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A Different Kind of Budget Wedding Registry

Some couples spend a lot of time registering for the perfect
china pattern, the right towels for the guest bedroom, and the most powerful
blender in the midst of planning a wedding on a budget. And it can be exciting
and fun to plan a budget wedding registry with items to fill your new home

But this process isn’t something that all couples participate in
before they get married. Some brides and grooms are a little older and each
have already-full households that that will suddenly have two toasters when
they share a home together, so they may be looking to host a yard sale rather
than plan a budget wedding registry. Other couples have lived together before
marriage and already have everything they need. Still other couples have
families who have saved lots of things to give them upon their marriage to fill
their new homes. And some just want to feel like their love makes a difference
in the world. If you and your spouse-to-be fall into one of these categories,
consider creating a different kind of budget wedding registry as you start your
lives together.

1. A Honeymoon Registry

Sites like Honeyfund can give your wedding guests the opportunity to contribute to the trip of your
dreams. Instead of gathering a house or apartment full of stuff, you want to
collect memories to last a lifetime together. Create a registry to help fund a
leisurely week in the south of France, a cruise in Asia, an adventure tour in
Jamaica, or a cabin in the woods a few hours’ drive away.

2. A Charitable Registry

Some couples would like to know that the celebration of
their love for each other also helps other people. If you are one of these
couples that already has it all and wants to pay it forward while you are
planning a wedding on a budget, consider asking your wedding guests to
contribute to a charity such as Heifer International or Kiva, organizations that help
people help themselves out of poverty around the world in lieu of more
traditional wedding gifts.

3. A Local Registry

If you are just disenchanted with the idea of a big box
budget wedding registry with gifts that aren’t as original or full or character
as you’d like, think about creating a registry of locally sourced wedding
gifts. Request gift cards to your favorite local businesses, or create a wish
list in person at a favorite local boutique or craftsman’s guild for more
unique and personal wedding gifts.

How did you customize your wedding registry?

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