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  • The Jonas Brothers are officially off the Market!! Nick Jonas is married to Priyanka Chopra and the ring is STUNNING!

    Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra's Wedding

    Est. November 2018

    steal this style_ priyanka & nick P.C. Jose Villa

    It's official, the Jonas Brother Trio is officially off the market! Each brother being married, and each having great taste in rings!

    The Jonas Brothers are taken!

    The brother who has most recently sparked the interest of Jonas brother fans everywhere is the youngest brother, Nick Jonas. His whirlwind romance with former Miss World 2000 and Quantico star, Priyanka Chopra, transitioned from iconic fashion moments on the red carpet to showing off a different kind of bling in front of the cameras; engagement bling that is!

    Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas are Married

    They first started conversing via Twitter direct messaging, and after being at the same parties with mutual friends, they  decided to attend the 2017 Met Gala together. Rumors flew as the two were spotted often together, and the rest is history.

    priyanka chopra & nick jonas met gala 2017

    After three official dates, knowing each other for a year, and shutting down Tiffany's in London, Nick Jonas hand selected the perfect diamond engagement ring. And just one minute after her 36th birthday in the romantic and intimate setting of Crete, Greece, he got down on one knee and asked Priyanka to make him the happiest man in the world.

    Priyanka Chopra

    P.C. Vogue

    With the four carat, cushion cut solitaire diamond engagement ring, Nick and Priyanka were ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

    priyanka chopra & nick jonas wedding

    The wedding celebrations began in Mumbai as the couple participated in puja, a prayer ritual traditional in Hinduism. The following day after arriving in Jodhpar, Priyanka held a mehndi ceremony in which all the women in both the bride and groom's families, as well as close female friends joined whiled the bride's hands and feet are decorated with intricate henna designs. After the women were decorated with henna, they continued to celebrate with a sangeet in which there is endless food, drinks, and performances to honor the couple. To incorporate both of their families faiths and religions, their three day long wedding celebration incorporated two ceremonies on two separate days.

    priyanka chopra & nick jonas hindu wedding ceremony

    The first ceremony was a tribute to Nick Jonas' christian upbringing, and the second ceremony was a traditional Indian wedding in honor of Priyanka's culture and religion.

    priyanka chopra & nick jonas wedding (04)

    On November 30, 2018 in Jodhpur, the western Indian state of Rajasthan, they invited loved ones from far and wide to join them in celebrating their union.

    priyanka chopra & nick jonas trio ring set

    The couple now wears their unique trio ring set to show the world who they married and will love forever! Priyanka paired her cushion cut diamond engagement ring with tapered side diamonds with an emerald diamonds eternity band, while Nick is wearing a simple yellow gold band.

    steal this style priyanka chopra diamond brida set Priyanka Chopra's Custom Built Bridal Set features a 3 or 4 carat cushion cut diamond engagement ring with tapered diamonds along either side of the center stone, and a ladies wedding band featuring an eternity style of emerald cut diamonds.

    Congratulations Nick & Priyanka!

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  • Steal This Style: Michelle Obama's Engagement Ring Upgrade!

    Time for a New Kind of Sparkle!

    Michelle Obama and Barack Obama

    Steal This Style:
    Michelle Obama's Engagement Ring Upgrade

    The Matching Trio that Started it all!

    In 1992, theformer first Lady and President of the United States, Michelle and Barack Obama, exchanged matching yellow gold wedding bands to compliment the simply elegant, yellow gold, solitaire engagement ring Barak proposed to Michelle with. This trio was the perfect symbol to show not only that they had found the person they would take on the world with (literally), but represents the embrace of one another's lives, making the perfect match.

    Michelle Obama and Barack Obama matching yellow gold trio set

    The beauty of a marriage is that it evolves. Over time, you change as individuals and as a couple. It is the very nature of living. To represent this evolution, what better way than to upgrade your wedding rings?

