Best Places to Propose in Sedona, Arizona

Posted by Kayla Bray on 8th Aug 2018

Best Places to Propose in Sedona, Arizona


The vast number of hiking trails to choose from in Sedona allows for hikers of all levels of expertise to take part in the adventure. One trail in particular that our modern couple, , have enjoyed resides within Thunder Mountain. The easy to access Chimney Rock & Thunder Mountain Trail System, located off Thunder Mountain Road in West Sedona, takes you off the beaten path to look out over the crimson mountain range. After the satisfying feeling of completing a hike, what better way to celebrate than proposing to your true love! With the curtain of mountain ranges standing strong behind you, your proposal will be breathtaking!

Visiting a Vortex

Take a walk on sunshine through a Sedona Vortex! A vortex is a location where energy is believed to exude from the Earth, and any location where one is found is considered a sacred spot. Sedona is one of the few cities in the world that is deemed a vortex. Many visitors practice yoga, meditate, or simply enjoy being in a sacred place. People have found they are inspired, rejuvenated, and at-peace after visiting a vortex. The positive energy you receive is an affirmation of your peaceful future together. Proposing in a sacred space, like a vortex, symbolizes how your partner inspires you, the rejuvenation you find when you are with them, along with the peace you will experience together as you join hands in union.

The entire city of Sedona is considered to be a sacred place. However, according to , there are a few select locations where the energy intensifies with enlightenment. Not only is the feeling of peace palpable, but breathtaking views atop the red rock mountains sets the stage for a powerful proposal. Here are the top 4 best vortexes in Sedona, Arizona:

  1. Airport Mesa
  2. Bello Rock
  3. Boynton Canyon
  4. Cathedral Rock

Pink Jeep Tours

An iconic experience throughout the adventurous Sedona Mountain terrain, the Pink Jeep Tours are an exciting nature experience that is guaranteed to spark a thrill!

The award-winning, environmentally conscious company works in tandem with land preservation communities to maintain and protect the land they are traveling through. The number of tours and destinations allow you to select the best place to propose after a fun jeep ride.

Dinner with a View

Treat yourself to a romantic dinner with a spectacular view at Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill in Sedona, Arizona. Designed with the customer’s experience in mind, your senses take a journey with the Latin American influenced cuisine prepared by Chef Lisa Dahl, and the spectacular views of Sedona’s red mountains. Whether its with a champagne toast, or after a lovely dinner, this romantic setting is a guaranteed to execute a memorable proposal!

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