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  • Tying the Knot Ceremony

    Tangled Up in Love

    Tying the Knot Wedding Ceremony

    The ceremonial tradition of Tying the Knot started as an intimate ritual, originating in the time of the Roman Empire. The tradition comprised on the bride wearing a girdle tied in knots. The groom would untie the knots before they consummated their marriage.

    As time evolved, the custom transformed to the physically tying the couple's hands together during the wedding ceremony. Their hands would remain tied together until after the marriage was consummated.

    Today, this tradition has become more symbolic representation of two people merging their lives together, and varies greatly among different cultural wedding ceremonies.

    Tying the Fisherman's Knot:

    One version of the Tying the Knot Ceremony performed in modern day wedding ceremonies consists of the partners working as a team to tie a fisherman's knot. This takes place during the wedding ceremony, performed in front of the couple's loved ones.

    The significance of the fisherman's knot refers to the physical knot's strength and reliability. This symbolizes the strength of the bond shared between the couple. Rather than waning under pressure, it grows stronger.

    What materials will I need to perform a Tying the Knot Ceremony?

    • Two pieces of rope (for example, fishing rope, ribbons, pieces of twine, or colored cord)
      • One strand represents you
      • One strand represents your partner

    2 PRO TIPS:

    1. Choose two different colored ropes to represent you as individuals coming together
    2. to avoid loosing the knot after the ceremony, assign a reliable member of the wedding part to be responsible for it's safe keeping until after the wedding.

    READ MORE: Another Ceremonial Tradition with a TWIST!

    Cord_of_Three_Srands Cord of Three Strands Ceremony









  • Cord of Three Strands Ceremony

    Tradition with a Twist

    Cord of Three Strands Ceremony

    A cord of three strands is not easily broken!
    Those who go.
    Those who pray.
    Those who give.
    ECC, 4:12b

    Also referred to as "God's Knot" or a Unity Braid Ceremony, it is a symbol of you, your partner, and God joining in marriage. The sacred union created on your wedding day is forever remember through this braid.

    This ritual is typically integrated into Catholic or Christian wedding ceremonies. The concept behind it is that marriage takes three; god, you and your spouse. Throughout your life, God has taught you love, and by keeping Him at the center of your marriage, you will forever be bound by His love.

    What materials do I need to perform a Unity Braid Ceremony, and what does each piece symbolize?


    • A gold strand to represent God and His majesty. It is a tribute to His divinity. The covenant of your relationship is formed by Him. His authority builds it, and is made with intention of glorifying him.
    • A purple strand to represent the Groom and his life; his majesty as a new creation in Christ.
    • A white strand to represent the Bride and her life; her purity, having been cleansed by Christ's salvation.

    When incorporated into the ceremony, the minister will explain the ritual to the witnesses, and the symbolic representation of the braid itself.

    This tradition can be used in a wedding ceremony or a vow renewal, and is a spiritual/ symbolic representation of your love.

  • Rodney & Josette

    Rodney & Josette

    Rodney and Josette Wedding

    Our Couple

    As we get to know our couples and their stories, we just can't wait to share their journey with you!

    How They Met:

    We interviewed Rodney after he shared the news of their proposal.

    Their's is not your typical love story. They were not childhood friends, or high school sweethearts... not even co-workers who realized they loved each other (like Pam and Jim from The Office).

    They are from different parts of the world; Josette from the Philippines, and Rodney born and raised in Texas.

    Rodney and Josette

    The road to finding each other was not easy. Before meeting, they endured heartbreak, trusted in faith, and found healing in peace which ultimately led them to one another.

    Before Rodney and Josette met, Josette had never been married, while Rodney had been married once before. He explains, "I married young at 22 and was married for 10 years with one child...". The end of a relationship is never easy, but with every ending is a new beginning. Through prayer, reading, and work, Rodney was able to heal and move forward.

    In starting this new chapter of his life, he was ready to find his partner in life and prayed, "for someone to love me for me, someone who would never give up on me or get tired of me... Someone who would fight for me everyday... Someone who loves God more than me, to be able to praise God together as one. Someone who was a little bit crazy because they had to be crazy to be with me :) ... and oh yeah, can she be Asian!"

