Let's Have a Heart to Heart

Posted by Kayla Bray on 19th Dec 2022

Let's Have a Heart to Heart

Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

A heart is the quintessential symbol of love representing two halves coming together to make one heart. A heart shaped diamond ring is romantic and sentimental. The unique shape gives an unparalleled shine as it captures and reflects light. This design is one of the most sought after, popular fancy cut diamonds, especially during Valentine's Day!

The glamorous structure of a heart shaped-diamond is essentially a pear-cut diamond with a valley opposite the pointed peak. It's first moment in history was in the 15th century when the Duke of Milan and Nicodema corresponded about the diamond shape. The Duke compared the diamond to the affluent Cosimo de Medici's mythical journeys of Florence's political dynasty.

For hundreds of years, heart diamonds were designed specially for royalty as they were exchanged among one another as a symbol of friendship and good will. For example, Mary Queen of Scots sent what is known as the most historically famous diamond hearts to Queen Elizabeth in the 16th century. In recent centuries, heart diamonds have adorned celebrities, fostering envy of the magnificent stones. From Elizabeth Taylor to Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, diamond shaped engagement rings have experienced a resurgence in popularity.

A heart shaped diamond is rare, and therefore more expensive. Since the shape is so unique, the expertise needed to cut the diamond is incurred onto the cost of the diamond. The smallest error could ruin the diamond, it's shape, and it's value. Historically, these diamonds have been valued over other gems due to this fact.

Another factor to consider is that the shape of the heart varies. For example, the heart could be symmetrical and proportional, wide and short, or long and tall. A heart diamond with a 1:1 ratio is the ideal cut and proportion. It is important to keep these details in mind when searching for a heart shaped diamond engagement ring. However, there are more affordable alternatives if you have your heart set on the heart-shape. Diamond clusters are a beautiful alternative to a solitaire that foster a stunning sparkle at a reasonable price. Furthermore, the heart shape itself will be perfectly symmetrical and proportional, unlike a solitaire heart-shaped diamond.