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How My Trio Rings Designed the Full Brilliance Collection

Plus Size
Full Brilliance; Plus Size collection

We believe you should never have to sacrifice style for size – which is why My Trio Rings released the first ever plus size Full Brilliance collection which is curated specifically for ring sizes 11 and up!

While other jewelers will just stretch existing rings to offer them in larger sizes, we design them from scratch to have a perfect look and fit. Whether you’re looking for size 12 women’s engagement rings or size 15 rings for men, you’ll find your match in the Full Brilliance collection.

“It’s so difficult to find rings in a jewelry store if you’re above a women’s size 7,” said Ally Davis, Senior Jewelry Merchandiser. “People are being forced to fit into a standard that’s not at all reflective of real couples – size 7 is not really today’s average size. There is no one standard, ideal size; we’re changing the norm, and making beautiful wedding rings for real people.”

At standard jewelry stores, couples looking for plus size rings usually can’t browse and order directly from the showroom. They must have rings custom-made, resulting in higher “custom” price tags and long order crafting times. For these custom orders, jewelers often build a new half-shank (the bottom half of the ring), which can cause major structural issues, like diamonds that are not properly set.

“Our rings are significantly better in quality and appearance than those that are resized,” said Vipul Lakhi, Founder and CEO of My Trio Rings. “The diamonds are perfectly placed, and the band is never misshaped from being stretched.”

Our Design Criteria

Working directly with crafting floors and CAD jewelery designers, My Trio Rings curates each ring in the Full Brilliance collection to have the following design attributes:

Extra Sparkle
When wedding and engagement rings are sized up, they often lose the original “wow factor” because they don’t have the right ratio of diamonds to gold.  If a ring design calls for diamonds all the way across the top of the band, we add more stones to make sure the look stays the same, no matter what the size.

All Full Brilliance rings are substantial in weight, and offer a minimum width of 3 mm all around the band. A ring that is too thin causes weakness in the gold, and can lead to structural damage.

For plus size engagement rings and wedding rings with a scoop fit – a hollow gap on the interior surface – we reinforce with a gallery of additional gold. This technique strengthens rings in wider sizes, and creates a smooth and comfortable fit.

Summer 2017 marks the collections official launch and more styles will be added in shortly. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of new releases and to learn more about our Full Brilliance collection and how it continues to innovate!

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Matching his and hers wedding band sets by my trio rings
The Full Brilliance Collection Plus Size Trio Ring Sets
My Trio Rings

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