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We asked thousands of our couples to share their experiences! Browse through many of them on this page or scroll to the bottom of any rings page you are interested in to view all reviews of a particular ring or ring set!

Joseph G

I love this wedding band. It is a very comfortable. The width is perfect for me and I appreciate that the edges aren't very thick, allowing me close my fingers together. I had looked around for men's bands for a while and was and continue to be very impressed for the quality 14k ring I got for the price I paid. There is no need to settle to fit a budget. This is the level of quality one hopes for at an unbeatable price.

Date of Posting: Jun 19th, 2018

Joseph G

I am very grateful to have found MyTrioRings while looking to propose to my now-wife. I will always remember the joy on her face and the joy it still brings me to see this ring on her finger. This ring sits very comfortably and offers a wonderful elegance.

Date of Posting: Jun 19th, 2018

Joseph G

This ring is even more stunning in person! My wife chose this as her wedding band, wearing it on her right hand as per our faith's tradition, and her engagement ring on the left. The support team of MyTrioRings.com is by far the best customer service I have ever worked with. I can not recommend MyTrioRings enough. Their rings are beautiful and their help is beyond compare.

Date of Posting: Jun 19th, 2018


The ring isn’t absolutely stunning and looks even better in person. Still amazed by the price of the ring. The band is very thin and lightweight so I don’t even feel it’s there which is great because I can’t stand a bully ring!!

Date of Posting: Jun 19th, 2018


We received the rings sooner than expected. My fiance and I love them. We are so excited about wearing them soon. Thank you My Trio Rings for a wonderful start to the rest of our lives!!!

Date of Posting: May 17th, 2018


My rings are gorgeous and I love them they fit perfect and look even more perfect. i wil recommend you guys to everyone it was easy payments where affordable. What I really likes as soon as I made my last payment they where shipped out to me within a few ays! keep up the great work guys!

Date of Posting: May 16th, 2018


My husband and I wanted matching rings since we've been married but couldn't afford it. We found this beautiful set on mytriorings on a sale we couldn't refuse. Not only did the rings ship early but they arrived a day early. Very beautiful set that I find myself looking at every time I place it in my finger. We're very satisfied with the rings and service!

Date of Posting: May 9th, 2018


We got our rings yesterday and just love them. My fiancé stated that the customer service was great and they were actually delivered before schedule. Thank you for your professionalism and your quality of work. The trio set is actually more beautiful in person. Thanks again for standing by your name and work.

Date of Posting: May 4th, 2018


We love our rings. Excellent customer service and shipping. Thanks.

Date of Posting: May 2nd, 2018


My husband and I love our rings.

Date of Posting: May 2nd, 2018


The rings are beautiful!

Date of Posting: Apr 30th, 2018


Overall I'm very pleased. Shipping was fast and customer service was excellent. My wife information loves her ring. Now to renew our vows in Vegas!

Date of Posting: Apr 26th, 2018


Great price. Beautiful rings. Shipped earlier than expected, but arrived on time nonetheless. Fiancée extremely happy. Very highly recommend!!

Date of Posting: Apr 18th, 2018


These rings are absolutely stunning so much more beautiful in person we love them and great prices I will be recommending this site to others

Date of Posting: Apr 16th, 2018


Got this ring for my fiance for our upcoming wedding. It fits him great amd looks awesome on his finger. He says it's comfortable amd he's excited to wear it on our wedding day. Happy witj my purchase. Thanks to My Trio Rings.

Date of Posting: Apr 15th, 2018


Cant thank everyone who work on make our rings , Beautiful

Date of Posting: Apr 13th, 2018


My wife had me choose her ring. And this fit her when i saw it!! Its got a old fashion to it. The beat bart is the diamonds you do not look for on the sides.. amazing quailty will order from here more often!! Thank you she is so happy!!

Date of Posting: Apr 6th, 2018

Queen MI

First and foremost, thank you for offering your free/low payment layaway option! It helps individuals like myself to purchase what I want,, without having to blow a whole paycheck all at once! I love my ring, and the customer service agents were pleasant! Very rare these days! Thanks...

Date of Posting: Apr 4th, 2018


I want to stop and thank you guys so much for not only delivering my rings on time for my anniversary on 4/2/18, but thank you as well for providing awesome service through out my whole layaway process. I am very pleased to say I will HIGHLY recommend you to anyone I know that is getting married or just looking to upgrade their rings. thank you again and it was such a pleasure doing business. We will most definitely be doing business again.. Nicole

Date of Posting: Mar 26th, 2018


My rings came out beautiful and when I had a problem Ally helped me with my issues and since second week of payment Ally has helped me so much she is a beautiful and great person

Date of Posting: Mar 15th, 2018


I am so happy I stumbled across this website. Our rings are so beautiful. I will definetely be a returning customer when we upgrade. I will refer as many people. Thanks so much..

Date of Posting: Mar 15th, 2018


The rings are absolutely stunning. Absolutely gorgeous. I love them. My husband loves them and family loves them. The overnight shipping is actually overnight. ALL CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS ARE GREAT!! this experience was so much better than the first company we went through and the rings are worth it.

Date of Posting: Mar 14th, 2018


She is yes and love ring .....

Date of Posting: Mar 13th, 2018

Fannie and Francesco

My husband and I have been married 12 years. I'm not a comfortable ring (nor jewelry) wearer but we wanted to find something comfortable that we would wear for work. I love the rose gold but mytriorings wasn't carrying it at the time my husband found the ring he wanted for me. The e-ring pictured is my original that my husband gave me last year. I love it but had problems finding a band that would fit against it perfectly and be comfortable. I didn't want anything too much but enough to flatter it. I searched for hours and days on mytriorings-it was that important for me to be sure it would fit right. I finally chose a set that cost quite a b...Click here

Date of Posting: Mar 10th, 2018


I am absolutely so pleased with the rings they are everything that I wanted and know my wife will be pleased. Thank you so much My Trio team, you guys rock!!! Fast shipping, great customer service, packaged really well, authentic product, great company. I would definitely recommend to anyone, you won't be disappointed!!! Will definitely be back soon. Thanks so much appreciate you guys!!! Lamar

Date of Posting: Mar 9th, 2018


This ring is absolutely stunning!! My husband and I have been married 12 years. We started our marriage off on what we could afford a small wedding set about 100 dollars. But after all those years and 3 children later we can celebrate our 12 year anniversary with this beautiful set! I love the big center piece and all the extra diamonds really makes it stand out. I really felt like I was able to design the one I’ve always wanted! Ally Davis was the absolute best at keeping me informed of my purchase! Every step of the way she notified me! Happy does not do this service justice it was so much more than that! Thankyou so much!!

Date of Posting: Mar 6th, 2018