    Michelle has recently been sporting a platinum or white gold diamond engagement ring in place of her classic yellow gold bridal set. This upgrade features a square diamond, with a glamorous diamond band. Unsure of the exact specification of this ring, we can assume that the cut of the square diamond is an emerald cut, an asscher cut, or a princess cut diamond.

    michelle obamas new engagement ring (2)

    How They Met:

    Michelle Obama and Barack Obama (5)

    The two met in 1989, in their mid-late twenties, at the law firm Sidley Austin LLP. Barack was new to the firm, and Michelle was assigned to be his mentor. The two Harvard graduates were thought to have gotten along well, so the firm paired them together. He was instantly captivated by her, so much so that after a month of being mentored, he asked Michelle on a date. Though she did not say yes at first, Michelle did accept his invitation to lunch at the Art Institute of Chicago, an easy stroll, and a showing of Spike Lee's film "Do The Right Thing."

    The Proposal:

    In 1991, after passing his bar exam, the two celebrated over dinner. What was thought to be an educational and career achievement celebration turned into one that would change their relationship forever!

    As the waiter placed the tray of dessert on their table, Michelle looked over the delectable treats to stumble upon a the yellow gold, round brilliant cut diamond solitaire engagement ring. And with a simple question, "will you marry me?", Michelle said yes!

    Michelle Obama and Barack Obama Wedding Day

    On October 3, 1992, they wed in front of their loved ones. With the promise of an interesting life filled with adventures, the two embarked on the journey of a lifetime.



  • Trio Ring Sets: The Tied Together Collection

    Tied Together Collection

    Est. 2018

    Tied Together Bridal ring Set

    To pay tribute to the everlasting bond of marriage, it is our pleasure to introduce you to our unique collection of diamond wedding rings lovingly referred to as Tied Together!

    Explore 14 sets of perfectly matched trio wedding rings, including a diamond engagement ring and matching his & her wedding bands.

    Tied Together Bridal Ring Set BR 455 2

    It's All in the Details

    Each diamond trio wedding ring set of the  Tied Together collection is charming in it's whimsy as it symbolizes the strength of your love through the details:

    • Two-Tone
      Tied Together Bridal ring Set
      The white gold rings are accented and contrasted by rose gold or yellow gold detailing to symbolize the warm of your love
    • Rope Details & Bezel Set Diamonds
      Tied Together Collection BR 456 2
      The warm embrace of rose gold rope details are knotted with bezel set diamonds throughout the band signifying the knot that ties you together.
    • Heart Accents
      Tied Together Trio Wedding Ring Set
      Your rings match your hearts with delicate, rose gold heart accents placed on the sides of the ring setting. This detail is personalized along the sides of the ring setting to create intimacy.

    The three wedding rings in each trio set includes an engagement ring and the matching his and hers wedding bands.

    What inspired the Tied Together Collection?

    The inspiration for the Tied Together Collection was pulled from the ceremonial tradition of physically and emotionally tying the knot.

    Trio Wedding Ring Set Tied Together Collection

    The emotional knot:
    "Tying the Knot" is a milestone in a relationship. To paraphrase the timeless movie P.S. I Love You, "it is the end of life as you know it." It's the moment when two individuals create an unbreakable bond while joining each other on the journey of life.

    Marriage is a symbol of the bond among partners as they join hands and walk through life together; supporting each other, trusting in one another, and maintaining faith in their eternal bond which grows in strength with every new experience. As their lives entwine to form a pillar of commitment, love shines through as the beacon of strength.

    The Physical Knot:
    The ceremonial tradition of tying the knot has evolved throughout the generations, and varies among cultures, but one thing remains constant; the ceremony results in a marriage.  A variation of this ceremony that has been the most popular among modern couples consists of the partners working as a team to tie a fisherman's knot in front of their loved ones. The significance of the fisherman's knot refers to the physical knot's strength and reliability, symbolizing the strength of the couple's bond - Rather than waning under pressure, it grows in strength.

