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Introducing the My Trio Rings Full Brilliance Collection!

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My Trio Rings is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Full Brilliance collection. We are the first diamond jeweler to design a line of engagement, bridal and trio rings crafted specifically for sizes 11 and up – and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world.

Full Brilliance rings offer My Trio Rings’ signature values – exceptional quality, elegant styles and affordable prices – in women’s wedding and engagement rings, size 11 to 15, and men’s wedding rings, size 15 to 18.

The Story Behind Full Brilliance

For years, My Trio Rings has created collections featuring up to women’s size 13 and men’s size 16 rings. But we began to notice that other jewelers were not providing the same selection, and only narrow size ranges were available from traditional retailers. We saw this is a great opportunity to better serve all of our customers – and shake up an industry that desperately needs an update.

“The Full Brilliance collection has evolved as we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from different couples,” said Vipul Lakhi, Chief Executive Officer.

“We’ve heard over and over that people aren’t able to find rings in their size when they go to jewelry stores. So we started crafting rings just for sizes 11 and up. These aren’t size 7 rings that have been adjusted to fit size 11; these are especially designed to be beautiful size 11 wedding rings.”

Shopping for wedding rings should be a joyful experience, a first step toward a shared life as a married couple. But for many couples our team has spoken to, searching for rings in jewelry stores was disappointing and disheartening.

“They just didn’t have good options to choose from,” said Punit Shah, Chief Marketing Officer.

“And matching rings weren’t an option because a partners’ size wasn’t offered by jewelers. All of our rings come with matching wedding rings, so couples can choose exactly what they want. We saw demand increasing over time, as more couples came in asking for plus size rings, or trio ring sets in specific sizes.”

Why Full Brilliance Rings Stand Out

  • Rings are crafted with real diamonds and gold; you don’t have to sacrifice quality or authenticity to have a ring that fits.
  • Rings are custom-designed for sizes 11+ – they look flawless in the size you want, never stretched out, too thin on the sides or sparsely adorned with diamonds.
  • The collection showcases a huge variety of styles and price points, ensuring you find exactly what you want on your budget.
  • Streamlined production and quick turnaround guarantee you can show off your new rings in record time; even with backordered rings, the average shipping time is two weeks (compared with 4-6 with other jewelers who customize to size!)

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Summer 2017 marks the collections official launch and more styles will be added in shortly. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of new releases and to learn more about our Full Brilliance collection and how it continues to innovate!

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The Full Brilliance Collection Plus Size Trio Ring Sets
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