Our Wedding Rings Layaway Plan

Posted by My Trio Rings on 23rd Feb 2024

Our Wedding Rings Layaway Plan
trio-ring-setsWe do everything here with our customers in mind. We want your ring buying process to be easy, stress-free and enjoyable. Wedding ring sets are an investment, and even with our affordable prices, it may be best for your wedding budget to space out several payments instead of having one lump sum. That's why we offer a convenient and customizable wedding rings layaway plan. With our layaway plan:
  • You can break your total amount into achievable milestones and pay for it over time
  • You can even tailor your plan to your preferences by scheduling weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments, which can start on any specific date you choose
After you set up your schedule, we'll automatically charge your debit/credit card based on your plan. Once all the payments have been made, we'll box up your wedding ring sets and send them to you! Did we mention that our layaway program has no fee? That's just one of the reasons our plan is one of the best out there. For the sake of comparison, let's look at our plan side by side with Walmart's wedding rings layaway plan: layaway-walmart-my-trio-rings Not sure what schedule is best for you? We even offer a wedding rings layaway plan calculator to take the guesswork out of your payments. Just put in the total payment amount and your planned payment schedule. Then the calculator will break down the details of your payment plan! Ready to get started with your layaway plan? Follow these simple steps: layaway1 layaway2 button-blog-layaway