Layaway Plan Features

  • Layaway rings online to lock in the price!
  • No credit check, no fees or deposits required to start!
  • Weekly, biweekly or monthly payments scheduled automatically to your debit/credit card!
  • Layaway Manager - Manage your schedule, payment card, or ring styles online!
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Layaway Calculator

Explore the no-fee plan types available for your budget!

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How to Layaway Your Purchase

1. Select layaway plan during checkout

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2. Choose a schedule and payment amounts

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3. Payments are made automatically and rings ship upon completion*

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4. Be wed!

Layaway Program Terms

Layaway plans must be paid off within 6 months. However, you can modify your scheduled payments at any time to fit your needs within this time frame.
Rings are crafted 3-4 weeks in advance of your final payment date. Early payoffs may require additional crafting time - you must inform us of anticipated early payoffs through your layaway manager for an updated shipping date.
  • Notice of cancellation must be given at least 1 business day prior to your next scheduled payment through your Layaway Manager.
  • Upon cancellation of a plan, 75% of payments made are refunded. The remaining 25% is non- refundable, but can be applied as a courtesy towards any new order placed within 6 months of the cancellation date.
  • Orders where the first scheduled payments have failed or have no payments made in 6 months will be considered abandoned, cancelled and cannot be refunded.

Introducing My Trio Rings Co-Pay!

Introducing the My Trio Rings Co-pay program - available free to any couple with a layaway plan! Modern couples are purchasing wedding rings together, and joint purchases need options for splitting payments. In many other cases, close family members are looking for ways to contribute to a wedding gift that serves higher meaning than a toaster from a gift registry. The Co-Pay option allows you to send an email invitation to a second person to contribute towards the rings you place on layaway plan. For more information, visit the Co-Pay Tab in your layaway manager!

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Q: How do I buy on Layaway?

A: See this helpful video above.

Q: Can I pay more?

A: You can select “payoff” at anytime to make additional payments to your plan or to close out the balance. Please see our terms above on layaway plan completion.

Q: What if I miss my payment?

A: Our system will retry any scheduled payment for three days before marking the payment as failed. Any scheduled payments marked as Failed must then be manually paid via your Layaway Manager.

Q: Can I change my Schedule?

A: Navigate to your Layaway Manager and select Update Schedule to edit your future schedule. You can also click edit next to any future scheduled payment to update the individual charge date.