Navigate to the final step of checkout where you will be able to select PayPal as your payment method.

PayPal Balance

Purchase your wedding rings with your PayPal balance. Simply navigate to the final step of checkout once you've selected your rings and select PayPal as your payment option. Click "Place Order" to be taken to PayPal, where you can securely log in and select your PayPal balance.

Use PayPal Balance to pay for your wedding rings.

Venmo (via PayPal)

Purchase funds with your Venmo balance. Whether you've got some cash stored aside or you're a modern couple splitting the purchase, payment by Venmo, through PayPal, is quick and easy.

Step 1. Connect Venmo and PayPal. Open your Venmo App and click "Connect with Paypal" at the top.

Tap PayPal on your phone to pay with Venmo

Step 2. Once you've picked the rings you're ready to purchase and have entered the final step of check out, select Paypal as your payment option and click “Pay Now”.

Choose PayPal as your payment option.

Bank Transfer (via PayPal)

Purchase your wedding rings by connecting your bank to PayPal! Step by step options for connecting your bank account to Paypal, and purchasing through those funds can be found here!

Transfer money using PayPal to pay for your rings.