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Best Places to Propose in Paris

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing Places to Propose Planning Your Proposal
best places to propose in Paris, France

If you’re really looking to outdo yourself with a proposal, there’s no better place than the most romantic city in the world – Paris! The capital city of France gets a lot of hype, and trust me, it is well deserved! this is a city full of life, love, culture, history, and art. You’ll never be bored. Simply waling from one destination to another will feel exciting and life-changing. Paris is the essence of all things French, so get ready to eat lots of cheese and bread, drink delicious wine, and be blown away. Here are the best places to propose in Paris, with some of my personal photos from a recent trip:

1. Propose In Front Of The Eiffel Tower

places to propose at the eiffel tower in paris france

Photos by Kayla Bray

When you think of Paris, the Eiffel Tower is probably the first thing that pops into your mind. Proposing here may be a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason! There are a few ways you can go about an Eiffel Tower Proposal:

First, you can use the slender silhouette as the backdrop for your proposal. The perfect spot to get a panoramic view of the grounds surrounding the Eiffel tower is actually across the street from the sprawling park. While capturing your memories on camera, you can make the moment even more special by presenting the engagement ring you had selected and proposing.

Places to Propose in PAris - The Eiffel Tower

Photo by Kayla Bray

Another option when proposing at the Eiffel tower is to actually climb to the op of the structure. Make your way to the top and get a breathtaking, panoramic view of Paris. You can try to time your visit so you reach the top as the sun is setting over Paris, which makes for an even more romantic view. After you present her with one of our solitaire diamond rings and pop the question, get a glass of champagne to celebrate at the champagne bar on the top floor. For the thrill seekers who love to reach new heights (literally) this proposal is for you! For those who are afraid of heights, this may not be the best option.

If you’d rather propose in front of the Eiffel Tower, I recommend choosing a grassy spot for a nighttime picnic and waiting for the hourly light show to display for a truly magical experience!

2. Seine River

If you want to really capture the essence of Paris, take a cruise on the Seine River. This will give you amazing views of Paris’ most impressive monuments like the Notre Dame Cathedral, Pont Neuf, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and more. There are many different type of tours offered, so you’re bound to find one that appeals to you and fits your budget. You can simply take a narrated tour or you can take a dinner cruise. If you’re really feeling extravagant, you can charter a river boat and have your own private tour of the city. Sounds amazing, right?

3. Pont des Arts

The Pont des Arts is wooden pedestrian bridge that crosses the Seine River and leads to the Louvre. You’ve probably seen this bridge many times in pictures: it’s the bridge with all the locks. It’s the place where couples come to memorialize their love by attaching a lock onto the bridge with their initials and throwing the key into the river. This bridge also offers a magnificent view of Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Sounds like the perfect place to ask for your sweetheart to marry you, doesn’t it? After she says yes to the appropriately heart-shaped engagement ring, show her that you’ve also brought a lock for you to attach to the bridge as a newly engaged couple.

4. The Louvre Museum

Places to Propose in Paris - The Louvre Museum

Photography by Kayla Bray

From the pyramid-shaped entrance to The Mona Lisa, this museum is beautiful both inside and out! Everywhere you look, there is something amazing to be seen, and would be the perfect place for any art-lovers to get down on one knee and propose. You have two options when proposing at this location.

First, you could propose outside of the museum in front of the pyramid structure (trust me, you can’t miss it). The ambient lighting from the entrance will set the tone for a romantic proposal! You can set up your portable tripod, or ask a kind passer-by to take your picture, and while you are getting ready to “say cheese,” you get down on one knee, pull out that little red ring box, and ask the love of your life to marry you with a rose gold engagement ring.

However, if there is too much commotion in the square surrounding the museum, or you just cant wait to see The Mona Lisa in person, you can propose in the hallowed halls of the Louvre. Take a seat on a bench in a quiet section of the museum, hold your partner’s hands and ask them to spend the rest of your lives, taking adventures and living life to the fullest, together!

Places to Propose in Paris - The Louvre Museum

Photography by Kayla Bray

Places to Propose in Paris - The Arc De Triumphe

Photo by Kayla Bray

5. The Arc de Triumphe

The Arc de Triumphe is located in the center of a busy round-about in the city of Paris. It is a stately arch way that demands your attention, and is a must-see when exploring the city. When you are standing beneath the enormous structure, the commotion around you suddenly fades away as you become mesmerized by the sheer height, you are truly in the moment of appreciating such a sight. Take that moment, look into your partner’s eyes, and the whole world will stand still. This will be the perfect location to capture proposal photos and engagement photos.


7. Trip to The Palace of Versailles

Places to Propose in Paris - The Palace of Versailles

Photo by Kayla Bray

Places to Propose in Paris - The Palace of Versailles

Photo by Kayla Bray

While in Paris, you will be missing out if you don’t take a quick train ride outside of the city to the Palace of Versailles. As you walk up the expansive front drive to the magical, golden gates, you are suddenly thrust into a fairy-tale. Rounding the corner of the exterior to the “backyard”, you enter a magical garden and take in the endless, sprawling grounds of the palace. From orchestrated fountain shows, to secret gardens, to row-boat rides along the private lake, the Palace of Versailles is guaranteed to be the perfect location for a romantic proposal. And what better engagement ring to propose with at a palace than a princess cut diamond engagement ring!

8. Propose Over Crepes

Places to Propose in Paris - Over Crepes

Photo by Kayla Bray

Finally, after a long day of exploring the streets of Paris, you will inevitable be hungry and tied (possibly border-line “hangry”) and looking for the perfect food to indulge in while in Paris. What better treat to have in Paris than a Crepe! You can find them in a restaurant, or a street cart, and you will never be disappointed. Find a bench to rest your legs, and while you are enjoying the sweet and savory flavors of your crepes (emphasis on the plural for of “crepes” because, trust me, you won’t want to share), you snuggling into one another, and that’s when you ask, “do you want to spend the rest of our lives together?” In that moment, you can finally bring out the engagement ring in that Little Red Ring Box you have been concealing all day long!



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