    Longing to carry this physical representation of your bond with you everywhere you go, the Tied Together Collection allows you to hold onto the knot that ties you together.

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  • Adalia & Mark

    Adalia & Mark

    EST. June 22, 2018

    our couples adalia and mark

    Sometimes love sneaks up on you in the simple day-to-day of our lives!  There is no feeling like meeting the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. For Adalia and Mark, each and every milestone in their relationship was a stepping stone, building on their foundation of communication, respect and trust.


    What started online as a friendship effortlessly turned into love for Adalia and Mark. After countless Skype dates, they agreed it was time to meet each other in person. Spur of the moment, they decided to meet up at Wal-Mart. Lost in the maze of aisles, Adalia found herself among the Cat-focused products. Like a game of Marco-Polo, Adalia stayed with the cat food while she directed Mark to where she was over the phone. Not having had a cat, Adalia was amused by the "unique" cuisine that felines are fed. "What cat wants chicken and milk?!" she pondered out loud. The line went silent, and Adalia was convinced she had scared him off. Laughter suddenly emerged from the aisle as she turned to find Mark smiling and laughing in amusement. The kind of smile that erases you insecurities. From that moment on, their relationship comprised of love, laughter, and understanding...

    our couples adalia and mark

    ...and on June 22, 2013, Mark asked Adalia to be his girlfriend.


    Their passion for each other translates to their passion in their careers. When they first met, Adalia was in school to become a Registered Nurse (RN), while Mark was in the army.

    After Mark finished his tour, he had a choice. He could return home to Puerto Rico, or he could stay in North Carolina with the woman of his dreams. The choice was obvious!

    They moved in together, and 5 years later, they married in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina on June 22; the exact date of their anniversary.


     I'm not a flashy person, and I don't like too much attention, so I love our proposal story! I love that we shared such an intimate moment together, and that he was just honest with me. I know it doesn't have that "wow" factor like other proposals, but that just doesn't fit us! The fact that this amazing, funny, handsome, loving guy asked to marry me was enough "wow" factor for me!


    Similar to their first meeting, Adalia humorously explains that, "the proposal isn't traditional either!" It was a day spent together, relaxing at home and enjoying each other's company. In the moments of peaceful silence, they soaked in their radiating love.

    There was no better time to ask this very important question.

    our couples adalia and mark

    Mark held Adalia's hand and confessed, "I love you and I can't imagine a life without you. I see us together for the long run." In that moment, they decided to spend the rest of their lives together in matrimony.

    I don't think I've ever smiled so much in my life! When he asked, I of course said, "Well, duh!"


    Like many of our modern couples, they shopped together, searching for matching trio wedding rings that fit their style, which led them to the Blake Collection, a 14KT white gold Trio Wedding Ring Set.

    trio wedding ring set blake collection

    The stunning Blake Collection engagement ring features a princess cut diamond center stone, surrounded by a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds and pave diamonds set within a shared prong setting along the band. The unique and appropriately named Cathedral setting of this princess diamond center stone is inspired by the intricate architecture of a Cathedral, gracefully raising the diamond atop arches of white gold. Paired with delicate pave diamond ladies wedding band, and matched with a white gold and diamond men's wedding band, they were ready to exchange their perfect trio wedding rings.


    Mark and I are far from perfect but we are perfect together. We are opposites of each other, but we fit so great together. Mark is outgoing and can sit in a room of people he doesn't know and make friends with everyone. He's loud, goes with the flow and very social. I'm more shy and reserved, so it takes me a bit to warm up to people, and I like to have a plan.

    our couples adalia and mark

    We motivate each other to believe anything is possible. We know that we have each other's back, and we would not want to live this crazy life without one another.

    It's truly an honor, out of  billions of people in the world, to find that one person who makes your world spin and makes your heart jump. The person who makes you feel whole.

