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Planning a Low-Stress Wedding

It is all too easy to get pulled into a spiral of wedding
stress in the midst of planning a wedding on a budget.
Worries about who doesn’t get along with whom on the guest list, the high cost
of caterers, and what the weather might be like on the day of your outdoor
wedding can stack up and take a great deal of time and energy. But it doesn’t
have to be this way. Work together to plan a low-stress wedding, which is truly
something to celebrate.

Low-Stress Wedding

1. Keep it Simple

If you are planning a wedding on a budget, you are probably
leaning toward simplicity anyway. Brainstorm together about how to focus on a
ceremony that celebrates your love without all of the expensive and stressful trappings.
Think about choosing a simple ring,
simple food, and a simple ceremony.

2. Focus on Love

Don’t let wedding stress take away from your love for each
other. Split up the wedding tasks equitably. Plan regular couple time leading
up to the wedding, and after the wedding, make time just to have fun or be
romantic or reconnect without discussing centerpieces or any other wedding

3. Take Time for You

Even if you are consciously planning a low-stress wedding together,
there are times when it can still be stressful. Make sure that in addition to
minimizing stress and maximizing couple time, you also spend time with
yourself. If wedding stress is getting to you, make time for meditating, deep
breathing, praying, yoga, or any other calming practices that are helpful to
you. Be sure to eat right, get plenty of exercise, seek out fresh air and
sunshine, and get enough sleep. Take bubble baths. Spend time journaling. Maintain
your hobbies and your friendships rather than getting too wrapped up in
planning a wedding on a budget.

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