"A Walk to Remember"

Posted by Kayla Bray on 23rd Feb 2024

"A Walk to Remember"

"A Walk to Remember"

Rob & Jonathan

Rob and jonathan

How They Met: 

Summer time on Fire Island. Two individuals were spending their summers on the southern shore line of Long Island, New York; an oasis of peaceful mornings, beach lounging afternoons, and summer nights spent under the stars. Jonathan was working , while Rob was vacationing on the island for the summer. Their first encounter, as described by the two, was not love at first sight. Pre-determine conceptions about one another had been formed, but with open-hearts, they let one another in, and found in each other what they had been waiting for. To paraphrase Rob, their souls dance, making them a perfect match; guiding each other through life and in love. "You have to meet us to understand," exclaimed the couple, so that's exactly what we did! When asked what moment defined and solidified Rob's decision to propose to Jonathan, Rob responded with, "the first time I held his hand, I knew I was in love with him." This simple and confident answer perfectly sums up the powerful proposal that Rob thoughtfully planned.

Finding the Matching Rings:

Like many ring shopping journeys, it started with a simple Google search, which led Rob to the selection of Matching Men's Wedding Ring Sets by My Trio Rings. In his quest for affordable, authentic diamond and gold wedding rings that weren't too flashy, and that were versatile to be stacked with an additional wedding band in the future, Rob narrowed down his search to the Arabella Collection Men's Wedding Ring Set. After a quick 1 to 2 weeks of searching, and receiving a warm blessing from Jonathan's entire family, the time was drawing near. By slyly asking Jonathan questions about how he would like to be proposed, Rob narrowed his plan down to an intimate display of love shared with 12 loved ones; 6 of Rob's and 6 of Jonathan's loved ones.

The Proposal:

It wasn't your typical weekend stroll for Jonathan Salazar & Rob Panos! On a weekend afternoon in the garden of Morris-Jumel Mansion, Jonathan took a life-changing stroll that gave us chills and brought tears of joy to our eyes. We were fortunate enough to have seen this beautiful act of love as close friends participated and captured the proposal of Rob Panos to Jonathan Perez.     Casually walking down the garden path with a friend, Jonathan double takes as he recognizes 11 of his loved ones, each of them waiting to greet him with a hug, a kiss, and a fiery, red and yellow rose. With each embrace, the anticipation of the proposal grows. Guided down the path and around the archway of trees, Jonathan's emotions are palpable as he realizes his life is about to forever change as he knew it. The 11th rose is given to Jonathan by Rob's daughter. "There's nobody like him in this world," she exclaims through tear-filled eyes, "and there's nobody like you," she smiles with sincerity. Taking his hand in hers, Rob's daughter leads Jonathan to her father who holds the 12th and final rose. We can sense Rob's confidence as he takes Jonathan's hands in his and states, "I want nothing more than to start a life with you." Reaching into his pocket, pulling out a little red box, he presents My Trio Rings' matching, Arabella Collection wedding bands featuring timeless white gold and authentic, conflict-free diamonds. The small gathering of loved ones had grown in numbers to a crowd of awestruck romantics who stumbled upon this beautiful production. "Will you marry me?" asked Rob. A simple question; four words awaiting one simple answer. "Yes," Jonathan exclaims with elation. The crowd erupts in applause as the couple embraces and embarks on their life journey. Though not among the crowd, we feel lucky to be part of the beginning of a new chapter in Rob & Jonathan's life together. Congratulations to two people who deserve all the happiness in the world! Rob and Jonathan's engagement announcement