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My Trio Rings - The Modern Jeweler for the Modern Couple

  • Nickolaus & Kristin

    Congratulations to Nikolaus & Kristin on their recent engagement!

    Nick and Kristin luckily found each other by swiping right on Tinder during one of his work trips in Kansas City, however, he didn’t receive the notification until he was already back in Boston. That didn’t deter them from starting a conversation. To read their full story and see their pictures, head on over to Paparazzi Proposals

    Nikolaus proposed with a gorgeous halo engagement ring customized to perfection!

    All pictures and media provided by Paparazzi Proposals

  • The Ride of a Lifetime


    It's everyone's dream to be swept off their feet! And when you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, a proposal is guaranteed to be magical no matter where or when it happens... but it doesn't hurt to literally be sweep them off their feet. In the case of our couple Ravi & Sweetha, a helicopter ride was the perfect way ask to take the journey of life together!

    Tell us about your relationship!

    SWETHA: Even though our families have a few mutual friends and we most likely have been in the same place at the same time when we were younger, it took social media for us to meet July 4th weekend, six years ago. 

    RAVI: I was very persistent on social media from day 1 as Swetha was someone that kept me intrigued.

    What makes you two a "Perfect Match"?

    Real proposal in Boston, MASWETHA: I think because our personalities are so different is what makes us work really well. Ravi is very outgoing, social, and he can build a lasting friendship from the very moment of meeting someone. I, on the other hand will be social most of the time, but definitely shy away in the beginning and take a little while to open up. 

    RAVI: As my friends say, I was a bit of a wild man in my twenties and Swetha provided me with a sense of calm and helped guide me through many situations. 

    Tell us all about your proposal

    SWETHA: Ravi would have to go into detail here, this was pretty much a complete surprise to me. I always knew I wanted to have that "proposal story" and Ravi definitely delivered. I was the very last person to find out and I don't know how our families and friends were able to keep it hidden from me for months. I knew there was a ring, so I knew the proposal was coming, I just didn't know when or how. Any time I questioned something, Ravi and our friends had the perfect answers to keep it hidden. Once we were in the helicopter I was soo excited to see the Boston skyline from above, I didn't even think anything else was going to happen. As we were over the Charles River looking at the Boston skyline, he asked me to marry him and I was in shock and soo happy, I honestly couldn't believe it was happening since he fielded any suspicion I was having leading up to it. It's definitely a story that will last a lifetime!

    RAVI: From Day 1, Swetha said she hated how we met through social media and wanted an exciting story, I had decided that day that the day I propose it would be like a movie, I called up local helicopter companies and was like I am going to propose over Swetha's favorite city (Boston). I knew that she wanted a huge party so I invited all of our friends to join us for a fun summer day in Boston. Our parents were also very supportive and I hope our wedding is as amazing as our proposal. 

    Tell us all about the ring/ what inspired your custom design

    Rose Gold Engagement RingSWETHA: I went with an oval cut, rose gold ring, with a [diamond] pave and [diamond] halo. I always knew I wanted rose gold, since I only wear gold/rose gold jewelry. Once I started looking at rings when all our friends were getting engaged, I started seeing the oval shape a lot and loved how elongating it looks. The pave/halo were suggestions that came from My Trio Rings and friends which took a little extra convincing, but honestly who's going to say no to more diamonds! I am obsessed with the sparkle and pretty much stare at my ring all the time! 

    RAVI: ...I just let the craftsman go to work. 

    A note from the couple: 
    We highly recommend working with My Trio Rings. They are the nicest, most genuine people in this industry and are willing to create anything for your significant other which they will love!
  • Ale & Richard

    Ale & Richard say it was fate. They had mutual friends but have never met before. They used to live 3 blocks away from each other and didn’t even know about it. It was in the spring of 2013. Ale had just come back from vacation and was feeling down, when her friends invited her to go out to the bar, where she saw Richard. As she was leaving, Ale wrote her number on a napkin and gave it to him saying "Call me". Ale remembers: “He grabbed my arm and said: "You know if you give me this, I'm going to get you to date me", to what she replied that this was the plan. He called her the next day and asked her out on a date. “That night I realized what many married couples mean when single people ask for their advice on how to be sure that someone is ‘the one’ - you just know. I just knew that I had met someone special. I knew he was the one”, Ale says.

