Best Places to Propose in Norfolk, Virginia

Posted by My Trio Rings on 5th Aug 2014

Best Places to Propose in Norfolk, Virginia
Picture this: you and your sweetheart are curled up in the sand, watching the sun as it begins to dip just below the waves, and you slip one of our customizable engagement rings on her finger. Sounds pretty perfect, right? Welcome to Norfolk, Virginia, which offers magnificent views of the Chesapeake Bay to the north and the Elizabeth River on the west. If you've always wanted to propose on a beach or near a body of water, this might just be the location for you. However, Norfolk has even more to offer you, which is why we've compiled a list of its best places to propose.

1. Norfolk Naval Shipyard

Here's another fun fact about Norfolk: it's home to the largest Navy base in the world. If you or your sweetheart has served in the Navy, the shipyard might be a good place to pop that all-important question. It's still a place full of history that longs to be explored. In fact, it's the U.S. Navy's oldest and largest industrial facility.

2. Botanical Garden

Are you from Norfolk? If so, maybe you've thought about getting married at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. Wouldn't it be romantic to get married and engaged in the same location? (Better start looking at wedding rings for her!) The gardens themselves are beautiful, but if you keep track of the coming exhibits, you might be able to choose one that will help you create a truly magical moment. For example, the gardens are currently hosting a butterfly exhibit. You can even take a boat or have a meal at the Garden Cafe.

3. Virginia Beach

Norfolk has plenty of beaches, but it is also just a short drive away from Virginia Beach. Here, you can find more lovely beaches at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, as well as beaches at the oceanfront. This is Virginia's largest city, so it's packed with other fun things to do like The Adventure Park at the Virginia Aquarium, where you'll be able to see nature in all its glory.

4. Romantic Restaurant

There's nothing wrong with sticking to an old classic: getting down on one knee with one of our customizable engagement rings at a restaurant. If you or your partner is familiar with Norfolk, you may have an idea of a favorite spot to go. If not, check out La Bella in Ghent, which is a romantic wine bar and Italian restuarant. If you're a lover of Mexican food, check out Luna Maya, which seamlessly combines yummy, creative food with a cozy atmosphere. Do you have any best places to propose to add to the list? Is there a city you'd like us to cover in this series? Let us know! It's never too early to be thinking about wedding bands. Make sure you've checked out wedding rings for her!