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My Trio Rings - The Modern Jeweler for the Modern Couple

  • Triology Three-Stone Wedding Ring Sets

    Triology Wedding Rings

    The Best Things Come in Three's

    The Study of Triology

    Triology: [TRI-O-LO-GY]: The symbolic representation of your love story through three rings: a three-stone Trilogy engagement ring, and the matching his and hers wedding bands to compose your trio wedding ring set.

    Triology = Trilogy Engagement Ring + Trio Ring Set

    The Trilogy

    So you've found the love of your life. Together, you've created a history, are living life to the fullest in the present, and are now planning for your future. All three of these milestones hold significance to who you are as a couple.

    The Trio Rings

    The perfect way to cherish the milestones of your relationship is to find the three rings that say it all; your Triology trio wedding ring set of a three-stone engagement ring, with the matching his & her wedding bands to match.

    One engagement ring to say, "YES".
    Two matching wedding bands to say, "I DO".
    Three rings to hold your promise TRUE!

    As discussed in a previous article, Triology Engagement Rings, each of the three diamonds in a three-stone engagement ring pay tribute to the lessons learned from your past, the life you're living in the present, and the brilliant future you have to look forward to.

    Three-stone engagement ring Eleana Collection

    Why couples choose the Triology Trio Ring Set

    The modern couple is smart and savvy- embracing the lessons learned from the past, living in the present, and planning for the future -- selecting the trio ring set that allows them to plan beyond the proposal! Tie together your love story with the three rings that don't simply show that you are married, rather let them tell the world WHO you've married! The three authentic and affordable diamond wedding rings that symbolize the evolution of your relationship and give you the power to plan your future.

    A real gold and real diamond Triology three-stone engagement ring and matching wedding ring set fills the pages of your story with the memories you've made, the promises you keep, and the journey you will take.
    The saying goes, "the best things comes in three's," and we have to agree... three diamonds, three wedding rings, three moments in time... hold onto your Triology forever.

  • Best Places to Propose in Sedona, Arizona

    Best Places to Propose in Sedona, Arizona

    • Hiking

    best places to propose in sedona AZ Hiking Thunder Mountain

    Photo Credit: Gateway to Sedona 

    The vast number of hiking trails to choose from in Sedona allows for hikers of all levels of expertise to take part in the adventure. One trail in particular that our modern couple, Alex & Christina, have enjoyed resides within Thunder Mountain. The easy to access Chimney Rock & Thunder Mountain Trail System, located off Thunder Mountain Road in West Sedona, takes you off the beaten path to look out over the crimson mountain range. After the satisfying feeling of completing a hike, what better way to celebrate than proposing to your true love! With the curtain of mountain ranges standing strong behind you, your proposal will be breathtaking!

    • Visiting a Vortex

    vortexes best places to propose in sedona arizona

    Photo Credit: Escaping the Midwest 

    Take a walk on sunshine through a Sedona Vortex!

    A vortex is a location where energy is believed to exude from the Earth, and any location where one is found is considered a sacred spot. Sedona is one of the few cities in the world that is deemed a vortex. Many visitors practice yoga, meditate, or simply enjoy being in a sacred place. People have found they are inspired, rejuvenated, and at-peace after visiting a vortex. The positive energy you receive is an affirmation of your peaceful future together. Proposing in a sacred space, like a vortex, symbolizes how your partner inspires you, the rejuvenation you find when you are with them, along with the peace you will experience together as you join hands in union.

    4 best vortexes in sedona, az:

    The entire city of Sedona is considered to be a sacred place. However, according to VisitSedona, there are a few select locations where the energy intensifies with enlightenment. Not only is the feeling of peace palpable, but breathtaking views atop the red rock mountains sets the stage for a powerful proposal. Here are the top 4 best vortexes in Sedona, Arizona:

    1. Airport Mesa
    2. Bello Rock
    3. Boynton Canyon
    4. Cathedral Rock
    • Pink Jeep Tours

      An iconic experience throughout the adventurous Sedona Mountain terrain, the Pink Jeep Tours are an exciting nature experience that is guaranteed to spark a thrill!

      pink jeep tours best places to propose in sedona AZ

      Photo Credit: Pink Jeep Tours 
      The award-winning, environmentally conscious company works in tandem with  land preservation communities to maintain and protect the land they are traveling through. The number of tours and destinations allow you to select the best place to propose after a fun jeep ride.

