Best Places to Propose in Brooklyn

Posted by Kayla Bray on 17th Nov 2022

Best Places to Propose in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York - one of the five boroughs of New York City, and arguable the borough that has experienced the most drastic transformation within the last decade. Now offering a variety of experiences, and attractions that provide a fun, romantic, or picturesque location for a marriage proposal! Here are the best places to propose in Brooklyn:

1. Maison Premiere in Williamsburg

There are a number of restaurants throughout the borough of Brooklyn, so it would be wrong to claim that there is one perfect place to dine at for a proposal. However, we can certainly suggest a location that has ambiance and charm from the moment you walk through the doorway. Maison Premier is an oyster bar (you know what they say about oysters 😉 ) and they offer a variety of specialty drinks that are a true treat. From the delicious food to the ambiance set by dim lighting and romantic architectural details, this restaurant is a wonderful location for an intimate proposal.

2. The Brooklyn Bridge

When Miranda met Steve at the center of the Brooklyn Bridge in the Sex and the City movie to symbolize them embracing each other's lives, that moment struck the world and the Brooklyn Bridge became a symbol of love. On top of the fact that the scenery on and around the Brooklyn Bride is picturesque, it is a memorable experience worthy of a bucket list to cross the bridge by foot. You can make a day of this adventure, starting the voyage across the bridge and appreciating the moment you are in with the person you love. Half way across the bridge, when you start to get tired of walking, you take the moment to look back at where you started, and what you have to look forward on the rest of your journey (very symbolic of your relationship).

At this point, you can get down on one knee and ask the love of your life to spend the rest of it with you! Now, with the bliss of your engagement and your energy at an all time high, the remainder of the walk across the bridge will feel like a piece of cake!

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3. Brooklyn Bridge Park

For those who don't necessarily feel the need to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to appreciate the structure, the Brooklyn Bridge Park is the perfect place for your proposal in Brooklyn! You can layout a blanket, and have a picnic, or take a walk beneath the bridge, setting the magnificent scene for a breathtaking proposal.

4. Coney Island

Coney Island is a long-standing Brooklyn landmark, and it offers a wide variety of options as you consider the best places to propose.You can choose to propose on a blanket on the beach beneath the fireworks on a Friday night in the summer. You might find it romantic to propose at the top of the Wonder Wheel at sunset, or perhaps your spouse-to-be would prefer a more high-speed proposal on the Cyclone roller coaster (if you choose that option, it might be best to pull diamond cluster engagement ring  out the after the ride has come to a complete stop!). Or perhaps the best moment of all will be when you are walking hand-in-hand along the boardwalk.

5. The Botanic Gardens

Take a walk through the flourishing Botanic Gardens of Brooklyn. The natural beauty of this location sets the perfect scene for a dream-like proposal. The ease of walking through a garden will help to keep your emotions at-bay as you carry around the little red ring box holding the diamond engagement ring you chose for the proposal. When your partner stops and turns to admire their favorite flowers, you can set yourself up to present the engagement ring so that when they turn around, they will be both shocked and ecstatic!

6. Prospect Park

Another great location for a romantic picnic or stroll is Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Put together a picnic basket filled with both of your favorite foods, a bottle of champagne and glasses (to celebrate after you "pop" (pun intended) the question). While enjoying the fresh air, you present the solitaire diamond engagement ring  and ask them to marry you!