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Anniversary Rings By Year

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Anniversary Rings By Year

Celebrating a wedding anniversary? You may be asking yourself, “what’s the perfect gift to get for this year’s anniversary?” In this article, we take a look at the comprehensive list of anniversary rings by year, so you are sure to find the perfect commemorative gift for each milestone anniversary!

An anniversary is a commemorative moment in a relationship, and a perfect opportunity to show how much you care for your partner! With each year of marriage comes another milestone and memory. This calls for a celebration! And what better way to celebrate than with a ring they can hold close to their hearts! Each and every anniversary is important, and should be marked in a way the relationship deserves – with a commemorative anniversary ring! Find your anniversary year in the list below for the perfect anniversary rings for you and your partner.

Anniversary Rings By Year

1 year anniversary: Gold band

Celebrate your 1 year wedding anniversary with a classic gold band! The simplistic silhouette of a traditional gold band ring is a beautiful representation of the beginning of a marriage – a blank slate to be painted on with memories. A plain gold band is a perfect ring to stack with an engagement ring or bridal ring set.

Similar to the wedding bands you exchanged on your wedding day, a gold band has traditionally symbolized endless love and devotion when given to your partner. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate 1 year of marriage than by reminding your partner of your life-long promise to love them, and be loved by them.

1 year anniversary gold band from my trio rings

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2 year anniversary: Garnet band

For your 2nd wedding anniversary, garnet is the traditional gemstone to celebrate the milestone. The romantic, crimson color of this gemstone is sure to capture your partner’s heart all over again.

P.S. If your partner is a Capricorn (born in the month of January), this will hold even more sentimental value for them!

3 year anniversary: Pearl band

Like finding a pearl in the ocean, your love is rare! Celebrate three years of marriage with a wondrous, iridescent pearl anniversary band. Perhaps over a seafood dinner, you can have a platter of clam shells, with the ring hidden in one of the shells (cleaned out of course, so that it’s not sitting in with a clam). When they open the clam, they will certainly be surprise to find the pearl ring! Also, this is the perfect gift for a partner with the birthstone of a Gemini.

4 year anniversary: Blue Topaz band

Celebrate four years and forever with the love of your life by giving them a blue topaz anniversary band! The blue topaz gemstone is said to promote harmony and relaxation. A wonderful meaning behind a milestone anniversary gift!

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5 year anniversary: Sapphire band

With  5 years of marriage under your belt, it is only appropriate to celebrate the occasion with a pop of color! Give your loved one a blue sapphire band for your 5 year anniversary. This is the perfect stacking ring to wear separately or with a bridal ring set to add a pop of color to the sparkling diamond and gold duo, and create a unique bridal trio!

The Blue Sapphire & Moroccan Nights collections by My Trio Rings offer a wide variety of blue sapphire bands to choose from for your 5 year anniversary!

10 year anniversary: Diamond band

10 years of marriage means a new diamond band is in order! Celebrate a decade of marriage with a diamond wedding band upgrade. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous with the diamond band you choose – your loved one can wear it on it’s own, or stacked with their original wedding rings! There are no rules!

The classic style of a diamond wedding band is the perfect addition to your partner’s wedding band stack. The endless number of combinations for stacking rings make each and every ring special. The unique combinations of colors, designs, and gold textures make a one of a kind stack!

Ladies Stacking Bands by My Trio Rings

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11 year anniversary: Yellow Beryl band

As John Denver would say, “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy,” and the same can be said for a sunny yellow beryl band on your right ring finger as a commemorative ring for your 11th wedding anniversary.

12 year anniversary: Pearls band

Imagine sitting down for a lovely anniversary dinner, and presenting a delicate, pearl band to celebrate 12 years of being married! Like finding a pearl in the ocean, your love is rare and deserves to be treated as such. Also, this is the perfect gift for a Gemini (born in June), as the pearl is the birthstone for Geminis.

13 year anniversary: Citrine band

Celebrate lucky number 13 with a bright colored citrine anniversary band! Image an engraving on the interior of the band reading, “Lucky in love”!

14 year anniversary: Opal band

The swirling colors of an opal gemstone are truly mesmerizing. For your 14th wedding anniversary, an opal band is sure to bring stars to their eyes. For those born in October, this will hold great sentimental value as opal is the birthstone for Libras!

15 year anniversary: Ruby band

15 years of love calls for a red, ruby anniversary band. Show them how much you’ve loved them for the last 15 years with a bouquet of red roses and a ruby band! Rubies look gorgeous in any of the three gold colors (white, gold, yellow gold, or rose gold), but if you are going for a truly romantic symbol, you can’t go wrong with combining rubies with rose gold!

