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Moroccan Nights collection – The Khadija Trio Ring Set

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The Khadija Collection

A kaleidoscope creates a series of repeated reflections – it is defined as an optical instrument with at least two reflecting surfaces positioned towards each other to create one or more objects on the reflective surface. The reflections are seen as a symmetrical pattern from the other side of the reflective surface. When creating the Moroccan Nights Collection, the kaleidoscope inspired the Khadija trio ring set’s design.

Designing the Khadija Trio Ring Set


It is mesmerizing as the patterns seem to be in motion. The Khadija collection was inspired by the hypnotizing designs that are often seen in middle eastern architecture and textiles. The mixing of shapes, patterns, and colors are typical designs found in Arabic textiles, tapestries, and within architecture. The varying sizes and shapes of the details within the Khadija wedding ring set are the physical representation of those inspirations.

The Khadija engagement ring features a blue/green diamond center stone, with a kaleidoscope of diamond halos surrounding it. The unique symmetrical shapes of the diamond halo are brought into the matching his and hers wedding bands to create a trio wedding ring set that show the world exactly WHO you married.

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