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Moroccan Nights Collection – The Yasmine Trio Ring Set

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The Yasmine Bridal Ring set in 14K yellow gold

Drawing great inspiration from the magnificent architectural structures native to Islamic or Arabic cultures, the Yasmine Trio Ring Set was born. The simplistic design of the Yasmine trio is accented with signature styles that mirror the magnificent architectural elements often seen in Islamic buildings and translated throughout the Moroccan Nights collection.

Islamic architecture is defined by the Encyclopedia Britannica as a traditional style of building used within the Muslim populations of the Middle East dating back to the 7th century. The characteristics of this style of architecture are diverse, but there are primary design concepts that can be found in the majority of structures:

  • Arches – This architectural feature is used in entrances to building and within the buildings, and can be sectioned into 4 types of arches:
    • The Pointed Arch – The pointed arch is a rounded design with a tapered apex.
    • The Ogee Arch – The Yasmine Engagement Ring and Ladies Band Designs drew specific inspiration from this architectural arch design. The Agee arch looks similar to the pointed arch design, but the point of the Ogee is created with two s-shaped lines, creating a more curved shape.
    • The Horseshoe Arch – Also referred to as a keyhole arch, the crown of the arch ca either be pointed or rounded, while the sides of the arch are known to become drastically wide or narrow as they reach the point of arch.
    • The Multifoil Arch – These unique arches feature several “foils”, also referred to as “leaves” that create a scalloped look to the design.
  • Decorative Details – When you enter one of these captivating buildings, the intricacies grow and become more lavish with each and every step. The tiles are arranged in geometric mosaics, and kaleidoscope stones are incorporated into patterned brickwork.

Yasmie Engagement Ring FeaturesA nod to the silhouette of Arabic architecture, the Yasmine trio ring set is the perfect trio ring set for the couple who loves a classic design with a hint of a twist!

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