    • Dinner with a View

    mariposa-latin-inspired grill best places to propose in SEdona Arizona

    Photo Credit: Trip Advisor 

    Treat yourself to a romantic dinner with a spectacular view at Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill in Sedona, Arizona. Designed with the customer's experience in mind, your senses take a journey with the Latin American influenced cuisine prepared by Chef Lisa Dahl, and the spectacular views of Sedona's red mountains. Whether its with a champagne toast, or after a lovely dinner, this romantic setting is a guaranteed to execute a memorable proposal!


  • Which Celebrity Wears That Engagement Ring?

    Our 3 Favorite Celebrity Engagement Ring Styles

    The summer of 2018 has been the season of love! From royal weddings, to surprising proposals, pop-culture has been filled with heartwarming love stories, and dazzling bling that has us inspired! We’ve narrowed it down to the top picks that both of you will cherish for the rest of your life together. Discover the top 3 engagement ring styles, engagement gift ideas for your partner, and the most popular gold color of the season; something for her, and something for him!

    1. Three-stone Engagement Rings

      Three-stone engagement rings symbolize learning from the past, living for the present, and hoping for a bright future. Also, referred to as trilogy or trinity engagement rings. Learn more about Triology here!

      three-stone engagement ringClick here to shop the Eleana Collection!three-stone engagement ringClick here to shop!

      Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle with a trilogy engagement ring that incorporated heirloom diamonds on either side of the center stone.

      meghan markle and prince harry engagement photos

      Learn more about Meghan Markle's heirloom wedding rings!

    2. Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 

      The elongated beauty of an oval cut diamond is stunning. A simple pave diamond band and setting will allow for the diamond to express its natural and regal beauty.oval cut engagement ring

      Click here to shop!

      justin bieber and hailey baldwin engagement

      The news of Justin Bieber proposing to Hailey Baldwin was surprising, but the show-stopping ring he proposed with is what we’re all talking about! After publicly expressing her style on twitter, “If my ring isn’t as big as Blake Lively’s, I don’t want to get married," Hailey Baldwin’s wish came true with a 6 carat oval cut diamond set in a yellow gold, pave diamond band.

      hailey baldwin engagement ring

    3.  Pear-shaped diamond halo engagement ring

      A pear-shaped diamond halo engagement ring is a unique and glamorous style. This artistic shape combines the brilliance of a round brilliant and a marquise cut. Created by Lodewyk van Berquem, this style dates back to 1458 as the famous Flemish polisher utilized his knowledge of symmetry & facet placement to create what is now a seemingly modern and edgy diamond shape. His skills allowed him to cut the diamond for maximum shine and sparkle to radiate from each diamond.

      pear-shaped engagement ring

      Click here to shop!

      pear-shaped engagement ring

      Click here to shop!

      pear-shaped engagement ring

      Click here to shop!

      ariana grande and pete davidson engagement

      ariana grande engagement ring

      It has been a whirlwind adventure for Comedian Pete Davidson and Singer Ariana Grande, as they were reported to be engaged after just a few weeks of dating. The stunning 3 carat pear shaped diamond halo engagement ring shows off the glamorous personality of Ariana Grande.


    A diamond encrusted band with a personalized message engraved along the inside of the ring is a simple and meaningful way to say thank you to your partner for expressing such sentiment with the engagement ring they gave. 

    Engagement gift for him

    Engagement Gift for Him

    Click here to shop!

    After receiving her oval cut diamond engagement ring, Hailey Baldwin gifted Justin Bieber with a diamond encrusted band, engraved with his initials “JB”. A romantic gesture to say “thank you”!

    After receiving her oval cut diamond engagement ring, Hailey baldwin gifted Justin Bieber with a diamond encrusted band, engraved with his initials “JB”. A romantic gesture to say “thank you”!

