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Understanding diamond grading

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Understanding Diamond Grading

The My Trio Rings Certificate of Authenticity

Every ring comes with a My Trio Rings certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its gold purity and diamond qualities. This document provides tangible and specific verification that a diamond ring is exactly as advertised, giving you peace of mind when making an important purchase.

GIA Certificate for Higher-Grade Diamonds

For diamond rings with center stones of a higher grade (generally starting at a clarity of SI2, a color of J, and a carat of ⅓), a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) report is also available. This nonprofit gem research organization provides Diamond Grading Reports with thorough and unbiased analysis of a diamond’s quality, including the 4 C’s and additional grading information. The GIA offers reports only for individual diamonds – not the actual jewelery piece.

Here’s a breakdown of the most important terms in a GIA report and what they mean:

Diamond grading information table

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