Trio Ring Sets: The Tied Together Collection

Posted by Kayla Bray on 10th Oct 2018

Trio Ring Sets: The Tied Together Collection

Tied Together Collection

Est. 2018

Tied Together Bridal ring Set

To pay tribute to the everlasting bond of marriage, it is our pleasure to introduce you to our unique collection of diamond wedding rings lovingly referred to as Tied Together!

Explore 14 sets of perfectly matched trio wedding rings, including a diamond engagement ring and matching his & her wedding bands.

Tied Together Bridal Ring Set BR 455 2

It's All in the Details

Each diamond trio wedding ring set of the  Tied Together collection is charming in it's whimsy as it symbolizes the strength of your love through the details:
  • Two-Tone Tied Together Bridal ring Set The white gold rings are accented and contrasted by rose gold or yellow gold detailing to symbolize the warm of your love
  • Rope Details & Bezel Set Diamonds Tied Together Collection BR 456 2The warm embrace of rose gold rope details are knotted with bezel set diamonds throughout the band signifying the knot that ties you together.
  • Heart Accents Tied Together Trio Wedding Ring Set Your rings match your hearts with delicate, rose gold heart accents placed on the sides of the ring setting. This detail is personalized along the sides of the ring setting to create intimacy.
The three wedding rings in each trio set includes an engagement ring and the matching his and hers wedding bands.

What inspired the Tied Together Collection?

The inspiration for the Tied Together Collection was pulled from the ceremonial tradition of physically and emotionally tying the knot.

Trio Wedding Ring Set Tied Together Collection

The emotional knot: "Tying the Knot" is a milestone in a relationship. To paraphrase the timeless movie P.S. I Love You, "it is the end of life as you know it." It's the moment when two individuals create an unbreakable bond while joining each other on the journey of life. Marriage is a symbol of the bond among partners as they join hands and walk through life together; supporting each other, trusting in one another, and maintaining faith in their eternal bond which grows in strength with every new experience. As their lives entwine to form a pillar of commitment, love shines through as the beacon of strength.

The Physical Knot: The ceremonial tradition of tying the knot has evolved throughout the generations, and varies among cultures, but one thing remains constant; the ceremony results in a marriage.  A variation of this ceremony that has been the most popular among modern couples consists of the partners working as a team to tie a fisherman's knot in front of their loved ones. The significance of the fisherman's knot refers to the physical knot's strength and reliability, symbolizing the strength of the couple's bond - Rather than waning under pressure, it grows in strength.

Longing to carry this physical representation of your bond with you everywhere you go, the Tied Together Collection allows you to hold onto the knot that ties you together.