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What is a Trio Ring Set?

In a Trio Ring Set, the engagement ring comes together with matching ladies and men's wedding bands to form a single Trio, symbolizing your union and showing not just that you're married, but who you're married to!

Why Do Modern Couples Prefer a Trio Ring Set?

The modern couple doesn't arrive at the decision to get married after a grand proposal with an expensive engagement ring. Modern couples are dating longer, living together first, and even supporting each other’s careers. It is often a serendipitous moment when a couple realizes they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Embarking on the next steps of their journey, they now shop together for their wedding rings.


Couples don't get married like it's 1995, they shouldn't be forced to spend or shop as such, either. When shopping for rings together, there's no clearer option than a fully matched three ring set! Matching rings have elements of their design which are consistent across all three rings, most commonly, the way diamonds are set, or the way the miligrain or etching on the bands. If a wedding celebrates the marriage of two souls, there's no better symbol of this than a singular matching style to represent the couple’s bond. A wedding ring shows you’re married, but a matching ring shows WHO you married!


Trio ring styles are more affordable than unmatched rings since matching designs allow them to be crafted together rather than individually, thereby lowering the retailer's costs of crafting the rings. With My Trio Rings, these savings are passed onto couples. Buying individual rings from different jewelers also makes it harder to negotiate a buy-two-get-one-free-like savings. My Trio Rings further discounts wedding ring sets by going Direct to Couples; eliminating middlemen, wholesalers, and retailers. With so many competing priorities in life, a matching trio ring set is a great option for couples looking to stay within their set wedding budget.


How would you prefer to spend your weekend? Visiting a handful of jewelers, coordinating different styles you liked from different places, prices, and qualities? Or browsing online for rings, with your partner, from the comfort of your living room couch for a few hours? With the largest selection of matching rings, HD videos and pictures, Virtual TryItOn, and even hundreds of reviews, it’s easy to pinpoint your perfect style, checkout online, and move on to life’s other important priorities.


Trio rings are a refreshing alternative to the boring and timeless designs offered elsewhere. Thousands of happily engaged and married couples have chosen to purchase a trio ring wedding set as a symbol of their love and commitment to one another. Hear directly from them to understand why they fell in love with their trio!

What Makes Up a Trio Wedding Ring Set?