    What makes you the “perfect match”?

    “We have the same heart and mind. We help each other out in every situation and we empower each other to be better every day. Our love is bigger than any trouble or any fight. We are best friends.”

    Ale & Richard are wearing a stunning 7/8 Carat T.W. Trio Wedding Set in 14K White Gold .

  • Lisa & Jason

    Modern Couple

    Lisa and Jason met in high school and started out as best friends. Lisa was dating Jason’s best friend and the two of them got really close. While her relationship with Jason’s friend has ended, the friendship between Lisa and Jason grew even stronger and they have been best friends for 4 years after that. Eventually, they started dating and have been together as a couple for over 6 years now. The two of them got engaged and are getting married in April. Talk about marrying your best friend!

    What makes you the “perfect match”?

    Modern Couple

    “I think what makes us the perfect match is that we went through our hardest times in high school while we were not together, made it work, and now we know and appreciate our weaknesses and strengths."

    Modern Couple Wedding Rings

    Lisa is wearing a unique in its beauty 7/8 CT. T.W. White and Rose Gold Bridal Set in 14K White Gold and Jason is wearing a 1/4 Carat T.W. Men's Wedding Ring in 14K White Gold , that perfectly matches the bridal set.

  • Today Diamond Industry

    Diamond Rarity

    Are diamonds rare? This common question by consumers has a complex answer that’s often oversimplified by the media. Below we’ll explain which diamonds are rare and address this misconception!

    On one hand, approximately 133 million carats of new diamonds are mined every year. So while you aren’t likely to stumble across a diamond in your backyard, there is still a relatively large supply of natural diamonds in the world being mined every
    year on top of diamonds already in the market.

    However, only about 20% of rough diamonds are sold and used for luxury items; the remaining 80% are used for industrial purposes (such as cutting, drilling, polishing and grinding). Once the higher quality 20% is selected, these diamonds must be
    sorted and classified. Diamonds can be classified by more than 12,000 categories, but the most important are, of course, the 4 C’s. See sidebarinfographic below for why only 20% of
    diamonds are viable for jewelry.

    And of this 20%, you will find diamonds with different types of imperfections formed while the diamond travelled closer to the earth's surface. An even smaller number are considered investment-grade diamonds with near zero imperfections. These are
    the truly rare diamonds with exceptional clarity, color, carat and/or cut that usually sell for prices only accessible to millionaires and billionaires.

    What makes only 20% viable for jewelry?

    But what makes diamonds rare from an average customer’s perspective is that each stone is completely unique. No two diamonds are exactly alike. Like a snowflake, every naturally formed diamond has its own qualities and characteristics that make it one
    of a kind. You know that when you buy a diamond ring, it will have an appearance and brilliance unlike any other.

    Synthetics & Alternates

    When shopping for rings, you’re likely to come across a long list of unfamiliar terms used to describe diamonds and alternative stones. But what’s the difference between a natural diamond and a lab-grown diamond? What are the alternatives to diamonds
    that look similar?

    Sneaky advertising can trick you into thinking a synthetic diamond or an alternative stone is really a naturally mined diamond. Here is a glossary of terms to help you understand what you’re looking at – and the advantages and disadvantages of each
    product. You might only be satisfied with a ring featuring a rare and natural diamond, or you may be perfectly happy with a man-made diamond or an alternative stone. It’s a matter of personal preference, but you need all the info to make an educated

    Natural Diamonds

    Natural White Diamonds are formed under extreme heat and pressure in the Earth’s surface, then mined, cut and polished.

    Treated Diamonds are naturally formed but have been exposed to treatments – usually high pressure/high temperature (HPHT) – to enhance their color. These treatments must be disclosed when you buy a diamond.

