Triology Three-Stone Wedding Ring Sets

Posted by Kayla Bray on 23rd Feb 2024

Triology Three-Stone Wedding Ring Sets

Triology Wedding Rings

The Best Things Come in Three's

The Study of Triology

Triology: : The symbolic representation of your love story through three rings: a three-stone Trilogy engagement ring, and the matching his and hers wedding bands to compose your trio wedding ring set.

Triology = Trilogy Engagement Ring + Trio Ring Set

The Trilogy

So you've found the love of your life. Together, you've created a history, are living life to the fullest in the present, and are now planning for your future. All three of these milestones hold significance to who you are as a couple.

The Trio Rings

The perfect way to cherish the milestones of your relationship is to find the three rings that say it all; your Triology trio wedding ring set of a three-stone engagement ring, with the matching his & her wedding bands to match.

One engagement ring to say, "YES". Two matching wedding bands to say, "I DO". Three rings to hold your promise TRUE!

As discussed in a previous article, Triology Engagement Rings, each of the three diamonds in a three-stone engagement ring pay tribute to the lessons learned from your past, the life you're living in the present, and the brilliant future you have to look forward to. Three-stone engagement ring Eleana Collection

Why couples choose the Triology Trio Ring Set

The modern couple is smart and savvy- embracing the lessons learned from the past, living in the present, and planning for the future -- selecting the trio ring set that allows them to plan beyond the proposal! Tie together your love story with the three rings that don't simply show that you are married, rather let them tell the world WHO you've married! The three authentic and affordable diamond wedding rings that symbolize the evolution of your relationship and give you the power to plan your future. A real gold and real diamond Triology three-stone engagement ring and matching wedding ring set fills the pages of your story with the memories you've made, the promises you keep, and the journey you will take. The saying goes, "the best things comes in three's," and we have to agree... three diamonds, three wedding rings, three moments in time... hold onto your Triology forever.