    Color of the Summer Season: YELLOW GOLD

    Yellow Gold is the color of this summer season! It is the traditional color of gold, and  compliments the sunny nature of the season perfectly. 

    yellow gold wedding rings




  • Triology Engagement Rings

    What does a Three-stone Engagement Ring symbolize?

    Here’s to the past, the present, and the future!

    The perfect trio that encompasses a lifetime of love. A three-stone engagement ring, also referred to as a trilogy or trinity diamond ring, is a romantic symbol of the different phases of a person’s life; learning from the past, living for the present, and hoping for a brilliant future.

    The present is typically represented by the largest stone placed in the center. The two side stones represent the past and the future. These three stones have also been known to symbolize friendship, love & fidelity.

    Shop the Eleana Collection Ladies' Engagement Ring here

    The three-stone engagement ring style will forever be associated with the newest addition to the Royal Family, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Her stunning yellow gold engagement ring was specially crafted with a trilogy of diamonds that hold their own sentiments.

    The center diamond from Botswana was selected by Prince Harry who has been visiting the country since he was a child, and is where he and Meghan were when their relationship blossomed. The perfect stone for the bride to remember where they started their journey.

    This brilliant symbol of the past is guarded on either side by two diamonds chosen from the personal collection of Diana, the Princess of Wales. With these two heirloom diamonds, the couple is able to look fondly on the past, while looking to the future with the love and support of a mother’s blessing.

    meghan markle's engagement ring

    The blending of the past and the present tells a story of what the future holds. What does your future hold? 


  • Heartwarming Heirlooms

    Heirlooms Wedding Rings

    An Heirloom ring is one that is treasured through each generation it is passed down. As part of a family's history, it is sentimental and inspirational.

    Many of our couples have had wedding rings passed down to them by their parents, grandparents, or relatives. As a blessing of the marriage, they are presented with either wedding bands or an engagement ring to give to the person they'll spend the rest of their life with. It represents the love and commitment the couple who exchanged the ring initially shared, and that of which they wish for you and your partner to share.

    Typically, the person proposing asks for, or receives, the heirloom ring either from their family or from their partner's family.

    An heirloom ring connects you with the person who originally wore it, along with any others who wore it. This connection builds the generational tree loved ones who treasured the piece of jewelry. And with each branch extension, the durability of the ring increases, symbolizing the strength of the marriage.

    The value of an heirloom engagement ring is associated with the memories and love that surrounded the ring for years. There is no amount of money that could replace the sentiment of an heirloom ring, making it invaluable in the hearts of it's owners.

    Create your Heirloom Trio Set:

    The beauty of an heirloom ring acts as the creative muse for the design and selection of your trio of wedding rings. Furthermore, your options for rings to select from becomes wider since you have so graciously been given what would be a very expensive investment. You are able to allocate the money you would've spent on the heirloom towards the remaining rings to form your perfect matching trio set!

    3 Modern Couples with Heirloom Wedding Rings:

    The Royal Family of Great Britain has had a significant impact on the popularity of wedding ring designs. Their regal jewels are admired around the world, and have been for decades.

    1.  Prince Harry & Meghan Markle
      The most recent royal wedding that had the world attention was the wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, the now Duke & Duchess of Sussex. The world has continued to admire the captivating couple ever since they exchanged rings at St. George's Chapel on May 19, 2018.

      Image result for prince harry and meghan markle wedding

      Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain gifted the newest member of the royal family, Meghan Markle, with a simply classic yellow gold wedding band crafted from a piece of Welsh Gold to match with Meghan's custom 3-stone engagement ring which held two diamonds from Prince Harry's mother's, Princess Diana's, jewelry collection. Prince Harry explained that the significance of the two diamonds are, "to make sure she's with [them] on this crazy journey together."

      Harry customized this trio of wedding rings by fashioning a platinum wedding band with a textured finish for that modern flare.

    2. Prince William & Kate Middletonwilliam & kate engagement

      It seems like yesterday we all took the morning off to tune into the historic, fairy-tale wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London, United Kingdom. As Kate walked down the aisle, she was not only accompanied by her father, but by her mother-in-law, the late Princess Diana. Kate's 12-carat, blue sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring is an heirloom that once belonged to Diana as her engagement ring when she became the princess of Wales. In memory of his mother, William proposed to the love of his life with this iconic royal engagement ring with the hopes of, "making sure [his] mother didn't miss out on[...] the excitement."