    Clarity-enhanced diamonds are naturally formed but have received additional manipulations – such as laser drilling or fracture filling – to minimize the appearance of inclusions or cracks. These enhancements must be disclosed when
    you buy a diamond.

    Who natural diamonds are for:

    For many people, the desire for a natural diamond is an emotional one. They feel a diamond ring is more meaningful because it features a rare, authentic diamond that has formed naturally over a long period of time, in a process that can’t be replicated
    by humans. It has significance and prestige that a synthetic diamond or alternative stone does not.

    Alternative Stones

    Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is an alternative stone which is made by melting zirconium and zirconium oxide at a high temperature.

    Who cubic zirconia is for:

    Cubic zirconia stones are not authentic diamonds, but they do have a similar appearance to the untrained eye. CZ is far less expensive than both naturally mined and lab-grown diamonds, though it is not as durable or as brilliant as the authentic
    stone. Cubic zirconia is a good option for people who want a similar look to a traditional diamond ring but who are on a tight budget.


    Moissanite is an alternative stone that is a naturally occurring mineral made from silicon carbide.

    Who moissanite is for:

    Moissanite has a similar appearance to an authentic diamond, and it offers almost comparable durability. It doesn’t have the same prestige or recognition as a natural diamond, but it is a good alternative for people who value rare and natural formation,
    as well as a low price point.

    Authenticity Tests

    If you have a diamond are and unsure of whether it is authentic, here are a few tests you can try!

    • Informal tests (prone to error)
      • Fog test: Hold the stone close to your mouth and breathe as if you’re fogging up a window. Diamonds can’t hold heat and should clear immediately. If the stone fogs, it’s not authentic. If it remains clear, it’s a real diamond.
      • Light test: Hold the stone over a piece of paper on top of a line of text. An authentic diamond will refract light in a way to prevent you from reading the print through it.
      • Portable diamond tester: Test the stone with a handheld diamond testing kit (which sell for a few hundred dollars) that uses electrical conductivity to differentiate a real diamond from a moissanite
    • Formal test (industry standard)
      • Lab test: Submit your jewelry to a third party lab such as GIA, AGS or IGI, both of which can provide scientific and professional testing to determine the authenticity or qualities of the diamonds in
        your jewelry. Get more information on having your jewelry tested:

    Authenticity Testing

    Authenticity tests should always be conducted by a certified independent testing lab. If tested by a jeweler, make sure to get their claims in writing!

  • The 4cs

    The 4's C's of diamond classification are: color, carat weight, clarity, and cut. Together, the 4 C's determine a diamond's cost and value. It's essential to understand the 4 C's because each C speaks differently to your individual preferences
    and budget.

    The 4 C's will help you understand the value of your purchase so you can get the most out of your budget. Using our four generations of expertise, we've pared this information down to what you need to know to find the best value.


    While diamonds come in every color of the spectrum, the most valuable diamonds are colorless. Truly colorless diamonds are extremely rare to find while mining; as a result, they're very expensive.

    Diamonds are graded on a standard color scale established by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Diamonds range from D (colorless) to Z (yellow). The further down in the alphabet the diamond is, the more yellow it appears. Color can best
    be determined by looking at a loose diamond on a pure white surface, and by noting its contrast to other stones.


    All My Trio Rings diamonds are near colorless, in the G, H and I range, and set to optimize light reflection.

    Though colorless diamonds are held up as the ideal, the truth is that G, H and I diamonds appear colorless to the naked eye. Unless you plan to grade your stones against white paper, you won't be able to notice a distinguishable color for diamonds
    in the G-I range. Your budget will stretch much further if you shop in the near colorless range (G-I), vs. colorless (D-F).


    Some people believe that carat refers to the size of a diamond while in actuality; carat is the term used to measure a diamond's physical weight. The larger the diamond of a particular quality, the harder it is to find while mining and the greater
    its rarity. Because larger diamonds of a particular grade are rarer, they generally have a greater value and cost per carat.