    The day of our wedding, my heart finally felt complete! Knowing the my best friend and I were in this together, forever. It is a truly special feeling to love someone and be loved by them! -Adalia


    our couples adalia and mark

    What we look forward to the most as a married couple is just living life together! We have so many goals and dreams that we want to accomplish, such as travel dreams, financial goals, and just growing together as one.


    We are taking our first cruise together next year, also we will be buying our first house!

    Since Mark is now a truck driver, he would eventually like to own his own semi-truck. As for myself, I am determined to go back to school for my master's degree in nursing.

    In the future, we want to have kids. However, right now, we want to enjoy our time just the two of us so we can tell our kids the joy one experiences living life with their soul mate.

    our couples adalia and mark

    5 years together and this is just the beginning of a lifetime of love! Congratulations Adalia and Mark!


  • Steal this Style: Chiara Ferrangi & Fedez's Matching Wedding Rings

    Chiara Ferrangi & Fedez
    An Italian Instagram Wedding

    chiara ferragni and fedez matching wedding bands

    Steal This Style: Solitaire Engagement Ring and Matching Wedding Bands

    The Proposal

    When we saw this proposal, all we could think of was Hillary Duff singing "This is what dreams are made of!" Federico Lucia ( better known as Fedez) proposed to his girlfriend Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad's Italian fashion and lifestyle blogger, during a spectacular performance at one of his concerts.

    Chiara was brought up on stage at the end of the concert where she viewed a short film composed of memories of their past year together set to the song "Forever Young" by Youth Group. Capturing moments like their initial interactions, their travels together, their favorite moments, and the birth of their baby boy.

    Looking dapper in a black tuxedo, Fedez walk on stage to sing an unpublished song that he had dedicated to Chiara. The lyrics stated "Non servono anelli che ci tengono assieme", which translated into English means, "We don't need rings to keep us together," but with this, the rapper took a moment to tell Chiara, "We don't need rings to be together, but to ask you what I'm about to ask, perhaps I do..." With this, Fedez pulled out a little black box, got down on one knee and presented a stunning round brilliant cut diamond solitaire engagement ring.

    Steal This Style- Daphney Collection Ladies Engagement Ring.
    A 1 CT diamond center stone set in tapered abnd detailed with shared prong diamonds.
    chiara ferragni engagement ring and wedding band bridal ring set

    Broadcasting live on Italian radio and TV, along with a social media coverage, the crowd erupted with cheers, and an elated Chiara Ferragni said yes (#shesaidyes) on May 6, 2017 in front of the world.

    The Wedding Bands

    To accompany the stunning solitaire engagement ring and form the perfect custom trio ring set,  the couple exchanged matching two-tone wedding bands; white and rose gold bands with delicate pave diamonds set along the entire surface. Nothing like a pair of matching diamond eternity bands to tie the knot with!

    Steal This Style: Matching Rose Gold Wedding bands

    The matching diamond wedding bands of the blonde salad's Chiara Ferragni and Italian Rapper Fedez Matching pave diamond wedding bands crafted in rose gold and white gold worn by Chiara Ferragni & Fedez

    To further personalize the custom diamond wedding band set, they had their names and the date of their wedding engraved along the inside of the rose gold bands.

    engraving service My Trio Rings

    The Wedding:

    On September 1, 2018 in Noto, Sicily, Chiara and Fedez exchanged vows and diamond wedding bands in front of all their loved ones.


    Lucky or us, they kept us in the loop with a thorough dictation of the days events! From the dress, to the ceremony, to the reception, we've got all the details!

    With her close connections in the fashion world, Ferragni's first dress for the ceremony was custom designed specially for her by Maria Grazia Chiuri, the artistic director of women's collections for Dior. The haute couture white gown featured a high neckline, long-sleeves, and a fitted bodess of crocheted lace complimented with a cloud-like tulle skirt that effortlessly cascaded down the alter steps like a waterfall. Standing in front of her, Fedez sported a Versace ensemble; a dark suit, white shirt, and gold accessories.