    Through a dating app, Christian Dating For Free, Rodney decided to step out of his comfort zone and start up a few conversations. At first, he felt a lack of connection emotionally among the individuals he was speaking with... Until he came across Josette's profile. Unaware that when someone views your profile you receive a notification, Rodney clicked on her profile. And with a simple turning of the page, their story began!

    The ball was in Josette's court now:

    Hi- dating app message from Josette to Rodney

    One word. That's all it took! One word to break the ice.

    She continued to write that she loved Rodney's testimonial on his profile. She expressed how she had been going through a similar experience and felt comfortable talking with him about it.

    An Undeniable Connection:

    Even though the app they were interacting on was for dating, they both just wanted to have someone to talk to and who was able to relate... at first. But when they least expected it, everything changed. Once they began talking with each other for 12 hours at a time, it was clear they had something special.

    As their connection grew in strength, Rodney decided to book a flight to the Philippines to go see her. It was a leap of faith that would help them better understand their feelings for one another. This was to be their first time meeting each other in person. And, in that moment, it felt as if they had known each other all along. Their instant connection was overwhelming, but when its true love, you should expect the unexpected! This trip of a lifetime turned into a modern love story.

    When Rodney Knew Josette Was "The One":

    Returning home after two week in the Philippines, Rodney felt like there was a piece of him missing. Their shared love for God and their families proved to him they were meant to be.

    After one month, he decided he was going to spend the rest of his life with her; with her parents blessing, he started planning how he would ask!

    Ring Around the Wedding Rings- The Search for the Perfect Trio Ring Set

    As we've seen with many of our couples, Rodney did not want to propose until her had found and received his trio; all three rings exchanged in marriage. "I began my search for the perfect rings by typing in "couples rings" and came across My Trio Rings where I found the only rings that caught my eye," Rodney explained.

    the bella collection trio wedding ring set Shop the Bella Collection Trio Wedding Ring Set

    For the love of his life, he chose the lovely Bella Collection Trio wedding ring set; a 14K yellow gold trio ring set featuring a heart shaped diamond cluster engagement ring paired with matching his and hers wedding bands, each made of yellow gold with a  single row of diamonds.

    In explaining why he was drawn to this diamond trio wedding set, he said, "Since I am giving her my heart, I want this gesture to be symbolized on her heart shaped engagement ring."

    How He Asked

    He had it all planned out; the big proposal was sure to sweep her off her feet... but he would have to wait an entire year to do it in person!

    It would be another year until he could go visit her in the Philippines, so in all the excitement of planning the proposal and receiving the rings, Rodney couldn't wait! He decided to propose to her where the first met, online :)

    How He Asked _ Rodney proposes to Josette

    Incorporating their loved ones, he asked them to hold up letters spelling out "Will you marry me?"

    To help them remember this relationship milestone, Rodney recorded the ring reveal, and her ecstatic reaction!

    The Wedding

    The wedding day was filled with beautiful sentiments as the couple was surrounded by their loved ones.

    Rodney and Josette's Wedding Video "Philippines and America Unite!"

    Josette surprised Rodney during the reception with a choreographed dance.

    rodney and josette wedding surprise dance

    Their Future Together:

    "Now that we are married, it's still surreal that after all those chats and video calls, we are finally together," Rodney expressed. The blessing of their relationship inspired them to open a ministry in the Philippines where they are helping and supporting around 80 children.

    Though they are long-distance for the time being,they continue to support and encourage each other, and refuse to give up on their love.

    "True love doesn't waits, and it never fails."- Rodney

    Congratulations Rodney and Josette! We are so thankful to be part of this chapter of your life together, and we wish you all the happiness in your future together!

    Photography by Gerwin Godwin

    Meet More of Our Modern Couples

    Lisa and Jason Lisa & Jason
    myriam & erick Myriam Erick
  • "A Walk to Remember"


    "A Walk to Remember"

    Rob & Jonathan

    Rob and jonathan

    How They Met: 

    Summer time on Fire Island. Two individuals were spending their summers on the southern shore line of Long Island, New York; an oasis of peaceful mornings, beach lounging afternoons, and summer nights spent under the stars. Jonathan was working , while Rob was vacationing on the island for the summer.

