Creative Proposals with Cats

Posted by My Trio Rings on 18th Sep 2022

Creative Proposals with Cats

We have brought you unique ideas on "Pup"posals - how to propose with your dog. As much as we adore dogs, we don't want them to have all the fun! Pets come in all shapes and sizes (much like women's engagement rings!), and they're often a big part of the life a couple builds together. Sometimes there's no better way to propose than enlisting help from your beloved pet. If the two of you are cat lovers, these creative proposal ideas are for you.

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1. Classic Cat Proposal

This is a proposal tactic that dog lovers often use, but we think it'll work with your cat, too. Here's what to do: tie a ribbon around the cat's neck one of our solitaire diamond engagement rings attached. After that, it's up to you how you and the kitty approach your partner. You can have the cat wake her up in the morning with the ring attached or simply tie it and wait until she sees it.

2. LOL Cats Proposal

This one is going to require some computer knowledge. If you haven't heard of LOL Cats, you need to immediately search for them on the internet. You find memes of cats that feature subtitles of funny, broken English which are narrating the inner thoughts of a cat. If your soon-to-be fiance loves these memes, you could always take a picture of the cat and create your own LOL Cat meme that asks them to marry you. If you have Photoshop skills, go wild with them; and if you don't know where to begin, use Canva, a free design tool with tons of ready-to-use templates.

3. New Addition Cat Proposal

If you or your sweetheart have the room and time for a new addition, you can surprise your partner with an adorable, fuzzy little kitten (but be sure they're on board with this idea before you take the leap!). Have the kitten's collar read, "Will you marry me?" The kitten doesn't just serve as the cutest proposal tool ever. It symbolizes your future,and the new beginnings you're starting together. Maybe it'll even be the first pet you jointly own! And once you make the agonizing decision of which kitten to adopt, browsing through diamond engagement rings will seem much less daunting.

4. Dressed Up Cat Proposal

Get a custom sweater or outfit made for your cat. This is a good opportunity to incorporate some type of inside joke, if you have one. If it's a sweater, you can have, "Will you marry me?" embroidered on it. You could have another type of outfit done where your proposal is spelled out in rhinestones. Or, you could even buy a bridal outfit for the cat! Either way, once your partner sees the cat, get down on one knee and present one of our glittering solitaire diamond rings.

5. YouTube Star Cat Proposal

If your partner loves binge watching adorable cat videos (and let's face it, who doesn't?), spend some time creating your own video starring the cat. Keep it simple – a simple box or a laser pointer will get you started – and let the cat's adorable personality shine. Then, cut to something your partner won't expect to see as they're watching the video: a sign painted with, "I love you. Will you marry me?" or a slow-mo, close-up of a dazzling diamond engagement ring. Watch the video together, and have your real-time proposal ready when they gasp at the realization of what you are about to ask them!