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Planning a Wedding on a Budget – at the Last Minute

When you’re ready to get married,
you’re ready to get married. But according to some sources, most Americans are
engaged for over a year before they tie the knot. Some couples need time to
save up for their wedding, and others feel the need for plenty of time to plan
the perfect wedding. Whatever the reason, many couples like having a lot of
time between their engagement and their wedding. But believe it or not, if
you’re ready to get married sooner, planning a wedding on a budget at the last
minute is easy to do with a few easy tips.

Planning a Wedding on a Budget – Fast!

1. Food

If you are planning a wedding on a
budget, then it is a wise move to avoid a wedding that coincides with a meal
time, no matter what your time frame is for making wedding plans. It is much
cheaper to serve your guests appetizers, champagne, and wedding cake than a
full-on catered meal. Even cheaper would be just cake and champagne. If you’re
hoping to plan a wedding in a short amount of time, then your best wedding cake
option is probably a large grocery store bakery. They are likely to have more
last-minute availability and lower prices than dedicated wedding cake bakeries,
and they will still taste delicious.

2. Décor

Get married in a beautiful outdoor
setting or a gorgeous church if you want to save your decorating dollars. Or
plan an impromptu flash wedding in an art museum, like in the recent romantic
movie “The Vow.” If flowers are important to you, consider planning a last minute
wedding in the spring, when lots of flowers are in bloom. If you’ve got a green
thumb, you could host a wedding in your own backyard garden, or you could at
least grow your own bouquet or flowers for the reception.

3. Attire

If you are planning a wedding on a
budget, then you can easily shop for affordable wedding band sets online and
have them shipped quickly. The wedding clothing might seem more complicated
than the wedding jewelry, but that is not necessarily the case. Last-minute
tuxedo rentals are not too difficult to come by, especially if you avoid a date
that coincides with local high school proms. And as for wedding gowns, look
into gown rental at local bridal shops or costume stores, or buy a dress
straight off the sale rack and have it altered. And if you’re thinking of a
spring wedding, there is no shame in choosing a less expensive white prom gown!

What are your last minute wedding
planning tips?

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online now!

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