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Cord of Three Strands Ceremony

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Cord of Three Strands Ceremony

A cord of three strands is not easily broken!
Those who go.
Those who pray.
Those who give.
ECC, 4:12b

Also referred to as “God’s Knot” or a Unity Braid Ceremony, it is a symbol of you, your partner, and God joining in marriage. The sacred union created on your wedding day is forever remember through this braid.

This ritual is typically integrated into Catholic or Christian wedding ceremonies. The concept behind it is that marriage takes three; god, you and your spouse. Throughout your life, God has taught you love, and by keeping Him at the center of your marriage, you will forever be bound by His love.

What materials do I need to perform a Unity Braid Ceremony, and what does each piece symbolize?


  • A gold strand to represent God and His majesty. It is a tribute to His divinity. The covenant of your relationship is formed by Him. His authority builds it, and is made with intention of glorifying him.
  • A purple strand to represent the Groom and his life; his majesty as a new creation in Christ.
  • A white strand to represent the Bride and her life; her purity, having been cleansed by Christ’s salvation.

When incorporated into the ceremony, the minister will explain the ritual to the witnesses, and the symbolic representation of the braid itself.

This tradition can be used in a wedding ceremony or a vow renewal, and is a spiritual/ symbolic representation of your love.

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