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Your Affirm account is created using your name, email, mobile phone number, birthday, and the last 4 digits of your SSN. This combination helps Affirm verify
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  • Affirm has designed its loans to offer you flexibility and control over your budget.
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  • Actual rates will be shown at checkout.

For example, purcahse a Trio Wedding Ring Set for $1499.99 through Affirm with a 15% APR and pay $144.41 a month for 12 months.

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For more information visit Affirm's website or contact Affirm at or call (855) 423-3729.

Rates between 10-36% APR with a promotional rate of 0% APR for qualified customers. Subject to credit check and approval. Down payment may be required. Payment amount depends on your purchase amount. Estimated payment amount excludes taxes and shipping fees. Previous purchases are not eligible for offer. Payment options through Affirm are provided by these lending partners:

Q: What information does Affirm require?

A: Your Affirm account is created using your name, email, mobile phone number, birthday and last 4 digits of SSN. Affirm requires that this information must belong to you and no other individual and helps Affirm verify and protect your identity.

Q: Does Affirm perform a credit check?

A: Yes, when you first create an Affirm account, Affirm performs a 'soft' credit check that should not have an affect on your credit score so you can see exactly how much you're approved for. If you choose to confirm a financing offer, Affirm will perform a one-time annual 'hard' credit check when a merchant processes your order. This 'hard' credit check will have some effect on your credit score.

Q: Why was I prompted for a checking account?

A: Affirm sometimes needs more information about your financial situation to evaluate your loan application. Verifying an online checking account helps Affirm determine your ability to repay a loan. Affirm does not store your online login credentials; they simply pass them on via a secure service to link your checking account.

Q: Why was I prompted to pay a down payment with a debit card?

A: Affirm isn't always able to approve financing for the full amount of the purchase. When this happens, Affirm provides a debit card down payment option so that you may still complete your purchase right away.

Q: What are Affirm's fees?

A: The annual percentage rate (APR) on an Affirm loan ranges from 0-36%. Affirm discloses any required fees upfront before you make a purchase, so you know exactly what you will pay for your financing. You’ll see the amount of interest you’ll owe on the terms page and again on the loan confirmation page. If you pay off your loan early, you’ll receive a rebate for any interest that hasn’t yet accrued. Affirm does not charge any hidden fees, including annual fees.

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My Trio Rings was started with the backing of four generations of expertise in the diamond and jewelry industry! As diamond cutters, ring casters and wholesalers, we noticed how much retail stores were overcharging their customers, and decided to go directly to customers through to reduce costs and make diamond jewelry affordable for the everyday hardworking American! Click to read more about why thousands of brides and grooms have chosen My Trio Rings!