Last-Minute Honeymoon Ideas for a Summer Wedding

Posted by Gillian Burgess on 23rd Feb 2024

Last-Minute Honeymoon Ideas for a Summer Wedding
So you've had a lot on your plate lately, what with planning a wedding down to the last detail, from the perfect his and hers matching ring set to the best reception playlist. But in that whirlwind of activity, you didn't get around to one small detail: planning your honeymoon. Now, as your wedding date approaches, you're starting to get a little nervous, worrying about high-season airfares and sold-out accommodations. Relax. You still have time for planning your honeymoon. In some cases, procrastinating can actually pay off when you are able to snag some last-minute deals. To get you started - and excited about your romantic trip - here are a few last-minute honeymoon ideas that won't deplete your budget or add to your stress.

Look for last-minute travel deals

It's counterintuitive, but sometimes you can find excellent airfares, cruise packages and hotel room rates when you wait to book until just before your trip. You will have to be willing to be flexible and play a bit of travel roulette, however; you might not find the Costa Rican resort vacation you had your heart set on, but you could find a great deal on a stay in Istanbul instead. Keep an open mind, and search these websites for last-minute honeymoon ideas:
  • TravelZoo: airfare, hotels, cruises, spas and more
  • Vacations to Go: cruises discounted up to 82%
  • Groupon: flight, hotel and activity packages
  • Costco Travel (for members): vacation packages, hotels cruises and theme parks
  • Priceline (name your bid): hotels, flights and rental cars

Consider the off season

Think creatively about where you'd like to spend your honeymoon, and explore travel destinations that are not in season in summer. For example, look at mountain ski resorts that offer horseback riding, spa treatments and nature hikes in the summer. You'll often find good rates for places when tourists aren't flocking there in high season.

Stay local

Don't underestimate the romantic destinations that are right in your backyard! Research places you could drive to within a few hours - from state parks and mountain getaways to seaside villages and charming small towns. Follow your interests, whether the two of you enjoy wine tasting or cycling or camping. Have you already found your his and hers ring set? Browse our collection of wedding rings. Photo credit