    Their first encounter, as described by the two, was not love at first sight. Pre-determine conceptions about one another had been formed, but with open-hearts, they let one another in, and found in each other what they had been waiting for. To paraphrase Rob, their souls dance, making them a perfect match; guiding each other through life and in love. "You have to meet us to understand," exclaimed the couple, so that's exactly what we did! [describe the couple's interaction]

    When asked what moment defined and solidified Rob's decision to propose to Jonathan, Rob responded with, "the first time I held his hand, I knew I was in love with him." This simple and confident answer perfectly sums up the powerful proposal that Rob thoughtfully planned.

    Finding the Matching Rings:

    Like many ring shopping journeys, it started with a simple Google search, which led Rob to the selection of Matching Men's Wedding Ring Sets by My Trio Rings. In his quest for affordable, authentic diamond and gold wedding rings that weren't too flashy, and that were versatile to be stacked with an additional wedding band in the future, Rob narrowed down his search to the Arabella Collection Men's Wedding Ring Set. After a quick 1 to 2 weeks of searching, and receiving a warm blessing from Jonathan's entire family, the time was drawing near.

    By slyly asking Jonathan questions about how he would like to be proposed, Rob narrowed his plan down to an intimate display of love shared with 12 loved ones; 6 of Rob's and 6 of Jonathan's loved ones.

    The Proposal:

    It wasn’t your typical weekend stroll for Jonathan Salazar & Rob Panos! On a weekend afternoon in the garden of Morris-Jumel Mansion, Jonathan took a life-changing stroll that gave us chills and brought tears of joy to our eyes. We were fortunate enough to have seen this beautiful act of love as close friends participated and captured the proposal of Rob Panos to Jonathan Perez.

    rob & jonathans proposal

    Casually walking down the garden path with a friend, Jonathan double takes as he recognizes 11 of his loved ones, each of them waiting to greet him with a hug, a kiss, and a fiery, red and yellow rose. With each embrace, the anticipation of the proposal grows. Guided down the path and around the archway of trees, Jonathan’s emotions are palpable as he realizes his life is about to forever change as he knew it.

    The 11th rose is given to Jonathan by Rob’s daughter. “There’s nobody like him in this world,” she exclaims through tear-filled eyes, “and there’s nobody like you,” she smiles with sincerity. Taking his hand in hers, Rob’s daughter leads Jonathan to her father who holds the 12th and final rose.

    We can sense Rob’s confidence as he takes Jonathan’s hands in his and states, “I want nothing more than to start a life with you.” Reaching into his pocket, pulling out a little red box, he presents My Trio Rings’ matching, Arabella Collection wedding bands featuring timeless white gold and authentic, conflict-free diamonds.

    The small gathering of loved ones had grown in numbers to a crowd of awestruck romantics who stumbled upon this beautiful production. “Will you marry me?” asked Rob. A simple question; four words awaiting one simple answer. “Yes,” Jonathan exclaims with elation. The crowd erupts in applause as the couple embraces and embarks on their life journey.

    Though not among the crowd, we feel lucky to be part of the beginning of a new chapter in Rob & Jonathan’s life together. Congratulations to two people who deserve all the happiness in the world!

    Rob and Jonathan's engagement announcement


  • The Great Diamond Debate: Real, Alternative, or Fake?

    The Great Diamond Debate:
    Real, Alternative, or Fake?

    Diamonds VS. Alternative Stones
    for your Engagement Ring

    Presenting your one true love with a ring has become a global symbol of devotion. A diamond is recognized as the most sentimental and romantic symbol of love and marriage.