      Princess Diana engagement ring

      The iconic engagement ring, inspired by Queen Victoria's wedding brooch, is a now a symbol of a love, remembrance, and guidance for Kate Middleton as she lives out the fairy-tale of a princess.

      blue sapphire royal engagement ring

    3. Alex & Christina

    Modern Couple Christina & Alex

    Another lovely couple that incorporated an heirloom engagement ring into their trio wedding ring set of white gold is Alex & Christina: Meet our Modern Couple and read about their journey to creating their custom heirloom trio set!

    Each and every couple has a unique story to share. Don't just show that you're married, but let your rings show WHO you've married!



  • Desert Adventures: Alex & Christina

    After 3 years of building a home, and 6 years of growing together in love, we are elated to celebrate the Newly Weds, Christina & Alex. From taking drink orders behind the counter of Starbucks, to saying their vows while standing in front of Sedona’s Thunder Mountain range, their life together has just begun.  

    Modern Couple Wedding

    On Saturday, April 28, 2018, in the backyard of a welcoming, family friend’s home in Sedona Arizona, Alex and Christina became Mr. & Mrs. Their dearest friends and family were invited to join in the celebration with hand sketched invitations created by Alex himself. 


    The beauty of the outdoor ceremony was a tribute to the natural love between Alex & Christina. Inspired by their surroundings, they incorporated traditions from all aspects of their lives. The ceremony included a reading from the Book of Corinthians, as well blessed with a Native American ritual.

    After doing a little digging, we discovered that the Native American blessing performed at Alex & Christina's ceremony is referred to as a Four Directions Ceremony.  It was performed by the officiant, and as the sun glowed upon the beaming couple, she called on the four directions for the spirits to bless Alex & Christina through their journey of life.

    native american blessing

    “I love you with all my heart, all my soul, and all of me.” A simple, yet powerful statement shared between two individuals that stands as a reminder of their promise to love each other unconditionally. 

    Modern Couple Exchanging Vows

    The moment they had be planning for had finally arrived as they exchanged custom made and hand engraved My Trio Rings wedding bands that read “All My Heart” in hers, and “All My Soul” in his. As they signed their names and sealed their marriage license with a kiss, they started the rest of their life together as partners.

    The celebration continued on the dance floor with the the Father-Daughter dance, along with Alex & Christina's first dance as a married couple. Christina and her father  shared their "Father-Daughter dance" with a classic rock song under the desert sky. He twirled her around the dance floor as friends and family watched them soak in in the joy of a growing family. As the sky became a blanket of stars, Alex and Christina embraced on the dance floor, taking the moment to recognize the beautiful memory they had made to hold onto forever.

    Surrounded by Sedona's Thunder Mountain range, and their closest friends and family, they invited their loved ones to celebrate in love. After curating a music playlist filled with a variety of songs, ranging from classics to pop dance songs, an evening of dance, food, drink, love, & laughter awaited them; the makings of memories to last a lifetime.

    Photo Credit: Danielle Holman Wedding @danielleholmanwedding

  • A Four Directions Ceremony

    Wedding ceremonies come in all forms, and when you can incorporate traditions from a number of cultural, religious, or personal influences, this creates a truly unique and personalized experience for your guests and you as the couple.

    A Four Directions Ceremony is a native america blessing that calls on the Four Directions (East, North, West & South) to bless a couple's journey in life.

    native american blessing

    The blessing is exclaimed as follows:

    Blessed be this union with gifts of the East and of Air.
    From the east you receive the gift of a new beginning with the rising of each morning Sun, the dawn wind breathing into you both open of heart and purity of mind and body.
    May you know that each new day is an opportunity to grow in all you establish in this sacred moment.

    Blessed be this union with gifts of the South and of Earth.
    In the south we see the earth that will feed and enrich you,
    helping you to build a stable home to which you may always return.
    May you walk upon it with respect, that it may provide sustenance, fertility and security of being, sheltering you for all of your days upon it.

