26 Carat Blue Diamond Discovered

Posted by Kayla Bray on 16th Dec 2022

26 Carat Blue Diamond Discovered

After approximately a year without finding a single blue diamond  among the famous South African diamond mine, Cullinan, National Jeweler reported that Miner Petra Diamonds Limited was excited to announce the discovery and extraction of 5 rare, blue diamonds.

Individually, the diamonds weigh in at 9.61, 11.42, 17.57, 21.25 and 25.75 carats, and are described as being of top clarity and color. It is believed that the five blue diamonds are fractions of one larger stone prior to mining.

The discovery of these rare diamonds are further proof that blue diamonds are highly regarded in the jewelry industry, and are a beautiful choice for those who love to add a little color into their lives.

Blue diamonds are graded similarly to other diamonds, however when it comes to the color of a blue diamond, they are held up to the GIA color grading system, which is a more interpretive approach to the rarity of a blue diamond.

At My Trio Rings, we have introduced blue diamond engagement rings into our selection of unique engagement rings, specifically within our Moroccan Nights Collections. This discovery of rare, blue diamonds is an exciting piece of news and we are excited to see the future of blue diamonds in the jewelry industry.