    As traditions take on new forms, and both partners want to be involved in the purchasing process, we believe that every couple should be well-informed on the ring they are purchasing and the selection of stones they have to choose from.

    real_ alternative_ or_fake

    However, the Federal Trade Commission's recent amendment to the Jewelry Guides was approved with the intention of preventing deception in jewelry marketing. A Forbes article, The Jewelry Industry Grapples with the Real Impact of Lab-Grown Diamonds, refers the alterations of the original definition, "A diamond is a natural mineral consisting of pure carbon crystallized in the isometric system," by comparing it to the new definition, "A diamond is a mineral consisting essentially of pure carbon crystallized in the isometric system." This ruling, though it was meant to benefit the consumer, has resulted in confusion. There still remains a lack of consistency between the differing definitions of a Natural Diamond versus a Lab Grown Diamond. This translates to the consumer's pre-purchase anxiety, resulting in frustration and an elongated purchasing process.

    Simply put, whether it is formed within the Earth and extracted or grown in a laboratory, a diamond is a diamond. However, since there is still a strong distinction within the industry between natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds, it is important that all consumers are empowered with the facts to make a well-informed and confident decision.

    Commonly Marketed As-Genuine
    - Authentic
    - Natural
    - Real
    - Rare
    - Artificial
    - Brand made

    - Cultivated
    - Cultured

    - Hybrid Diamond
    - Man made or manufactured
    - lab grown
    - lab made
    - HTHP Diamond
    - CVD Diamond
    - Crystal
    - Gemstone
    - Diamond substitute
    - Diamond stimulant
    - Fake
    - Glass
    - Diamond stimulant
    MOHS Scale of Hardness10108.0-8.59.25
    ColorBased on a letter scale:

    D - F= Colorless

    S - Z = yellow

    Based on a letter scale:

    D - F= Colorless

    S - Z = yellow

    Comparable to a D colored diamond with yellow and green refractions under UV lightingComparable to I-J color diamonds, showing hues of yellows, grays and greens
    Clarity This varies with each diamond; there is typically some sort of inclusionVS  to SII to FVS1 to VS2
    CutThis variable depends on the cost of the diamond; a more precise cut will increase its valueThis variable depends on the cost of the diamond; a more precise cut will increase its valueVaries depending on it's costThis stone is cut to correct or sub-due the refractive index that is twice as high as that of a diamond
    Who's it for? A sentimental & romantic individual with high standards for quality and a desire for one of a kind pieces. A  thoughtful individual who is in-tune with trends and wants to know that their diamond was created within a laboratory. An individual who wants a gemstone with great brilliance that is lab created and generates a yellow-green iridescence. An individual who wants to wear a ring with a large statement stone, without the value of a diamond. 

    real_ alternative_ or_fake

    The discussion of man-made diamonds within the luxury jewelry industry has been a controversial topic of conversation for a few years, being analyzed and debated by sources such as Forbes in the article Diamonds Disrupted: How Man-Made Diamonds will Disrupt the Mined Diamond Industry by Pamela Danziger. In this article, our industry experts here at My Trio Rings weighed in on the future of lab grown diamonds stating, "Lab-made diamonds are the result of a technological process which means their prices will drop like any other technological innovation, an effect described by Moore's Law. Our team predicts that as the prevalence of lab-created options increases in the market, their wholesale rates could drop 20-40% - due primarily to the prospect of unlimited supply and increasingly lower production costs."

    As jewelers start to offer alternatives to diamonds, it will be imperative that consumers remain well-informed on the fading fads, timeless styles, and the differences between the stones they can choose to set within their engagement ring and wedding bands. With this knowledge, you will be pleased with your final decision.




  • Budget Wisely

    It's never too early to start planning for your future!

    Some people work well under time-restrictions, but when it comes to important, life-changing decisions, it is always wise to plan as far ahead as possible. There are a number of adventures to embark on, and we want to make sure you budget your time and money wisely to ensure an organized and pleasant road to marriage!

    Here is your road map to marriage with a few tips for how to stay budget friendly  & organized:

    1. Buy early to save big!
    2. Find your wedding rings



  • Triology Three-Stone Wedding Ring Sets

    Triology Wedding Rings

    The Best Things Come in Three's

    The Study of Triology

    Triology: [TRI-O-LO-GY]: The symbolic representation of your love story through three rings: a three-stone Trilogy engagement ring, and the matching his and hers wedding bands to compose your trio wedding ring set.

