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Stacks on Stacks: With Stacking Rings, the More the Merrier

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Stack Your Diamond Wedding Rings:

Everything You Need To Know

The beauty of layering diamond and gold rings is that there are NO rules! You have the freedom to be bold, make a statement, and customize your perfect diamond ring stack. With the Engagement ring as the base of the stack, you can layer on dainty stackable rings to creature a unique, custom design. Here are a few things to remember when stacking your rings:

How To Stack Your Engagement Ring!

The Paramount Engagement Ring & The Celestina Diamond Stacking Ring

Your engagement ring is one the most sentimental gifts you will receive. Incorporate that brilliant beauty in your stack. You won’t be sorry! Any combination of stacking bands will elegantly highlight the features of your engagement ring as it stands taller than the bands book-ending it.

First, stacking your engagement ring with your anniversary band, or bands, hold great sentimental value as they represent the milestones of your relationship.

The Beryl Collection Ladies Wedding Band
is a beautiful stacking ring that will add texture and intrigue to your stack.  

Alternating square and circular setting are highlighted with round brilliant cut diamonds and trimmed with milgrain detailing along the edges.

The Paramount Engagement Ring & The Celestina Diamond Stacking Ring

Next, don’t be afraid to mix gold colors! Yellow gold rings, rose gold rings, white gold rings- who says you can’t where all three colors together? The combination of multiple gold colors can

Also, you can incorporate traditional, plain gold bands in your stack. The sleek simplicity of a ladies stacking band will break up the variety of textures and diamond designs, while highlighting them for exceptional sparkle.

The Paramount Engagement Ring & The Celestina Diamond Stacking Ring

Another way to layer your rings is to incorporate a pop of color into the stack with your favorite colored gemstone, or perhaps your birthstone! From black and blue diamonds, to blue sapphires, we have expanded our selection of wedding bands to stack that are colorful and bold.

To add the perfect customization, an engraving says it all! Incorporate a band with a special message to inspire you! Whether it is along the top surface, or inner lining of the ring, enjoy the romance of the engraved message.

Lastly, by stacking varying gold band widths, you can make a larger statement by creating a more prominent presence of gold and diamonds on your finger. With this, you can make a glamorous statement. By incorporating a true statement-making ring in your stack, you can hold onto the memories that each and every ring symbolizes, giving a new meaning to “statement” rings.

The Joyce Collection Ladies Wedding Band
is one of our favorite white gold and diamond stackable bands to stack!

It features pave diamonds within vintage, marquee shaped settings.
The milgrain detailing along the outer rim of the band enhances the vintage inspirations of the design. 

Shop the Joyce Collection Stackable Ladies Wedding Band by My Trio Rings

As you determine your own traditions and ways of expressing love for one another, it is only natural that you mix, match and stack your gold and diamond bands in your own unique way.

With each ring you stack, you hold the significance of it’s memory in your hand. Whether they are anniversary bands, birthday bands, or the very rings that started the stacking trend, the wedding bands, they are important and should be worn in fond remembrance. 

How many rings does it take to make a stack? We’ll let you, the modern couple, decide! 



Matching his and hers wedding band sets by my trio rings

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