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How Are Rings Resized?

The Fitting Room
sizing your Rings

You shouldn’t settle for anything less than a perfect fit… in a partner, or in a ring! Engagement and matching wedding rings that are too tight are uncomfortable and hard to slip on and off; rings that are too loose move around on your finger and are in danger of getting lost. The ideal fit is snug and secure, without digging into your skin.


It’s common to get your new rings resized so they fit you just right. My Trio Rings offers an easy and affordable ring resizing service; simply send us the rings you purchased at My Trio Rings, and we’ll quickly resize them and send them back via insured mail. The cost is $30 for one ring, $55 for two rings or $75 for a wedding trio set.

But what kind of magic do we perform when you send us your rings to resize? Let’s take a closer look at how we adjust the size of rings – while maintaining their beautiful shape and style.

How to Make Rings Bigger

Ring fit – the shape of a ring’s interior surface – is available in a few different styles. But while some have sections that are curved or concave, all My Trio Rings feature a flat interior surface. This is the section we can alter to make rings larger or smaller.

To size a ring up, we first measure the ring and the piece of gold we need to add – determining how many millimeters will achieve the correct new size. We then cut the ring on the flat interior surface and, using high heat, solder it back together with the added piece of gold.

The resulting ring is now the correct size, but it is not yet the rounded shape we want. We place the ring on a sizing stick and gently hammer it down to reshape it and round out the edges, making it into a perfect circle again (you shouldn’t be able to see a line where the cut was made). After that, we file down any remaining rough edges and check all prongs or channels to make sure diamonds are tight. Then we add polish and rhodium, and the ring is all ready to send back.

How to Make Rings Smaller

The process for sizing a ring down is identical, except we must measure how much of the gold we need to remove, marking it on the band. We cut this section out, fusing the gold back together with heat in the same way, and proceeding with the reshaping and polishing steps.

How Much Can You Resize a Ring?

Every ring is different, and its design and style will determine how much it can be resized. For many rings, sizing up or down by a quarter- or half-size is possible (and some may even support a full size). But if a ring features a lot of diamonds or has an unusual band design, it becomes more challenging to resize dramatically.

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