    How big is a carat? A carat is equal to 200 milligrams, and there are 142 carats to an ounce. 1 carat diamond = 0.200 Grams. Some household items which have a weight in a similar range are a hair bobby pin, Q-Tip, peppercorn, or standard
    office staple. While carat refers to the physical weight of a stone, you will find that a well cut stone will have a common diameter which can be compared to a standard dime.


    By replacing one larger solitaire stone with an elegant multi-stone cluster design, we offer rings with a much bigger look (and often higher carat weight) but without the higher price!


    Internal imperfections and external irregularities affect the clarity of the diamond by interfering with the passage of light throughout the stone. Imperfections such as spots, lines, or bubbles are known as inclusions. The diamond is more valuable
    when it has fewer inclusions. According to the GIA's quality analysis system, clarity is graded on a scale ranging from flawless (FL or IF) to imperfect (I). The system is based on the visibility of inclusions at a magnification of 10x.


    My Trio Rings offers diamonds with clarity ranging from SI1-SI2 to I1-I2; they have some inclusions but they're not usually noticeable to the naked eye. There is a huge variation in quality available in these grades; we select diamonds that have
    the best clarity and sparkle in an affordable price range (for example, those with inclusions located on the side of a stone, where they're much less visible than in the center). You don't need to pay exponentially more on a higher clarity diamond
    just because it looks better under a magnifying glass.


    Each diamond is cut using an exact mathematical formula to unleash its maximum brilliance and fire. The cut can also refer to the number of facets, or flat faces that the diamond has.

    The most common cut is the round brilliant which has 58 flat, polished facets that reflect the most possible light. The mathematical formula also takes into account the depth of the cut. If a diamond is cut too shallow or too deep it will lose some of its “fire” or “life.” A well-cut diamond will reflect the light and refract it back to your eye. Cut is not to be confused with shape.


    A skillful cut emphasizes a diamond's assets, while minimizing flaws. The diamond cutters at My Trio Rings work meticulously to let the most light shine through each stone, and to keep any imperfections imperceptible to the naked eye.

  • Ring fit types

    You’ll wear your wedding rings every day for many years to come, so it’s important to understand the different ring fit types offered by jewelers. Wedding ring fit refers to the shape of a ring’s interior surface; some are flat or curved, and some are
    solid or concave. My Trio Rings offers four different ring fit types: standard, comfort, gallery and Concave.

    Concave Fit - $
    Concave fit wedding rings are made with less metal than standard fit rings. Their interior surface is slightly concave, curving inward. The concave shape allows the ring to be lighter and more affordable while still retaining its strength.
    Standard/Regular Fit - $$
    Standard fit wedding rings have a classic profile. Their top surface has a slightly rounded shape, but their interior surface is straight and flat.
    Gallery Fit - $$
    Gallery fit wedding rings are similar in appearance to standard fit rings, featuring a straight interior surface. The only difference is that a gallery fit band does not have a solid gold interior; instead, it has hollow indentations. This design makes gallery fit rings both lighter and more affordable than standard fit rings.
    Comfort - $$$
    Comfort fit wedding rings are designed to rest more comfortably on your finger, and to slide on and off more smoothly, than a standard fit ring. A comfort fit band’s interior is crafted using extra metal, creating a gently convex or domed surface.


    The gallery fit is perfect for any couples looking for a beautiful look, comfortable fit and affordable price tag. Look for a rings’ fit type in the ring details section of any ring page!

  • Platinum jewelry

    Platinum is a strong precious metal that is used to make high-end jewelry. Platinum may be similar in appearance to white gold, but it has different characteristics which we will cover below!


    Platinum has a natural silver-white appearance that complements the brilliance of diamonds. While platinum’s shiny finish may dull over time but it does not fade to a yellowish color and require more frequent repolishing as white & yellow gold


    Platinum is more expensive than both yellow and white gold for a number of reasons. Platinum is harder to discover in nature, and therefore less mined than gold. Platinum is also far heavier than gold, so the same ring will weigh more when crafted
    in platinum instead of gold (metals are priced by weight). Platinum rings are made almost entirely of platinum (about 95%), while gold rings contain a higher percentage of alloys; this increases the value of platinum rings


    Platinum is denser and more durable metal than gold. It holds up well to wear and tear, though it also has a substantial weight (not the best choice if you want a very light ring). Though platinum is more durable than gold, it can still scratch
    over time, developing a patina finish similar to an antique piece of jewelry. Many couples love this vintage aesthetic, while others prefer to have their platinum rings repolished to a nearly new appearance.

