Best Places to Propose at U.S. Ski Resorts

Posted by My Trio Rings on 1st Jan 2013

Best Places to Propose at U.S. Ski Resorts

If you are looking for a proposal idea, consider U.S. ski resorts as a possible destination. Wherever you live, you are likely tohave ski resort within a fairly closeproximity. From Massanutten and Wintergreen in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to Breckenridge in Colorado, there are ample opportunities for snowy mountain adventures this winter.

By the Fireside

It doesn't get much more romantic than sitting together in front of a crackling fire together. Whether you are bundled up and sipping hotchocolate together in a private corner inside the ski lodge or cuddling in yourown private chalet, a proposal by firelight offers warmth and ambiance for your winter wedding proposal. Just bring an inexpensive diamond engagement ring to the U.S. ski resort of your choice to set the mood.

On the Slopes

One of the best places to propose at a ski resort is on theslopes. Although the thick ski gloves make it a good idea to leave the inexpensive diamond engagement ring home until later, there are many differentski slope proposal thrills to be had. Perhaps holding hands while riding up theside of the mountain together on a ski lift, perhaps standing at the top of aslope ready to head down together, or maybe even shouting out your words oflove while racing downhill in the middle of a run appeal to you for your skiresort proposal.

At the Spa

Many ski resorts offer a wide variety of services besides simply ski rentals and ski slopes. From exercise facilities to excellent food to spas, a trip to a ski resort is often a full body experience. For a more sensual proposal experience, consider popping the question in the hot tub or during a couple's massage.