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Steal This Style: Margot Robbie’s Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

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margot robbies pear shaped engagement ring (02)

Margot Robbie & Tom Ackerley

Est. December 2016

margot robbie and tom ackerly

The two lived in London in a house of 7 other friends, all in the film industry. At this point in time, Margot made her mark on Hollywood with her performance as Naomi Lapaglia, the Duchess of Bay Ridge herself, in the award winning Wolf of Wall Street, and was starting on a new role as Jane in The Legend of Tarzan. Tom was working on a sequel to Mission Impossible as the assistant director. Though they both had their plates full, this didn’t stop romance from sparking.

However, living in a house of “friends” led them to keep their relationship secret, telling themselves they were just friends… but we all know how that goes! Once their friends discovered the two had become something of an item they needed consoling. Fearful of the friend group breaking up, the house-mates were honest about their feelings, but as time-passed, it was obvious that Margot and Tom were meant to be.

margot robbies pear shaped engagement ring

December of 2016, the two married in Byron Bay, Australia. The news of their marriage was a surprise as they kept the moment in their relationship intimate and private from the public. To address the rumors, Robbie posted the above picture of her kissing her hubby while showing off her new bling! The picture makes you do a double take at the stunning, pear-shape diamond within a simple yellow gold engagement ring, paired with a pave diamond ladies wedding band, making a beautiful matching bridal set. Their trio wedding ring set is complete with Tom’s simple, gold wedding band to match the simple elegance of the engagement ring.


They are truly a power-house couple, now living in Los Angeles, creating beautiful works of art in their films, and building an empire of their own with intent of creating new and unique stories for the world to hear for years to come.

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