call the dog over and wait for your better half to find her ring. This is one of the more common proposal ideas involving a dog.


3. The High-Tech

Take a cue from this couple that gave their beloved dog the role of videographer at their winter wedding. Fasten a GoPro to your pup’s collar, and bring her along for when you present your sweetheart with a diamond engagement ring. Your dog will delightedly capture your magical proposal on camera, and you can later edit into a short film you’ll treasure forever.

4. The Written Word

Perhaps having your pet deliver the ring is not quite what you have in mind when you think of proposal ideas involving a dog, because you would prefer to select your affordable wedding jewelry together. Fortunately, there are other ways to get your dog involved. Custom design a collar and dog tag with your personal proposal message. Or tie a letter to the dog’s collar to be delivered to your spouse-to-be.

5. The Scavenger Hunt

Plan a special scavenger hunt that will take your girlfriend and your dog on an adventure to memorable spots in your relationship. Leave clues to lead them to where you met, where you first kissed, where you went on your first date, where you bought your pet. Celebrate the grand finale by surprising her with a ring.


Modern Couple's Guide To Proposing

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