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The Ride of a Lifetime

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing Our Couples Real Proposals
Real Proposal in Boston, MA

The Ride of a Lifetime

Ravi & Swetha’s Real Proposal


It’s everyone’s dream to be swept off their feet! And when you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, a proposal is guaranteed to be magical no matter where or when it happens… but it doesn’t hurt to literally be sweep them off their feet. In the case of our couple Ravi & Swetha, a helicopter ride was the perfect way ask to take the journey of life together!

Tell us about your relationship!

SWETHA: Even though our families have a few mutual friends and we most likely have been in the same place at the same time when we were younger, it took social media for us to meet July 4th weekend, six years ago. 

RAVI: I was very persistent on social media from day 1 as Swetha was someone that kept me intrigued.

What makes you two a “Perfect Match”?

Real proposal in Boston, MASWETHA: I think because our personalities are so different is what makes us work really well. Ravi is very outgoing, social, and he can build a lasting friendship from the very moment of meeting someone. I, on the other hand will be social most of the time, but definitely shy away in the beginning and take a little while to open up. 

RAVI: As my friends say, I was a bit of a wild man in my twenties and Swetha provided me with a sense of calm and helped guide me through many situations. 

Tell us all about your proposal

SWETHA: Ravi would have to go into detail here, this was pretty much a complete surprise to me. I always knew I wanted to have that “proposal story” and Ravi definitely delivered. I was the very last person to find out and I don’t know how our families and friends were able to keep it hidden from me for months. I knew there was a ring, so I knew the proposal was coming, I just didn’t know when or how. Any time I questioned something, Ravi and our friends had the perfect answers to keep it hidden. Once we were in the helicopter I was soo excited to see the Boston skyline from above, I didn’t even think anything else was going to happen. As we were over the Charles River looking at the Boston skyline, he asked me to marry him and I was in shock and soo happy, I honestly couldn’t believe it was happening since he fielded any suspicion I was having leading up to it. It’s definitely a story that will last a lifetime!

RAVI: From Day 1, Swetha said she hated how we met through social media and wanted an exciting story, I had decided that day that the day I propose it would be like a movie, I called up local helicopter companies and was like I am going to propose over Swetha’s favorite city (Boston). I knew that she wanted a huge party so I invited all of our friends to join us for a fun summer day in Boston. Our parents were also very supportive and I hope our wedding is as amazing as our proposal. 

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Tell us all about the ring!

Rose Gold Engagement RingSWETHA: I went with an oval cut, rose gold ring, with a [diamond] pave and [diamond] halo. I always knew I wanted rose gold, since I only wear gold/rose gold jewelry. Once I started looking at rings when all our friends were getting engaged, I started seeing the oval shape a lot and loved how elongating it looks. The pave/halo were suggestions that came from My Trio Rings and friends which took a little extra convincing, but honestly who’s going to say no to more diamonds! I am obsessed with the sparkle and pretty much stare at my ring all the time! 

RAVI: …I just let the craftsman go to work. 

ravi & swetha Engagement Party NAPKINS 1

As they enjoy the bliss of their engagement, they celebrate with their friends and family to kick off their journey down the aisle.

Ravi & Swetha Real Proposal #ravigotsweyed

A note from the couple: 

We highly recommend working with My Trio Rings. They are the nicest, most genuine people in this industry and are willing to create anything for your significant other which they will love!
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