The Colors of Love

Posted by Kayla Bray on 20th Dec 2022

The Colors of Love

Two-Tone Wedding Rings

They say opposites attract; like magnets, we are drawn to what stands against the norm, and brings out the best in us. The couple is as unique as the individuals and highlight each other’s best qualities.

Much like two individuals joining together in the union of marriage, a two tone wedding mixes the different gold colors to create a unique statement.

By mixing and matching different gold colors, the little intricate details that would otherwise go unnoticed are highlighted while blending into the overall design of the ring cohesively.

There are three main gold colors to choose from, each with their own characteristics:

White Gold

White gold is an alloy (mixture of metals) of gold yellow gold and white metals like manganese, nickel, or palladium. Alloys such as nickel provide strength and durability for a long-lasting setting. In comparison to yellow gold, white gold is stronger, which means it is less likely to scratch or dent. Similar in appearance to platinum, white gold is more affordable while sharing the same cool, elegance of platinum. The maintenance required for white gold includes cleaning and polishing, which are both inexpensive. If you have a skin sensitivity or allergy to nickel, it is important to choose jewelry that is free of nickel alloy. Accommodating to all skin tones, the sophisticated nature of white gold engagement ring and wedding bands are versatile and complimentary.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the color referred to as the pure form of gold. Though this is true, rings crafted in yellow gold are alloy made with a combination of pure gold and metals like copper and zinc. The reason why wedding and engagement rings are crafted with alloys such as these is to help them withstand everyday wear and tear. Therefore, 14K or 10K gold is used for yellow gold engagement rings and wedding bands while maintaining the beautiful, sunny, golden hue of yellow gold.

Rose Gold

Also known as pink gold, rose gold is a mixture of gold and copper to create a rosey, pinky hue. In recent years, rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands have received their well deserved surge in popularity. It’s warmth lends to a vintage, detailed ring setting, and captures the vibrant depth of a ring’s intricacies. Combining rose gold with either white gold or white gold is an artistic expression that adds intrigue and a pop of color. Furthermore, don’t let the soft elegance of rose gold fool you! Compared to yellow gold and white gold, rose gold is the most durable due to the copper alloy. However, it is important to be aware of your skin sensitivities, because copper can cause an allergic reaction for those with a sensitivity. In the case of a copper allergy, yellow gold is a great alternative. complementary to those with warm or cool skin tones, rose gold is versatile and lovely!

If you can’t choose between two gold colors, you don’t have to stress! Find a two-tone engagement ring! The Tied Together Collection by My Trio Rings perfectly combines the tradition of a singular gold color with a twist and pop of a contrasting gold color.