    Triology = Trilogy Engagement Ring + Trio Ring Set

    The Trilogy

    So you've found the love of your life. Together, you've created a history, are living life to the fullest in the present, and are now planning for your future. All three of these milestones hold significance to who you are as a couple.

    The Trio Rings

    The perfect way to cherish the milestones of your relationship is to find the three rings that say it all; your Triology trio wedding ring set of a three-stone engagement ring, with the matching his & her wedding bands to match.

    One engagement ring to say, "YES".
    Two matching wedding bands to say, "I DO".
    Three rings to hold your promise TRUE!

    As discussed in a previous article, Triology Engagement Rings, each of the three diamonds in a three-stone engagement ring pay tribute to the lessons learned from your past, the life you're living in the present, and the brilliant future you have to look forward to.

    Three-stone engagement ring Eleana Collection

    Why couples choose the Triology Trio Ring Set

    The modern couple is smart and savvy- embracing the lessons learned from the past, living in the present, and planning for the future -- selecting the trio ring set that allows them to plan beyond the proposal! Tie together your love story with the three rings that don't simply show that you are married, rather let them tell the world WHO you've married! The three authentic and affordable diamond wedding rings that symbolize the evolution of your relationship and give you the power to plan your future.

    A real gold and real diamond Triology three-stone engagement ring and matching wedding ring set fills the pages of your story with the memories you've made, the promises you keep, and the journey you will take.
    The saying goes, "the best things comes in three's," and we have to agree... three diamonds, three wedding rings, three moments in time... hold onto your Triology forever.

  • Best Places to Propose in Sedona, Arizona

    Best Places to Propose in Sedona, Arizona

    • Hiking

    best places to propose in sedona AZ Hiking Thunder Mountain

    Photo Credit: Gateway to Sedona 

    The vast number of hiking trails to choose from in Sedona allows for hikers of all levels of expertise to take part in the adventure. One trail in particular that our modern couple, Alex & Christina, have enjoyed resides within Thunder Mountain. The easy to access Chimney Rock & Thunder Mountain Trail System, located off Thunder Mountain Road in West Sedona, takes you off the beaten path to look out over the crimson mountain range. After the satisfying feeling of completing a hike, what better way to celebrate than proposing to your true love! With the curtain of mountain ranges standing strong behind you, your proposal will be breathtaking!

    • Visiting a Vortex

    vortexes best places to propose in sedona arizona

    Photo Credit: Escaping the Midwest 

    Take a walk on sunshine through a Sedona Vortex!

    A vortex is a location where energy is believed to exude from the Earth, and any location where one is found is considered a sacred spot. Sedona is one of the few cities in the world that is deemed a vortex. Many visitors practice yoga, meditate, or simply enjoy being in a sacred place. People have found they are inspired, rejuvenated, and at-peace after visiting a vortex. The positive energy you receive is an affirmation of your peaceful future together. Proposing in a sacred space, like a vortex, symbolizes how your partner inspires you, the rejuvenation you find when you are with them, along with the peace you will experience together as you join hands in union.

    4 best vortexes in sedona, az:

    The entire city of Sedona is considered to be a sacred place. However, according to VisitSedona, there are a few select locations where the energy intensifies with enlightenment. Not only is the feeling of peace palpable, but breathtaking views atop the red rock mountains sets the stage for a powerful proposal. Here are the top 4 best vortexes in Sedona, Arizona:

    1. Airport Mesa
    2. Bello Rock
    3. Boynton Canyon
    4. Cathedral Rock
    • Pink Jeep Tours

      An iconic experience throughout the adventurous Sedona Mountain terrain, the Pink Jeep Tours are an exciting nature experience that is guaranteed to spark a thrill!

      pink jeep tours best places to propose in sedona AZ

      Photo Credit: Pink Jeep Tours 
      The award-winning, environmentally conscious company works in tandem with  land preservation communities to maintain and protect the land they are traveling through. The number of tours and destinations allow you to select the best place to propose after a fun jeep ride.

