The Cost of Hand Plastic Surgery vs. Affordable Engagement Rings

Posted by My Trio Rings on 23rd Feb 2024

hand-selfiesPlastic surgery for your hands isn't a new idea. There's probably not a single part of the body that someone, somewhere hasn't put under the knife. So while getting a "hand lift" isn't news per se, the rising motivation behind the procedure is. Engaged women are dropping big bucks on procedures to make their hands look more youthful. Why? Because that ring selfie on Instagram has to be perfect, of course!

Hand Lifts for Your Ring Selfies

That's right. People are paying thousands of dollars for what is essentially Botox for your hands. The procedure, which takes around 10 minutes to complete, isn't permanent — it lasts only a few months. For a permanent effect, doctors have to surgically graft fat into the hand. The prices vary, but a single procedure can cost $300, with packages of six running for around $1500. You could buy one of our affordable engagement rings or bridal ring sets (or even multiple sets!) for that price. This is all in the name of the perfect engagement ring selfie, complete with declarations of #wereengaged and #putaringonit. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists have seen an increase in those demanding procedures with the rise of social media. People see pictures of themselves (or their hands) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and find themselves hypercritical of their appearance. Plastic surgery overall has been on the rise, with social media as one possible cause of appearance insecurities. Which brings us to hand surgery for ring selfies. Despite this pressure to look perfect, there are better uses for your money. You're beautiful the way you are! And your engagement should be a source of celebration, not stress. If you worry about the state of your hands for engagement photos, selfies or otherwise, there are tons of DIY hand treatments out there that won't cost you more than your engagement ring (or your honeymoon, for that matter). Get a manicure or whip up a homemade exfoliating sugar scrub. When you consider spending more money on hand surgery for a selfie than any number of affordable engagement rings cost, you may want to rethink your priorities. With our bridal ring sets, you could be paying the same for a lifelong, beautiful ring set that you would for a single, impermanent plastic surgery procedure. So rock that beautiful engagement ring on that beautiful hand! You look amazing. Browse My Trio Rings' affordable engagement rings or bridal ring sets