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5 Secret Ways to Measure For An Inexpensive Engagement Ring

If you are planning a secret proposal, then chances are that
you want your inexpensive engagement ring purchase to be a secret. You want her to be surprised and teary as she slips
the beautiful diamonds onto her finger and it is the perfect fit. So how can
you pull off a ring measurement on the sly? Here are a few tips to get you

Buy an Inexpensive Engagement Ring That Fits!

1. Download a free ring sizer from MyTrioRings.

2. If she falls asleep on your couch watching a movie, get a
piece of string, and use it to measure the ring finger on her left hand. Be
sure not to choose something like yarn or something stretchy, because that
could give you an inaccurate measurement. Instead, opt for something inelastic
like plain waxed dental floss. Or slip your ring sizer onto her finger if you
don’t think it will wake her.

3. If she wears jewelry on a regular basis, pay attention to
whether she ever wears a ring on her left ring finger. If she does, then make
sure to measure it one day if you spot it on her dresser when you are on your
way to the bathroom.

4. Try on jewelry when you are out together at a craft fair
or festival of some kind. Hand her the silliest ring and have her try it on,
while you do the same to avert suspicion. See if the size you handed her fits.
Pay attention to whether she tries a different size. Some women might even make
your job a little easier at this moment and drop a little hint about her ring

5. If all else fails, you can always ask her mom or sister
or best friend to see if they know what size ring you should choose for her
inexpensive engagement ring, or they might be able to find out in a less obvious
manner. Just swear her to secrecy so she doesn’t eclipse your secret proposal!

Start shopping for engagement rings today!

Photo credit Moyan_Brenn

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