    The ceremony came to a close with the crack of fireworks, signaling the start of the dazzling reception. Under a ceiling of twinkle lights, the couple welcomed guests to join them as they celebrated their nuptials with food and drinks, music and dancing, Instagram-worthy photo-ops, wardrobe changes, and a carnival. We expected nothing less from the couple that has had our attention from the beginning of their relationship, and we wish them nothing but happiness as they start this journey of marriage.

    Congratulations Chiara and Federico!







  • Tying the Knot Ceremony

    Tangled Up in Love

    Tying the Knot Wedding Ceremony

    The ceremonial tradition of Tying the Knot started as an intimate ritual, originating in the time of the Roman Empire. The tradition comprised on the bride wearing a girdle tied in knots. The groom would untie the knots before they consummated their marriage.

    As time evolved, the custom transformed to the physically tying the couple's hands together during the wedding ceremony. Their hands would remain tied together until after the marriage was consummated.

    Today, this tradition has become more symbolic representation of two people merging their lives together, and varies greatly among different cultural wedding ceremonies.

    Tying the Fisherman's Knot:

    One version of the Tying the Knot Ceremony performed in modern day wedding ceremonies consists of the partners working as a team to tie a fisherman's knot. This takes place during the wedding ceremony, performed in front of the couple's loved ones.

    The significance of the fisherman's knot refers to the physical knot's strength and reliability. This symbolizes the strength of the bond shared between the couple. Rather than waning under pressure, it grows stronger.

    What materials will I need to perform a Tying the Knot Ceremony?

    • Two pieces of rope (for example, fishing rope, ribbons, pieces of twine, or colored cord)
      • One strand represents you
      • One strand represents your partner

    2 PRO TIPS:

    1. Choose two different colored ropes to represent you as individuals coming together
    2. to avoid loosing the knot after the ceremony, assign a reliable member of the wedding part to be responsible for it's safe keeping until after the wedding.

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    Cord_of_Three_Srands Cord of Three Strands Ceremony









  • Cord of Three Strands Ceremony

    Tradition with a Twist

    Cord of Three Strands Ceremony

    A cord of three strands is not easily broken!
    Those who go.
    Those who pray.
    Those who give.
    ECC, 4:12b

    Also referred to as "God's Knot" or a Unity Braid Ceremony, it is a symbol of you, your partner, and God joining in marriage. The sacred union created on your wedding day is forever remember through this braid.

    This ritual is typically integrated into Catholic or Christian wedding ceremonies. The concept behind it is that marriage takes three; god, you and your spouse. Throughout your life, God has taught you love, and by keeping Him at the center of your marriage, you will forever be bound by His love.

    What materials do I need to perform a Unity Braid Ceremony, and what does each piece symbolize?


    • A gold strand to represent God and His majesty. It is a tribute to His divinity. The covenant of your relationship is formed by Him. His authority builds it, and is made with intention of glorifying him.
    • A purple strand to represent the Groom and his life; his majesty as a new creation in Christ.
    • A white strand to represent the Bride and her life; her purity, having been cleansed by Christ's salvation.

    When incorporated into the ceremony, the minister will explain the ritual to the witnesses, and the symbolic representation of the braid itself.

    This tradition can be used in a wedding ceremony or a vow renewal, and is a spiritual/ symbolic representation of your love.

  • Rodney & Josette

    Rodney & Josette

    Rodney and Josette Wedding

    Our Couple

    As we get to know our couples and their stories, we just can't wait to share their journey with you!

    How They Met:

    We interviewed Rodney after he shared the news of their proposal.

    Their's is not your typical love story. They were not childhood friends, or high school sweethearts... not even co-workers who realized they loved each other (like Pam and Jim from The Office).

    They are from different parts of the world; Josette from the Philippines, and Rodney born and raised in Texas.

