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Valentine’s Day Proposal Do’s and Don’ts, Part II

Holidays Modern Couples Guide to Proposing

Planning a Valentine’s Day proposal? You only have a couple more weeks to get ready for the big day, so we have a few tips to make your proposal magical!

luna trio ring setDo 
Your homework on which diamond engagement ring is right for her. Read up in advance on the 4’s C’s of diamond buying: cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Do a little detective work by asking her or her friends questions about the style she is drawn to. Does she like white gold or yellow gold? A classic princess-cut solitaire setting or a round-cut cluster setting with extra bling?

Feel pressured to spend two months’ salary on a diamond engagement ring. That idea is outdated and unnecessary, and you shouldn’t have to go into debt to buy a beautiful ring.
Look for affordable engagement rings that meet your standards, and you, your bride-to-be and your bank account will be happy.

Know the answer before you pop the question. You’re talking about spending a lifetime together, so this should not be the first time you’ve discussed marriage. Of course you want it to be special and surprise her with the way you ask, but the idea of growing old together should not be the surprise. Make sure you’ve both thought it through, talked about your future together and are on the same page. The good news is that this should take some of the stress out of your Valentine’s Day proposal!

Hide the ring somewhere strange. You may love the idea of tucking the diamond engagement ring in her molten chocolate cake so you can propose over dessert, but don’t do it. The idea may be sweet, but the reality is that the ring will get sticky and she could break a tooth or, worse, choke on it. You want your Valentine’s Day proposal to be memorable, but not quite in that way. Stick with a classic ring box, and take care of your wedding rings.

Tell her exactly how you feel. This is a time when you can be as emotional and romantic as you want. Express how much you love her and all the reasons why you want to marry her. Don’t hold back, and don’t be afraid to get a little misty-eyed.

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Modern Couple's Guide To Proposing

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