Alex & Christina

Posted by Kayla Bray on 17th Jul 2018

Alex & Christina

How They Met

From the moment they met, Alex & Christina have been working and growing together in maturity, in strength, and in love. It all began at their college watering hole - Starbucks! A true bagel meets coffee love story.

Working behind the coffee counter, their relationship started with friendship, and as it brewed (pun intended) it hit Alex like a jolt of caffeine - Christina was the one! And the feeling was mutual. From dancing in the refrigerator light through the good times, to leaning on one another during the tough times, Christina and Alex have found in each other their perfect match.

What Made Them Choose My Trio Rings?

After sharing that he was planning to propose to Christina, Alex’s mom passed down her engagement ring to be given to her soon to be daughter-in-law; a beautiful 5 stone diamond ring which was the couple’s muse while building their unique trio wedding ring set.

An heirloom is a beautiful symbol of a blessing passed down between generations to speak to the love the couple is being shown by their loved ones. As an artist himself, working with Alex to craft his rings was a creative experience like no other.

First, we helped Alex find the perfect pave diamond band to match the inspiring heirloom and incorporate the classic and elegant taste of his soon to be wife.

Next, we crafted Alex’s wedding band; a custom, white gold beveled band with dual finishes; a tribute to his creative eye. Each ring represents their individuality, yet connects them as a genuinely unique couple. Browse men's wedding bands.

The Proposal

The topic of marriage was not one to be shied away from. When you’ve found your partner in life, it’s only a matter of time! After almost three years of building a home together, it was no secret that they wanted to marry each other. Though Christina was aware that Alex was preparing, Alex maintained the secrecy of the ring and the proposal itself (tradition with a twist). This is a trend My Trio Rings has seen thousands of times while serving it’s couples shopping for matching Trio Ring Sets together.

On a weekend trip to Philadelphia, there was no time like the present. After exploring the city, Alex pulled the little red box out of his pocket, and exclaimed, “Christina, you make my life amazing. I love you so much will you marry m-" and before he could even finish his question she exclaimed, “Yes!” and confirmed her answer with a kiss.

More on this sweet proposal.

The Wedding

On Saturday, April 28, 2018, in the backyard of a welcoming, family friend’s home in Sedona Arizona, Alex and Christina became Mr. & Mrs.

The beauty of the outdoor ceremony was a tribute to the natural love between Alex and Christina. Inspired by their surroundings, they incorporated traditions from all aspects of their lives. The ceremony included a reading from the Book of Corinthians, as well as a Native American blessing.

Alex and Christina's outdoor wedding

“I love you with all my heart, all my soul, and all of me.”

Exchanging custom made and hand engraved My Trio Rings wedding bands that read “All My Heart” on hers, and “All My Soul” on his, the moment they had be planning for had finally come. As they signed their names and sealed their marriage license with a kiss, they started the rest of their life together as partners.

Congratulations to a truly beautiful couple! We wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Alex and Christina's Wedding Ring Set