    • Dinner with a View

    mariposa-latin-inspired grill best places to propose in SEdona Arizona

    Photo Credit: Trip Advisor 

    Treat yourself to a romantic dinner with a spectacular view at Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill in Sedona, Arizona. Designed with the customer's experience in mind, your senses take a journey with the Latin American influenced cuisine prepared by Chef Lisa Dahl, and the spectacular views of Sedona's red mountains. Whether its with a champagne toast, or after a lovely dinner, this romantic setting is a guaranteed to execute a memorable proposal!


  • Which Celebrity Wears That Engagement Ring?

    Our 3 Favorite Celebrity Engagement Ring Styles

    The summer of 2018 has been the season of love! From royal weddings, to surprising proposals, pop-culture has been filled with heartwarming love stories, and dazzling bling that has us inspired! We’ve narrowed it down to the top picks that both of you will cherish for the rest of your life together. Discover the top 3 engagement ring styles, engagement gift ideas for your partner, and the most popular gold color of the season; something for her, and something for him!

    1. Three-stone Engagement Rings

      Three-stone engagement rings symbolize learning from the past, living for the present, and hoping for a bright future. Also, referred to as trilogy or trinity engagement rings. Learn more about Triology here!

      three-stone engagement ringClick here to shop the Eleana Collection!three-stone engagement ringClick here to shop!

      Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle with a trilogy engagement ring that incorporated heirloom diamonds on either side of the center stone.

      meghan markle and prince harry engagement photos

      Learn more about Meghan Markle's heirloom wedding rings!

    2. Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 

      The elongated beauty of an oval cut diamond is stunning. A simple pave diamond band and setting will allow for the diamond to express its natural and regal beauty.oval cut engagement ring

      Click here to shop!

      justin bieber and hailey baldwin engagement

      The news of Justin Bieber proposing to Hailey Baldwin was surprising, but the show-stopping ring he proposed with is what we’re all talking about! After publicly expressing her style on twitter, “If my ring isn’t as big as Blake Lively’s, I don’t want to get married," Hailey Baldwin’s wish came true with a 6 carat oval cut diamond set in a yellow gold, pave diamond band.

      hailey baldwin engagement ring

    3.  Pear-shaped diamond halo engagement ring

      A pear-shaped diamond halo engagement ring is a unique and glamorous style. This artistic shape combines the brilliance of a round brilliant and a marquise cut. Created by Lodewyk van Berquem, this style dates back to 1458 as the famous Flemish polisher utilized his knowledge of symmetry & facet placement to create what is now a seemingly modern and edgy diamond shape. His skills allowed him to cut the diamond for maximum shine and sparkle to radiate from each diamond.

      pear-shaped engagement ring

      Click here to shop!

      pear-shaped engagement ring

      Click here to shop!

      pear-shaped engagement ring

      Click here to shop!

      ariana grande and pete davidson engagement

      ariana grande engagement ring

      It has been a whirlwind adventure for Comedian Pete Davidson and Singer Ariana Grande, as they were reported to be engaged after just a few weeks of dating. The stunning 3 carat pear shaped diamond halo engagement ring shows off the glamorous personality of Ariana Grande.


    A diamond encrusted band with a personalized message engraved along the inside of the ring is a simple and meaningful way to say thank you to your partner for expressing such sentiment with the engagement ring they gave. 

    Engagement gift for him

    Engagement Gift for Him

    Click here to shop!

    After receiving her oval cut diamond engagement ring, Hailey Baldwin gifted Justin Bieber with a diamond encrusted band, engraved with his initials “JB”. A romantic gesture to say “thank you”!

    After receiving her oval cut diamond engagement ring, Hailey baldwin gifted Justin Bieber with a diamond encrusted band, engraved with his initials “JB”. A romantic gesture to say “thank you”!

    Color of the Summer Season: YELLOW GOLD

    Yellow Gold is the color of this summer season! It is the traditional color of gold, and  compliments the sunny nature of the season perfectly. 

    yellow gold wedding rings




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