    Be Consistent with Your Metals

    The precious metal you choose for your wedding ring set will depend on your budget, style and personal preferences. Whatever metal you settle on, keep it consistent across your matching rings. White gold and platinum have a similar appearance,
    but their color differences will be stark if you wear them side by side (for example, a platinum engagement ring with a white gold wedding band).

  • Gold overview

    Gold is a metal mined from the earth that has been used in jewelry for hundreds of years. Gold’s malleability (how easily it can be shaped and molded) and its rarity (how unusual it is to be found in nature) have made
    it a choice metal for engagement and wedding rings.

    But malleability – one of gold’s most appealing attributes – is also its biggest weakness in jewelry. Pure gold jewelry is brittle and susceptible to breaking. Gold is therefore mixed with alloys such as copper, zinc or silver to increase its strength.
    The proportion of pure gold used vs. alloys used is what determines a gold’s Karat (or K) purity.

    Gold Purity

    Not to be confused with a diamond’s carat (weight), a gold’s karat (K) is determined by the proportion of pure gold vs. alloys added to strengthen it. Gold purity is measured in karats; the highest karat number is 24K, which is the karat of pure
    gold. Since pure gold is too soft to be used in jewelry making, gold is mixed with other metals, which make the resulting alloy harder and more durable as jewelry. A higher percentage of pure gold to alloys equals a higher Karat. To determine
    what gold karat a piece of jewelry is, look for the gold stamp that’s on the inner edge of a gold ring.

    For example:

    • 10 karat gold is an alloy made up of 10 parts gold + 14 parts other metals
    • 14 karat gold is an alloy made up of 14 parts gold + 10 parts other metals
    • 18 karat gold is an alloy made up of 18 parts gold + 6 parts other metals

    Visually the differences among the different karats is subtle, and the polish used on jewelry can be misleading. To verify the gold Karat of jewelry, you must have jewelry tested in a nationally certified independent lab as informal tests such as scratch testing and acid testing are prone to human error.

    Karat vs. Carat

    Carat refers to the weight of a diamond, whereas Karat, refers to the pure gold content in jewelry.

    Is 10K or 14K Better?

    In some parts of the world, gold jewelry with a higher karat, such as 18K and 22K, is more is widely sought after. But in the U.S., most people opt for 10K and 14K gold; these varieties are stronger and more affordable than those with higher pure
    gold content.

    My Trio Rings offers both 10K and 14K gold options for all our diamond ring sets. But what’s really the difference between the two?

    Is 10K Lower Quality?

    You’ll notice that 10K jewelry is less expensive than 14K pieces. This makes sense, since 10K jewelry contains less gold. However, keep in mind that in this case, cheaper doesn’t mean low quality: 14K gold may be more expensive, but its higher gold
    content also makes it softer and less durable than 10K gold.

    Gold Color

    Gold is most often found in yellow, white and rose colors. Since all gold jewelry is made by mixing pure gold with alloys (other metals), this combination of metals is what determines a gold’s final shade.

    Yellow Gold
    Yellow gold’s warm hue is created by combining pure gold with alloys such as zinc and copper.
    White gold’s silvery appearance is the result of blending pure gold with white metals such as nickel, palladium or manganese.
    Rose gold’s pinkish glow is achieved by adding more copper to the alloys mixed with pure gold.

    Do Gold Rings Fade?

    It’s a common misconception that rings which fade are not authentic. But it’s not the gold itself that fades - it’s the polish that all gold jewelry has on its surface which gives it the lustrous shine. It’s important to take gold jewelry in for
    a “tune-up” from time to time to get a new coat of rhodium, yellow polish or rose polish. Many jewelers also refer to this practices of having gold rings “redipped” which references how rings are dipped into an electroplating solution which is
    how polish adheres to the gold surface.

