11 Morganite Bridal Ring Sets - Why Choose Morganite?

Posted by Kayla Bray on 24th Feb 2021

11 Morganite Bridal Ring Sets - Why Choose Morganite?

When you choose a morganite for your engagement ring, you aren't just choosing a beautiful peachy-pink gemstone that will stun. You're choosing a stone with a number of unique metaphysical properties. First, a morganite promotes femininity. For strong women across the world, what better way to celebrate your femininity than with a blushing morganite gemstone to wear everyday as your engagement ring. Second, a morganite is said to nurture love. This makes a morganite engagement ring the perfect homage to the promise to love one another unconditionally as you enter into your marriage. Third, morganite promotes patience & communication. In a marriage, the importance of open, honest communication is often paired with patience, as it is imperative to embrace differences so that you can continue to grow together in understanding. Lastly, morganite is said to rid us of negative emotions. Life is too short to surround ourselves with negative feelings. Therefore, to have a symbol of positivity as a daily reminder in your morganite engagement ring is a beautiful choice for a matching wedding ring set.

Camellia Morganite Ring Set

In Chinese culture, camellia's symbolize the union between two people in love & eternal love. To honor the beautiful pink coloring of the morganite engagement ring, the name "Camellia" is perfect in representing the variety of meanings for the different colored camellias; adoration, desire, longing, love & passion. Perfect symbols for a bridal ring set. The oval cut morganite center stone weighs in at 2 ⅜ cts, and the diamond halo and matching wedding band compliment the elongated shape of the pink gemstone elegantly. View the Camellia Morganite Ring Set.

Coral Pink Morganite Engagement Ring

The unique double halo of this appropriately named, pink morganite engagement ring is reminiscent of a coral found in the ocean. The colorful nature of a coral is mirrored in the oval cut morganite gemstone centered in this stunning engagement ring. The morganite center stone weighs 1 1/10 . The diamond wedding band is contoured to perfectly fit with the unique curves of this morganite engagement ring. View the Coral Morganite Ring Set.

Lotus Matching Morganite Bridal Set

The lotus flower is said to be a perfect parallel to the human condition - "even when its roots are in the dirtiest waters, the Lotus produces the most beautiful flower." - Binghamton University. The pear shaped morganite center stone weighs in at 2 1/7 carats. Neatly nestled in it's vintage collar, and embraced by its crown-inspired diamond ladies band. View the Lotus Morganite Ring Set.

Lulu Morganite Wedding Set

The unique look of the Lulu bridal ring set is what makes this morganite wedding ring set so special. The bold diamond halo design perfectly accents the round shaped morganite center stone. The round cut morganite center stone weighs 1 ⅔ carat. The contouring diamond ladies band works with this unique bridal set design to make it a perfect matching set. View the Lulu Moraganite Trio Ring Set.

Mauve Morganite Engagement Ring & Diamond Wedding Band Set

Part of the pink family, mauve is another beautiful shade of pink that is warm and embracing. The oval cut morganite gemstone weighs in at 2 ⅝ carats. This morganite engagement ring has a unique, architecturally inspired diamond halo, and is paired with a matching diamond ladies band to create the perfect matching pair. View the Mauve Morganite Trio Ring Set.

Milly Rose Gold Morganite Ring

The timeless silhouette of this cushion cut inspired diamond halo & morganite engagement ring is perfect for someone with a classic personal style who is looking for a pop of color in their dream bridal ring set. The total weight of the morganite center stone is 2 ⅞. View the Milly Morganite Ring Set.

Nea Rose Gold Morganite Bridal Ring Set

The concentric ovals of this halo engagement ring draw the eye to the morganite center gemstone. The oval cut morganite center stone weighs 1 1/10 carats. The orange-pink coloring of the oval cut morganite is perfectly highlighted by the surrounding diamond details, which are carried over into the matching diamond ladies wedding band to make the perfect matching morganite bridal ring set. View the Nea Morganite Ring Set.

Orchid Morganite Diamond Rings

It is said that when you are given the gift of an orchid of a rare variety, the deeper your love and passion for the person you are gifting the orchid. What a beautiful sentiment to give to the love of your life when you choose the Orchid morganite diamond ring bridal set. The beautiful morganite center stone weighs 2 ¼ carats. The pear shaped morganite engagement ring is paired with a unique, contoured diamond ladies band, mirroring the simplicity of an orchid's composition with the unique twist of an orchid's shape and petals. View the Orchid Morganite Trio Ring Set.

Peony Morganite Bridal Set

A peony flower is bountiful in beauty, immediately catching the eye. When you see the Peony morganite bridal ring set, you will be captivated by the pinky-peach oval shaped center stone surrounded by the flower-like diamond halo engagement ring. The morganite center stone weighs 2 ½ carats; an aspirational look for an affordable price! View the Peony Morganite Ring Set.

Petal Morganite Bridal Ring Set

Named after the delicate body of a flower, the Petal bridal ring set features a pear shaped morganite gemstone surrounded by perfectly set diamonds to highlight the unique shape of the petal-inspired diamond halo. The pear shaped morganite center stone weighs 2 ⅕ carats. Paired with a complimenting contoured diamond ladies band makes this the perfect matching morganite bridal ring set. View the Petal Morganite Ring Set.

Rouge Rose Gold Morganite Engagement Ring

It's said that a little rouge is the perfect finishing touch to a blushing look! And the Rouge bridal ring set will certainly make you blush with excitement! The round cut morganite center stone weighs ⅞ carats. Perfect for any blushing bride who is looking for a petite look with a bold statement! View the Rouge Morganite Trio Ring Set.