    Blessed be this union with gifts of the West and of Water.
    In the west we see the storm clouds and the oceans, the mystery of water teaching you the capacity to feel emotion through tears of sadness and of joy.
    May you offer absolute trust to one another,
    vowing to keep your hearts open and provide for each other in triumph and in strife, and travelling together into the deepest places one can travel to, trusting that everything will come together in Creator's Time.

    Blessed be this union with gifts of the North and of Fire.
    In the north we see the northern lights, teaching us the importance of energy, passion, creativity and the warmth of a loving home.
    May you seek and share with one another the light that comes from the fire within, and may it guide you through the darkness; for there is no darkness without light and there is no light without darkness.

    May the sun of grandfather bring you new happiness each day that you awake;
    May the moon of grandmother softly restore you as you dream each night when you are asleep;
    May the rain of our father the sky wash away your worries and the breeze of our brother the wind blow new strength into your being;
    May you walk gently on our mother the earth and know its beauty before, beauty behind, beauty above, beauty below and beauty all around;
    And may all the days of your life be blessed by the Great Spirit.
    Blessed be this couple.

    native american blessing

    As the officiant says this blessing, they will burn incense and blow the smoke in each of the four cardinal directions as they exclaim the corresponding portion of the blessing while lifting one arm up and holding the other palm out to receive and face the designated direction. To close the ceremony, they will walk around you three times with the burning incense, and conclude the blessing.

    Meet our Modern Couple who incorporated this native american blessing into their outdoor wedding here!

    Photo Credit: Danielle Holman Wedding @danielleholmanwedding

  • It's Always Lovely in Philadelphia

    When you’ve found your partner in life, it’s only a matter of time until you choose to! After almost three years of building a home together, it was no secret that Alex & Christina wanted to spend the rest of their life together. The topic of marriage was not one to be shied away from.

    Though Christina was aware that Alex was preparing, Alex maintained the secrecy of the ring and the proposal itself (tradition with a twist)! This is a trend My Trio Rings has seen thousands of times serving it’s couples shopping for matching Trio Ring Sets together!

    On a weekend trip to Philadelphia, there was no better time to pop the question. During their first night in Philly, as Alex clutched onto his pocket holding the little red ring box, they explored the city. Unbeknownst to Christina, Alex was taking note of the places they visited; narrowing down which would be the perfect setting to ask Christina to spend their lives together.

    Image result for philly city hall courtyard

    Standing in the center of the gardens in front of City Hall, the sun began to set. And like a scene out of a movie, violins started playing in the background (a completely coincidental but serendipitous occurrence). As they embraced each other, holding onto the surreal moment, Alex thought out loud, “Now seems like a good time!”

    He pulled out the engagement ring that had been passed down to him by his mother and professed, “Christina, you make my life amazing. I love you so much will you marry m….”, and before he could even finish his question she exclaimed, “Yes!”, and confirmed her answer with a kiss.

    Discover the Best Places to Propose in Philadelphia, PA

    Alex & Christina Engaged in Philadelphia An Act of LOVE in Philly


    After sharing that he was planning to propose to Christina, Alex’s mom passed down her engagement ring to be given to her soon to be daughter-in-law; a beautiful 5-stone diamond ring which was their muse while building their unique trio wedding ring set.
    An heirloom is a beautiful symbol of a blessing passed down between generations to speak to the love the couple is being shown by their loved ones. As an artist himself, working with Alex to craft his rings was a creative experience like no other. First, we helped Alex find the perfect pave diamond band to match the inspiring heirloom and incorporate the classic and elegant taste of his soon to be wife. Next, we crafted Alex’s wedding band; a white gold beveled band with dual finishes; a tribute to his creative eye. Each ring represents their individuality, yet connects them as a genuinely unique couple.

  • Nickolaus & Kristin

    Congratulations to Nikolaus & Kristin on their recent engagement!

    Nick and Kristin luckily found each other by swiping right on Tinder during one of his work trips in Kansas City, however, he didn’t receive the notification until he was already back in Boston. That didn’t deter them from starting a conversation. To read their full story and see their pictures, head on over to Paparazzi Proposals

    Nikolaus proposed with a gorgeous halo engagement ring customized to perfection!

    All pictures and media provided by Paparazzi Proposals

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