4 Creative Proposal Ideas for Summer

Posted by My Trio Rings on 23rd Feb 2024

4 Creative Proposal Ideas for Summer
We're just coming off of Memorial Day weekend, which kicks off the unofficial start of summer. Of course, the official start of summer isn't until late June, but we're already firing up those grills, lounging by the pool, and savoring the sensation of the warm sun on our skin. The summer months are made for making memories, which is why it's a great time for wedding proposals. Don't know how? Start looking at beautiful and affordable engagement rings, and check out this list of creative proposal ideas to use this summer.

1. Parasailing

Looking to propose in an adventurous way she'll never forget? Try parasailing! Rent a boat for two and enjoy a romantic excursion, both in the water and then in the air. As you're both enjoying the view from hundreds of feet above, ask her to marry you. Can you think of anything more epic than a proposal in midair!? Before you board the boat, tell your captain your plan to propose. He might give you extra time. Also, there's often someone on the boat that will take pictures of you while you're parasailing. Make sure they capture the moment she says "yes!"

2. Sandcastle

Planning a beach trip for the summer? Use that opportunity to your advantage! There are many different dreamy ways to propose on a beach, but here's one of our favorites. Build a sandcastle and place one of our affordable engagement rings on the highest turret There are a few things you should keep in mind. For instance, you should make sure you start building your castle far away from the ocean so all your handiwork won't be lost. You can either have your partner distracted and someplace else while you build the castle so it's a complete surprise, or you can have her watch you or help you build it, then sneak the ring on top after it's complete.

3. Fireworks

There's something magical and exhilarating about fireworks. There are a number of ways you can incorporate one of summer's prettiest spectacles into your wedding proposal. You could wait until July 4th and propose during a fireworks show. You can enlist your friends and family to set off fireworks after you pop the question and she says "yes." Or you could even contact a fireworks company and have them make a "will you marry me?" fireworks display just for your special occasion!

4. Airplane Message

This proposal tactic is a lot more public than the rest, so make sure your bride-to-be is okay with a public wedding proposal before arranging this. How many times do you see a plane with a message advertising a bar or restaurant when you're at the beach? All the time, right? Use this approach to advertise your love and commitment to your partner by having your proposal spread across the sky with an airplane message. Just make sure that your love's name is spelled right on the message and that the weather won't cause any problems. Are you gearing up to propose this summer? Do you have any creative proposal ideas to share? She's sure to say "yes" with one of our affordable engagement rings.