Best Places to Propose in Jamaica

Posted by My Trio Rings on 25th Dec 2012

Best Places to Propose in Jamaica

Perhaps you live in Jamaica, or perhaps you are looking forthe best places to propose in a memorable, exotic location that yourbride-to-be will never forget. Whatever the case, Jamaica boasts a wide variety of gorgeous scenery, impressive resorts, and pristine beaches, which may besome of the best places to propose in all of the Caribbean, as many parts of Jamaica have a more authentic, less touristy feel than many other Caribbean destinations.

Dolphin Cove

Dolphin Cove is definitely a tourist destination, but it is a place where you can hop into water bordering the Caribbean Sea and touch, kiss, and swim with dolphins. It also offers paths through the jungle, other interesting animals, and a buffetlunch. For a truly memorable proposal, leave the at homewhere there is no risk of dropping jewelry in the water. Propose surrounded bythe dolphins, and celebrate together afterwards by sipping fresh coconutsalongside the sea. Ask the professional photographers on staff to photograph orvideo your special moment.  

Dunn's River Falls

Just around the corner from Dolphin Cove is the gorgeous Dunn's River Falls with a waterfall that cascades into the Caribbean. If climbing is your speed, then join a guided group holding hands to scale the waterfall upwards from the beach. As you approach the point of triumph at the top, choose to declare your undying love, surrounded by the roaring waters and lush vegetation. This is another memorable proposal location which necessitates leaving your trio wedding ring set at home and pulling out the engagement ring after the proposal when you are both safely on dry land.

7 Mile Beach

It seems as though all the best places to propose in Jamaica include water. Negril's 7 Mile Beach is a popular white sand beach paradise with many on-site amenities, not to be confused with the gorgeous Grand Cayman beach of the same name. There are more family-friendly stretches, private areas, and also parts of the beach that are sectioned off for visitors who prefer to let it all hang out and do the beach thing without bathing suits. If a pristine beach resort appeals to your romantic proposal dreams, then 7 Mile Beach may be the place for you.

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