Moroccan Nights Collection - The Fatima Trio Ring Set

Posted by Kayla Bray on 20th Apr 2020

Moroccan Nights Collection - The Fatima Trio Ring Set

The Moroccan Nights Collection's Fatima Engagement Ring is a work of art - a Biomorphic work of art. The combination of white and black diamonds, paired with a rose gold, Arabic, floral-inspired halo makes this unique engagement ring burst with character and tells a one-of-a-kind story. The symmetrical design of this black diamond engagement ring is an important element of Arabic architecture that had a significant influence on this matching trio ring set, and the Moroccan Nights collection as a whole!

The Inspiration

Biomorphic art, as explained by Adam Williamson in, "Biomorphic Art - The Art of Arabeque", is also referred to as Arabesque, Islimi, and Nebati. These designs consist of floral patterns which symbolize the underlying order and unity of nature. These works of art are held up to a standard according to three principles:

  1. The Eternal Spiral - Inspired by natural movements, the sweeping curves and spirals of the motifs bloom and advance, radiating throughout the design. The push and pull of these designs symbolize the progression of creator to creation, and through to infinity.The out-poring of energy from this trio ring set is intoxicating as gold sweeps around the design as elegantly as the wind whispers through the trees.The Fatima engagement ring is the perfect example of the Eternal Spiral being interpreted and translated into the design of a unique engagement ring as each branch of gold leads into another, creating the eternal spiral design.
  2. Symmetry & Structure - Once a design of spirals is crafted, they are duplicated until a canvas is filled with the flowering motifs. Symmetry is a fundamental practice to create a sense of harmony within the design, symbolizing a sense of completion and perfection, striving for unity. Each ring in the Fatima Trio Ring Set features symmetrical designs that mirror one another to tie the matching trio ring set together, and create unity among the three rings. Symmetry is present in the engagement ring, with mirroring sides of the golden halo around the oval cut, black diamond. The Ladies Wedding band then mirrors the band of the engagement ring, with aligned white and black diamond accents. The Men's wedding band follows suit, creating a pattern of alternating black diamond and white diamond sections.

  3. Rhythm & Balance - Movement is a key characteristic of an Arabesque design, the movement of each spiral into the next, one melding into the other effortlessly. Moving with whimsy, the Fatima engagement ring's golden halo moves endlessly and effortlessly around the oval cut, black diamond center stone, engaging with the the center-stone while captivating your attention.
The is a glamorous design that combines the balance and rhythm within the structure of it's symmetrical design as it twirls around the black diamond center stone. It is a perfect matching wedding ring set for a couple who embraces the unknowns of their future, but finds a way to get back into a rhythm with one another to create the symmetry of their individual lives which builds the strength of their relationship as a one united force.