    Rodney and Josette

    The road to finding each other was not easy. Before meeting, they endured heartbreak, trusted in faith, and found healing in peace which ultimately led them to one another.

    Before Rodney and Josette met, Josette had never been married, while Rodney had been married once before. He explains, "I married young at 22 and was married for 10 years with one child...". The end of a relationship is never easy, but with every ending is a new beginning. Through prayer, reading, and work, Rodney was able to heal and move forward.

    In starting this new chapter of his life, he was ready to find his partner in life and prayed, "for someone to love me for me, someone who would never give up on me or get tired of me... Someone who would fight for me everyday... Someone who loves God more than me, to be able to praise God together as one. Someone who was a little bit crazy because they had to be crazy to be with me :) ... and oh yeah, can she be Asian!"

    Through a dating app, Christian Dating For Free, Rodney decided to step out of his comfort zone and start up a few conversations. At first, he felt a lack of connection emotionally among the individuals he was speaking with... Until he came across Josette's profile. Unaware that when someone views your profile you receive a notification, Rodney clicked on her profile. And with a simple turning of the page, their story began!

    The ball was in Josette's court now:

    Hi- dating app message from Josette to Rodney

    One word. That's all it took! One word to break the ice.

    She continued to write that she loved Rodney's testimonial on his profile. She expressed how she had been going through a similar experience and felt comfortable talking with him about it.

    An Undeniable Connection:

    Even though the app they were interacting on was for dating, they both just wanted to have someone to talk to and who was able to relate... at first. But when they least expected it, everything changed. Once they began talking with each other for 12 hours at a time, it was clear they had something special.

    As their connection grew in strength, Rodney decided to book a flight to the Philippines to go see her. It was a leap of faith that would help them better understand their feelings for one another. This was to be their first time meeting each other in person. And, in that moment, it felt as if they had known each other all along. Their instant connection was overwhelming, but when its true love, you should expect the unexpected! This trip of a lifetime turned into a modern love story.

    When Rodney Knew Josette Was "The One":

    Returning home after two week in the Philippines, Rodney felt like there was a piece of him missing. Their shared love for God and their families proved to him they were meant to be.

    After one month, he decided he was going to spend the rest of his life with her; with her parents blessing, he started planning how he would ask!

    Ring Around the Wedding Rings- The Search for the Perfect Trio Ring Set

    As we've seen with many of our couples, Rodney did not want to propose until her had found and received his trio; all three rings exchanged in marriage. "I began my search for the perfect rings by typing in "couples rings" and came across My Trio Rings where I found the only rings that caught my eye," Rodney explained.

    the bella collection trio wedding ring set Shop the Bella Collection Trio Wedding Ring Set

    For the love of his life, he chose the lovely Bella Collection Trio wedding ring set; a 14K yellow gold trio ring set featuring a heart shaped diamond cluster engagement ring paired with matching his and hers wedding bands, each made of yellow gold with a  single row of diamonds.

    In explaining why he was drawn to this diamond trio wedding set, he said, "Since I am giving her my heart, I want this gesture to be symbolized on her heart shaped engagement ring."

    How He Asked

    He had it all planned out; the big proposal was sure to sweep her off her feet... but he would have to wait an entire year to do it in person!

    It would be another year until he could go visit her in the Philippines, so in all the excitement of planning the proposal and receiving the rings, Rodney couldn't wait! He decided to propose to her where the first met, online :)

    To help them remember this relationship milestone, Rodney recorded the ring reveal, and her ecstatic reaction!

    The Wedding

    The wedding day was filled with beautiful sentiments as the couple was surrounded by their loved ones.

    Josette surprised Rodney during the reception with a choreographed dance.


    Their Future Together:

    "Now that we are married, it's still surreal that after all those chats and video calls, we are finally together," Rodney expressed. The blessing of their relationship inspired them to open a ministry in the Philippines where they are helping and supporting around 80 children.

