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Layaway Plan Features

  • Layaway rings online to lock in the price!
  • No credit check, no fees or deposits required to start!
  • Weekly, biweekly or monthly payments scheduled automatically to your debit/credit card!
  • Online Layaway Manager - View or change your schedule, payment card or ring styles at any time!

How to Layaway Your Purchase

1. Select layaway plan during checkout

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2. Choose a schedule and payment amounts

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3. Payments are made automatically and rings ship upon completion*

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4. Be wed!

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Our diamond wedding ring layaway plan is a practical way for couples to break down their purchase into smaller more manageable payments. With no credit checks, fees, or deposits required, our modern approach to the Layaway Plan allows you to place any style on Layaway, lock in the price and guarantee the availability for your completion date!

  • Fully online and self-managed! You can visit your Layaway Manager to view or change your schedule, make manual payoffs or update your payment card or request ring styles updates!
  • Email notifications allow you to see your layaway plan near completion and get notified to successful payments
  • Better Planning balance your upcoming wedding expenses and have your rings delivered before your wedding!

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Meet Our Layaway Couples!

Beautiful rings. Painless Layaway payments.” - Cristen Read More

“I was able to schedule my layaway easily.” - Melissa Read More

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Layaway Calculator

Build your own plan by choosing Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly and choosing your number of payments!

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**Selecting an Optional Deposit will lower all scheduled payments

Layaway Program Terms

Layaway plans must be paid off within 6 months. However, you can modify your scheduled payments at any time to fit your needs within this time frame.

6 Months Maximum for orders under $1000

Rings are crafted 3-4 weeks in advance of your final payment date. Early payoffs may require additional crafting time - you must inform us of anticipated early payoffs through your layaway manager for an updated shipping date.
If you wish to cancel your order, notice must be given at least 24 hours prior to your next scheduled payment through your Layaway Manager. Cancelled plans are subject to a 25% cancellation fee applied towards any payments made, with the remaining 75% of payments refunded. The remaining 25% is non-refundable, but can be applied as a courtesy credit towards any new order placed within 6 months of the cancellation date. Orders where the first scheduled payments have failed will be automatically cancelled. Layaway plans with no payments after 6 months will be considered abandoned and cannot be refunded.

Introducing My Trio Rings Co-Pay!

Introducing the My Trio Rings Co-pay program - available free to any couple with a layaway plan! Modern couples are purchasing wedding rings together, and joint purchases need options for splitting payments. In many other cases, close family members are looking for ways to contribute to a wedding gift that serves higher meaning than a toaster from a gift registry. The Co-Pay option allows you to send an email invitation to a second person to contribute towards the rings you place on layaway plan. For more information, visit the Co-Pay Tab in your layaway manager!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I see my layaway plan?

A: Our proprietary online Layaway Management System will allow you to update your payment card, modify your schedule, pay custom amounts or request changes at any time!

Q: Can I pay it off early or make additional amounts to my plan?

A: You can always make additional payments through our online Layaway Manager and schedule your plan to end earlier. We do require 3-4 weeks' notice in case you're paying off your plan early so that we can confirm your ring(s)will be ready to be shipped for an earlier date!

Q: What happens if I miss a payment?

A: There is no penalty for a missed payment, however missing multiple payments may lead to account cancellation or delays in shipping your order once paid in full.

Q: When will my rings ship?

A: Once all layaway payments are completed according to your schedule, your rings will be shipped out within 1-3 Business Days. If you'll being paying off your plan early, contact us for the earliest ship date.

Q: I have a different question

A: For questions pertaining to an existing order, locate your order confirmation email and hit reply with your inquiry! For questions pertaining to placing a new order, contact a member of our team here