If your partner has the birth sign of a cancer, their birth stone is a ruby. This makes the 15th anniversary band of a ruby band even more special!

16 year anniversary: Peridot band

Celebrate the sweet 16 of your marriage with a peridot band – the vibrant green color will add a pop of color to another exciting year of marriage.

17 year anniversary: Amethyst band

The romantic and whimsical beauty of an amethyst gemstone makes it the perfect 17th anniversary gift! The light purple color is reminiscent of a spring flower – gift an amethyst band with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and enjoy celebrating 17 years of marriage!

18 year anniversary: Opal band

If you didn’t celebrate your 14th wedding anniversary with an opal band, you have a second chance to give your partner an anniversary, opal band! They will love the variety of colors that shine through that shine through this stone!

19 year anniversary: Aquamarine band

As you are drawing closer to two decades of marriage, shake things up with a cool blue, aquamarine anniversary band, with an appropriate engraving that reads something like, “our love runs deep like the sea!”

20 year anniversary: Emerald band

The romance of a jewel tone, emerald green band makes it the perfect gift to celebrate two decades of marriage. Emerald gemstone and white gold or yellow gold will make a beautiful 20th wedding anniversary band!

21 year anniversary: Moonstone band

Engrave a moonstone anniversary band with the quote, “I love you to the moon & back” to celebrate your 21 year wedding anniversary!

22 year anniversary: Spinel band

Add a contrasting color to your partner’s anniversary ring collection with a black spinel band! Pairing a white diamond band and a black spinel band is a classic combination, and your partner will love this 22nd anniversary gift.

23 year anniversary: Sapphire band

23 years later, your marriage is still as colorful and fun as the day you said “I Do”! There is nothing more appropriate than a colorful, blue sapphire band to celebrate 23 wonderful years of marriage.

24 year anniversary: Tanzanite band

Your partner will fall in love with the deep blue color of their 24th anniversary tanzanite band! Similar to the color of a blue sapphire, it compliments a diamond engagement ring perfectly! A beautiful gold color to pair with a tanzanite gemstone is white gold.

25 year anniversary: Silver Jubilee band

To celebrate a quarter century wedding anniversary, give the love of you life a silver colored anniversary ring that will make their heart skip a beat!

30 year anniversary: Pearl Jubilee band

If you didn’t celebrate your 12th anniversary with a  pearl band, you’ve got a second chance to give your partner a 30th anniversary pearl band!

35 year anniversary: Emerald band

15 years later, it’s the emerald band anniversary! Celebrate 35 years of marriage with a gold and emerald gemtsone band to add a pop of color to your partner’s collection of colorful anniversary rings.

40 year anniversary: Ruby band

15 years and 40 years are the perfect milestones to gift your spouse with a ruby and gold anniversary band.

45 year anniversary: Sapphire band

After 40 years, it’s time to celebrate 45 years of being married with another sapphire anniversary band. Blue sapphires are known to be beautifully paired with diamond rings to create a very regal look.

50 year anniversary: Golden Jubilee band

50 years – half a century! This calls for celebration! Give the one you love a golden jubilee band which is a yellow gold band with diamonds! A perfect gift for 50 years of marriage together. Cheers to another 50!

55 year anniversary: Alexandrite band

The blueish green Alexandrite stone is the traditional 55th anniversary band! A unique color perfect for your partner with a colorful and fun-loving personality.

60 year anniversary: Diamond band

Go straight for diamonds on your 60th wedding anniversary with a diamond band! You could use this as an opportunity to upgrade your wedding bands, or simply add to their collection of stacking bands for them to play around with!

6 decades of marriage is certainly worthy of a celebration fit for royalty! One diamond band in particular that fits occasion is the Celestina ladies band by My Trio Rings!

The Paramount Engagement Ring & The Celestina Diamond Stacking Ring

60th Anniversary Diamond Band

70 year anniversary: Platinum Jubilee band

Platinum is a sturdy material, which is only appropriate for a 70th anniversary celebration. It is symbolic of the strength of your marriage, and a testament to the bod you two have created over the last 70 years.

75 year anniversary: Sapphire Jubilee band

If you missed the 5th and 45th sapphire band anniversaries, then definitely take this opportunity to celebrate 75 years of love with a blue sapphire band!

80 year anniversary: Ruby Jubilee band

80 years of marriage is celebrated with a romantic ruby and gold ruby Jubilee anniversary band – an appropriate symbol of 80 years of love!

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