My Trio Rings Q&A: Online Rings

Posted by My Trio Rings on 23rd Feb 2024

My Trio Rings Q&A: Online Rings

Wedding planning consists of a lot of decision-making, but not all decisions are created equal; some are definitely harder than others. Let's take a step back from the more difficult choices you'll have to make over the next few months and focus on a fun and painless (we hope!) one: your wedding rings.

Last month, we told you we'd be periodically covering some of your most frequently asked questions about wedding rings. Our first post covered some FAQ's about diamonds in general, but this month we want to cover three questions that deal with purchasing rings online.

  • Where should we look for matching wedding rings? 
  • Are rings online real?
  • Do you have any tips for finding inexpensive wedding ring sets?

1. Where should we look for matching wedding rings?

Matching wedding rings are a great choice! Normal wedding bands signify your commitment to each other, but I've always thought that having bands that match symbolize and project that commitment even further. It just so happens that My Trio Rings specializes in matching ring sets. Our sets cover a wide range of styles - white gold, yellow gold, simple, intricate, classic, modern - which means you're bound to find a style that you love and that matches the engagement ring you've selected. In addition to our matching ring sets with a ladies' band and a men's band, we also have same-sex matching ring sets.

2. Are rings online real?

Yes. I promise: we are not selling you rings that fall short of the quality we advertise. All of our rings are 100% authentic. If we sold fake rings, we wouldn't be in business! And we wouldn't have all these glowing customer reviews. Every piece of jewelry we sell comes with a certificate of authenticity. It will state the gold and diamond content of each ring, so you'll know exactly what you've purchased.

But if you're not happy, we're not happy. While we'll never give you anything less than the real deal, we know people change their minds. That's why we also have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you're not absolutely thrilled with your wedding rings, send them back to us for a full refund or exchange.

3. Do you have any tips for finding inexpensive wedding ring sets?

Most people would tell you to wait for a sale or even to possibly lower your standards when it comes to the 4 Cs--the cut, the color, the clarity, and the carat of the diamond(s) in your rings. Some might even tell you to look for rings without diamonds altogether. But…

We're not most people. At My Trio Rings, we're able to offer you top quality rings and unbelievable prices. Our prices are typically 65% below normal retail prices, and you can sometimes find our wedding ring sets for even less than that! And there's no hidden reason why we're able to offer you such beautiful rings at unbelievable prices. We simply don't have the fees that non-online retailers have. For example, we don't have to pay rent on a showroom. This allows us to focus on giving you the best customer experience possible.

Do you have any questions you'd like us to address? Let me know in the comments!

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