The Moroccan Nights Collection

Posted by Kayla Bray on 21st Apr 2020

The Moroccan Nights Collection

Picture this – Midnight blue skies, domed roof lines, twinkling stars and ambient reflections from candle lights into the horizon. This is what comes to mind when we think of a Moroccan Night!

What Inspired the Moroccan Nights Collection?

We all recognize these captivating skylines! Low lying roof lines of domed buildings, broken up by horseshoe archways and geometric towers, native to Arabic countries. The unique, architectural designs of the Moroccan Nights collection are inspired by domed skylines, creating a romantic silhouette against the midnight blue backdrop of a night sky in Morocco. Combined with the ornate designs and color schemes reminiscent of tapestry patterns, the Moroccan Nights Collection is truly bold.

The romantic shapes of the diamond halo engagement rings are examples of the ornate, architecture of the buildings from which inspiration was drawn. The floral motifs engage with mixed gold textures to introduce a unique depth to the design. Each engagement ring holds a unique gemstone, ranging from a black diamond to a blue diamond, a blue sapphire to a white diamond. To exemplify the nature of a midnight blue sky, our blue sapphire and black diamond center stones mirror the coloring of the black and blue sky.

We have also introduced a variety of center stone shapes for our unique engagement rings, including round brilliant cut blue and black diamonds, as well as oval cut white diamonds and blue sapphires.  

The black diamond engagement ring of the Amira Trio Ring Set (7/8 Carat T.W., 14K Rose Gold shown below) features an oval cut center diamond surrounded by a white diamond oval halo. The band of the engagement ring cascades upwards in the direction of the black diamond center stone in the form of a tapered shank, petal design. The ladies band is perfectly contoured to the unique shape of the halo engagement ring, incorporating the diamond petal design to create a matching bridal ring set. The matching element of the petal design is also integrated throughout the men's wedding band.

Naima Matching Trio Ring Set

The Naima Trio Ring Set (7/8 Carat T.W., 14K Yellow Gold shown below) is inspired by the domed, horseshoe architectural design often seen in tapestries and in the structure of an archway to a building. The oval, white diamond engagement ring incorporates this inspiration with a domed diamond halo, and a reverse tapered band. The ladies wedding band has a simple, contoured design, with the domes detailing throughout the side of the ring. The men's wedding band continues the domed design along the side profiles of the ring.

Khadija Trio Wedding Ring Set

The Khadija Trio Ring Set is inspired by the mesmerizing scenery within a kaleidoscope. The center stone of this colored diamond engagement ring is a blue-green diamond. The unique halo surrounding this blue-green diamond starts with a delicate, white diamond halo, surrounded by a petal inspired, diamond halo. The split shank helps to balance the captivating halo engagement ring's setting. Both the Ladies and Men's wedding bands feature the petal inspired designs to create the matching trio ring set.

Rehana Trio Ring Set

The Rehana Trio Ring Set includes a black diamond engagement ring featuring a peaked, four-cornered diamond halo is a perfect depiction of an illuminated skyline against a dark night sky. The ladies wedding band continues with the architecturally inspired design by way of a contouring shape, and the Men's wedding band incorporates the diamond-like shape to create a matching trio ring set.

Salima Matching His & Hers Ring Set

The color of the Salima blue diamond engagement ring set is similar to the turquoise tiles of the Arabic buildings. The unique diamond halo of the Salima engagement ring features the varying shapes of the skylines which inspired the collection. With such an ornate halo engagement ring, the ladies wedding band maintains a classic contoured design, and the Men's wedding band mirrors the reverse taped design of the engagement ring's band.

Soraya Ladies & Mens Ring Set

The Soraya black diamond wedding ring set is inspired by a lotus flower tapestry. The whimsical diamond halo is inspired by the petals of the lotus flower, with a black diamond center stone set within the floral engagement ring. Even the basket of the engagement ring located beneath the center stone features gold flower petals. The ladies engagement ring is crafted to contour the natural curves of the black diamond engagement ring, while incorporating petal inspirations and black diamond details. The men's wedding band features two thin columns of black diamonds along either side of an infinity design.

Yasmine Trio Wedding Ring Set

The Yasmine Trio Ring Set including a white diamond engagement ring, is inspired by the peaked, horseshoe archways of Arabic architecture. The ladies wedding band maintains the design of the diamond halo, while the Men's wedding band is inspired by the hand-spun poll detailing which adds dimension.

Zohra Matching Ring Set

The Zohra engagement ring set is inspired by a unique tapestry pattern. The gold engagement ring features an oval shaped diamond center stone, with a floating, rounded rectangular diamond halo and blue sapphire diamond clusters on each of the four sides of the square halo. The double row of diamonds on the engagement ring is carried through to the ladies and men's wedding bands, to create the perfect matching trio ring set.

Xiamara Matching Trio Set

The mesmerizing design of the Xiamara Trio Ring set captivates you with it's endless beauty. The circular nature of the engagement ring's center stone and diamond halo provides movement to the scintillating diamonds surrounding the blue sapphire center stone. The ladies wedding band incorporates the design of the diamond halo engagement ring with rounded channels of pave diamonds. The Men's wedding band takes these unique channels and puts a modern twist on the design with sharper edges and lines.

Fatima His & Hers Wedding Ring Set

The Fatima Trio Ring Set truly makes a statement. The bold engagement ring is set with an oval, black diamond center stone, which is highlighted by a romantic, whimsical, gold filigree halo. The ladies and men's wedding bands both incorporate black diamond accents to tie together the matching trio ring set.

Bee Trio Ring Set

The Bee Trio Ring Set is a perfect representation of a midnight blue sky. The blue sapphire, oval diamond engagement ring is complimented by a romantic diamond halo and a blue sapphire band that is plated with black rhodium beneath the blue sapphire side stones. The ladies and men's wedding bands maintain the black rhodium and blue sapphire combination.

Farida Trio Wedding Ring

The Farida Engagement Ring Set features a floral design, with a round cut, blue sapphire center stone, and a petal inspired diamond halo. The ladies and men's wedding bands incorporate blue sapphire accents to create the perfect matching trio ring set.

Aziza Trio Wedding Ring Set

The floral pattern often found in Arabic rugs and tapestries has been extracted and used to design the Aziza engagement ring and wedding band set. Beneath the engagement ring setting, there is a blue sapphire halo to add a pop of color to a classic white diamond engagement ring. The floral, diamond halo is carried through to the contoured, ladies wedding band. The men's wedding band pulls the navy blue color from the engagement ring by incorporating blue sapphires into the design.