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My rings came out beautiful and when I had a problem Ally helped me with my issues and since second week of payment Ally has helped me so much she is a beautiful and great person

Date of Posting: Mar 15th, 2018


I am so happy I stumbled across this website. Our rings are so beautiful. I will definetely be a returning customer when we upgrade. I will refer as many people. Thanks so much..

Date of Posting: Mar 15th, 2018


The rings are absolutely stunning. Absolutely gorgeous. I love them. My husband loves them and family loves them. The overnight shipping is actually overnight. ALL CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS ARE GREAT!! this experience was so much better than the first company we went through and the rings are worth it.

Date of Posting: Mar 14th, 2018


She is yes and love ring .....

Date of Posting: Mar 13th, 2018

Fannie and Francesco

My husband and I have been married 12 years. I'm not a comfortable ring (nor jewelry) wearer but we wanted to find something comfortable that we would wear for work. I love the rose gold but mytriorings wasn't carrying it at the time my husband found the ring he wanted for me. The e-ring pictured is my original that my husband gave me last year. I love it but had problems finding a band that would fit against it perfectly and be comfortable. I didn't want anything too much but enough to flatter it. I searched for hours and days on mytriorings-it was that important for me to be sure it would fit right. I finally chose a set that cost quite a bit more-the cost for us was NOT as important for this. When I showed my husband, after putting the first set on layaway, he pointed out that my band seemed too curved and wouldn't fit right while he was concerned for the practicality of the one I chose for him as it had a lot of stones and he works with machines. I immediately contacted MYTRIORINGS with concerns and wish to change to the set we purchased; even on a weekend. I was sent not only emails but also a message and got a call Monday morning from the same rep whom seemed to know my concern immediately. He was wonderful with helping us and just so kind. We have the rings and couldn't be happier. To say this pic does not do it justice is not emphatic enough. My e-ring is with a morganite stone a very little diamond so it is very subtle and can cloud while the band I got from this set just gives it perfect sparkle to really enhance the morganite. I can say I look at this ring often with my beloved ering from my husband and am always pleasantly surprised with the quality and beauty along with the comfort. I am very picky about that and have literally hidden at least two bands in our decade of marriage immediately for the annoyance of them but these are comfortable, even at work. My husband is thrilled with his ring. This band is exactly as it says and without stones but we love the rose gold. I particularty love the 10k for the more 'peachy' color. The bands match in hue perfectly; even my two rings that weren't made together are a perfect match. The only thing we had to work on was my husband's ring (something we always have a problem with) because his knuckles are very large. Our jeweler here had to add notches for comfort and for it to stay on well. He was also very impressed with the quality of this band. Thank you!

Date of Posting: Mar 10th, 2018


I am absolutely so pleased with the rings they are everything that I wanted and know my wife will be pleased. Thank you so much My Trio team, you guys rock!!! Fast shipping, great customer service, packaged really well, authentic product, great company. I would definitely recommend to anyone, you won't be disappointed!!! Will definitely be back soon. Thanks so much appreciate you guys!!! Lamar

Date of Posting: Mar 9th, 2018


This ring is absolutely stunning!! My husband and I have been married 12 years. We started our marriage off on what we could afford a small wedding set about 100 dollars. But after all those years and 3 children later we can celebrate our 12 year anniversary with this beautiful set! I love the big center piece and all the extra diamonds really makes it stand out. I really felt like I was able to design the one I’ve always wanted! Ally Davis was the absolute best at keeping me informed of my purchase! Every step of the way she notified me! Happy does not do this service justice it was so much more than that! Thankyou so much!!

Date of Posting: Mar 6th, 2018


Me and the hubby loves our rings was gonna wait until we get married to wear both rings but i couldn't help myself i wearing the engagement one now

Date of Posting: Mar 5th, 2018


So proud to have made the decision to go with My Trio Rings. The love of my life is truly one of a kind and i wanted our wedding rings to complimemt our love the same way. We love the quality, look and fit of our new rings. ThAnk you!!