    Though they are long-distance for the time being,they continue to support and encourage each other, and refuse to give up on their love.

    "True love doesn't waits, and it never fails."- Rodney

    Congratulations Rodney and Josette! We are so thankful to be part of this chapter of your life together, and we wish you all the happiness in your future together!

    Photography by Gerwin Godwin

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  • "A Walk to Remember"


    "A Walk to Remember"

    Rob & Jonathan

    Rob and jonathan

    How They Met: 

    Summer time on Fire Island. Two individuals were spending their summers on the southern shore line of Long Island, New York; an oasis of peaceful mornings, beach lounging afternoons, and summer nights spent under the stars. Jonathan was working , while Rob was vacationing on the island for the summer.

    Their first encounter, as described by the two, was not love at first sight. Pre-determine conceptions about one another had been formed, but with open-hearts, they let one another in, and found in each other what they had been waiting for. To paraphrase Rob, their souls dance, making them a perfect match; guiding each other through life and in love. "You have to meet us to understand," exclaimed the couple, so that's exactly what we did! [describe the couple's interaction]

    When asked what moment defined and solidified Rob's decision to propose to Jonathan, Rob responded with, "the first time I held his hand, I knew I was in love with him." This simple and confident answer perfectly sums up the powerful proposal that Rob thoughtfully planned.

    Finding the Matching Rings:

    Like many ring shopping journeys, it started with a simple Google search, which led Rob to the selection of Matching Men's Wedding Ring Sets by My Trio Rings. In his quest for affordable, authentic diamond and gold wedding rings that weren't too flashy, and that were versatile to be stacked with an additional wedding band in the future, Rob narrowed down his search to the Arabella Collection Men's Wedding Ring Set. After a quick 1 to 2 weeks of searching, and receiving a warm blessing from Jonathan's entire family, the time was drawing near.

    By slyly asking Jonathan questions about how he would like to be proposed, Rob narrowed his plan down to an intimate display of love shared with 12 loved ones; 6 of Rob's and 6 of Jonathan's loved ones.

    The Proposal:

    It wasn’t your typical weekend stroll for Jonathan Salazar & Rob Panos! On a weekend afternoon in the garden of Morris-Jumel Mansion, Jonathan took a life-changing stroll that gave us chills and brought tears of joy to our eyes. We were fortunate enough to have seen this beautiful act of love as close friends participated and captured the proposal of Rob Panos to Jonathan Perez.



    Casually walking down the garden path with a friend, Jonathan double takes as he recognizes 11 of his loved ones, each of them waiting to greet him with a hug, a kiss, and a fiery, red and yellow rose. With each embrace, the anticipation of the proposal grows. Guided down the path and around the archway of trees, Jonathan’s emotions are palpable as he realizes his life is about to forever change as he knew it.

    The 11th rose is given to Jonathan by Rob’s daughter. “There’s nobody like him in this world,” she exclaims through tear-filled eyes, “and there’s nobody like you,” she smiles with sincerity. Taking his hand in hers, Rob’s daughter leads Jonathan to her father who holds the 12th and final rose.

    We can sense Rob’s confidence as he takes Jonathan’s hands in his and states, “I want nothing more than to start a life with you.” Reaching into his pocket, pulling out a little red box, he presents My Trio Rings’ matching, Arabella Collection wedding bands featuring timeless white gold and authentic, conflict-free diamonds.

    The small gathering of loved ones had grown in numbers to a crowd of awestruck romantics who stumbled upon this beautiful production. “Will you marry me?” asked Rob. A simple question; four words awaiting one simple answer. “Yes,” Jonathan exclaims with elation. The crowd erupts in applause as the couple embraces and embarks on their life journey.

    Though not among the crowd, we feel lucky to be part of the beginning of a new chapter in Rob & Jonathan’s life together. Congratulations to two people who deserve all the happiness in the world!

    Rob and Jonathan's engagement announcement


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