    Buyer Beware: Nickel Allergies

    Nickel is commonly used in gold alloy mixtures and is also a metal that many people are allergic to. For people with this sensitivity, jewelry made with nickel can cause a skin reaction or rash if the gold polish fades over time. Currently My Trio
    Rings does not guarantee rings are Nickel Free.

    Customize Your Rings

    We offer all of our rings in both yellow and white gold (10K and 14K). On each product page, you can select the gold color and karat you want. To see how the same ring looks different in yellow and white gold, try our interactive slider below!

    White Gold Trio Ring SetsWhite Gold Bridal Ring SetsWhite Gold Engagement Rings
    White Gold Ladies Wedding BandsWhite Gold Mens Wedding BandsWhite Gold Wedding Band Sets
    Specials on White Gold Rings

    Yellow Gold Trio Ring SetsYellow Gold Bridal Ring SetsYellow Gold Engagement Rings
    Yellow Gold Ladies Wedding BandsYellow Gold Mens Wedding BandsYellow Gold Wedding Band Sets
    Specials on Yellow Gold Rings

  • Diamond Trends

    Diamond Trends

    When you think about the phrase “bridal fashion” you tend to compare it to the fast moving fashion industry. But when it comes to the Bridal market, it’s a careful balance of “timeless evolution”. Diamond ring styles don’t change dramatically
    every season, the way apparel trends do. Diamond styles tend to go through new evolutions every few years led by an individual's strong taste preference or a few key trendsetters (like the famed Princess Diana Ring). Below we’ll cover a few
    of the most recent trends that modern couples are seeking and a bit of information about what makes them unique.

    Halo Rings

    Halo engagement rings feature a center diamond encircled by smaller accent diamonds, creating the illusion of a much larger (and more expensive) center stone.

    Featured Halo Rings

    Round Cut Premium Diamond Ladies Engagement Halo Ring

    Round Cut Diamond Ladies Engagement Halo Ring

    Princess Round Cut Diamond Ladies Engagement Halo Ring

    Halos & Clusters

    Halo wedding rings and Cluster wedding rings involve using multiple stones for the final effect. Many smaller stones in a design are far more affordable than single solitaire stones. Explore our
    Clustercollections to see what a big difference they provide!

    Solitaire Rings

    Solitaire engagement rings offer a classic, elegant look: a single center diamond – some also featuring smaller accent diamonds.

    Featured Solitaire Rings

    Diamond Ladies Engagement Solitaire Ring BT323W10KE

    Diamond Ladies Engagement Solitaire Ring BT705W10KE

    Diamond Ladies Engagement Solitaire Ring BT324W10KE

    Cluster Rings

    Cluster engagement rings feature a center setting made up of several smaller stones, instead of a large solitaire; this design shows off a lot of sparkle for a very reasonable price. This is one of My Trio Ring’s core strengths -- you won’t
    find a bigger offering anywhere else!

    Featured Cluster Rings

    Diamond Ladies Engagement Cluster Ring BT109W10KE

    Diamond Ladies Engagement Cluster Ring BT103Y10KE

    Diamond Ladies Engagement Cluster Ring BT110W10KE

    Three Stone

    Past Present and Future rings represent a couple's history as a couple, their present day celebration of love and the future of their commitment as a couple!

    Featured Three Stone

    Princess Round Baguette Cut Diamond Ladies Engagement Ring

    Round Cut Diamond Ladies Engagement Ring BT322W10KE

    Round Cut Diamond Ladies Engagement Ring BT571W10KE

    Two Stone

    Two stone rings are a very new concept with two stones at the top of the ring representing the two hearts that make a relationship one. This often carries different meaning for different couples whether the ring is to commemorate husband &
    wife or a mother & daughter bond!

    Round Cut Diamond Two Stone Ring BT721W10KE

    Round Cut Diamond Two Stone Ring BT719W10KE

    Round Cut Diamond Two Stone Ring BT722W10KE

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