Date of Posting: Mar 5th, 2018


I was so excited to get the band to complete my ring set and when I received it I realized there were diamonds missing from my ring. I called customer care and let them know the situation. She offered to have me send the ring back so they could fix it. So I told her I wanted a refund for the inconvenience of me having to send my ring back or something off because of their mistake. I got a call from the manager saying a refund was impossible.

Date of Posting: Mar 4th, 2018


Looks exactly like the picture. Mine shipped 4 days early. Great price for materials and cuts. Great customer support.

Date of Posting: Mar 3rd, 2018


This was the best decision I've made. Easy layaway plan. The package was wrapped very well. The price was really affordable. The ring is so beautiful. The engraving is perfect. I am a happy customer already referring others to the website. Thank you my trio rings !

Date of Posting: Mar 2nd, 2018


My fiancé really broke the mold with this ring I am so beyond in love with it. Pictures do not do justice! It’s so shiny and beautiful. I am 10000% satisfied with my ring. Soon I’ll be getting him the mens wedding band. Thank you so much , M.T.R. Customer service is amazing! Especially punit and ally !

Date of Posting: Mar 2nd, 2018


I cannot begin to tell you how much I love my rings. They look better in real life, they're light but I'm okay with that. Money well spent and I cannot wait to wear my wedding band together with my husband-to-be. Thank you Mytriorings.

Date of Posting: Mar 2nd, 2018


Rings shipped out and arrived on time great experience all together and rings are just absolutely wonderful!

Date of Posting: Mar 1st, 2018


I absolutely love this ring. I was so excited when it got delivered to my house a week before it was supposed to. It fits perfectly it is absolutely gorgeous it’s perfect. I don’t like big and flashy and I was very nervous with ordering a ring online just because I’ve never seen it up close but this ring is absolutely beautiful. I cannot wait until October when I get to wear my whole set.

Date of Posting: Mar 1st, 2018


Nice piece. Price all worth it.

Date of Posting: Mar 1st, 2018


My husband and I really love our rings thank you my trio rings

Date of Posting: Mar 1st, 2018


Simple and sleek designs.

Date of Posting: Feb 28th, 2018


We couldnt be happier with our purchase. Both my husband and myself are very pleased with the final product. He absolutely love the inscription as well. I have and will continue to refer your company to our friends. Thank you so much for making the final touch on our marriage great, we greatly appreciate.

Date of Posting: Feb 27th, 2018


We love the ring and will shop here again if we need jewelery

Date of Posting: Feb 27th, 2018


Pictures do no justice for the ring. It’s absolutely beautiful in person. I love it!

Date of Posting: Feb 26th, 2018


The best buy I ever made on jewlery. Good price, good looking, good quality. My wife is so happy with her new rings. Thanks My Trio Rings team. Five stars

Date of Posting: Feb 24th, 2018


I absolutely love the ring. It's beautiful. And shipping was fast

Date of Posting: Feb 23rd, 2018


We love our rings

Date of Posting: Feb 23rd, 2018


We are happy with our experience and love the rings. They were affordable and beautiful! So glad to have found this company:)

Date of Posting: Feb 21st, 2018


I was a bit hesitant to order our rings online, let alone from another country. But I couldn't look else where because I loved how there's a set of 3 rings option unlike other websites, when looking for a set, it's either the brides engagement & wedding band set or bride and groom's wedding bands set. The price was also another reason why I stayed with MyTrioRings. You can't find a price like this anywhere else! Shipping was super quick, I thought it would take more than a week because I'm in Australia. As soon as my package arrived I quickly ripped open the box and tried them on straight away hahaha. Absolutely impressed with the quality of the rings. Looks worth more than what we paid for ;) Thank you so much guys, not only have you saved us time looking around but you saved us a lot of money haha. Cheers guys xo

Date of Posting: Feb 20th, 2018


There’s nothing to say but I am in love with my ring

Date of Posting: Feb 20th, 2018


Very satisfied with everything!!

Date of Posting: Feb 16th, 2018


The ring is so beautiful. It has exceeded my expectations. Great quality and shines so bright!!

Date of Posting: Feb 16th, 2018