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10 Nerdy His and Hers Wedding Rings We Love

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nerdy his & hers wedding bands

If you and your spouse-to-be are nerdy kindred spirits, find ways to celebrate that part of your relationship as you’re planning your wedding. Embrace your lovable geekiness, and check out 10 of our favorite nerdy matching wedding rings.

1. DNA Rings

We’re all about customized matching wedding bands that capture your individual style. But we did not predict this new sci-fi spin: fossilized DNA embedded in a his and hers wedding rings. Just send a saliva swab collected from your sweetheart (romantic, I know) to this Swiss company, and it will transform the DNA into a powdered substance to place in a silver and diamond ring.


2. Harry Potter Rings

In the magical game of Quidditch, the seeker tries to catch the beautiful and elusive golden snitch to win the game. Show the world how you feel about your partner by wearing a golden snitch on your wedding rings.

3. Star Trek Rings

If you’re trying to find some way to incorporate “live long and prosper” into your wedding vows, you’re probably the perfect couple to rock Star Trek-inspired his and hers wedding rings.

4. Star Wars Rings

“I love you.”
“I know.”

You can capture that classic moment between Leia and Han with your matching wedding bands. Order a customized ring set (each ring featuring the Death Star!) using sterling silver, rubies and sapphires.

5. The Fellowship of the Ring

Tolkien fans will swoon for matching wedding bands that reflect their shared love of Middle Earth and all its adventures. Get gold bands etched with Elvish script, and take your nerd love to an adorkable level.



6. Binary Rings

Techie couples will swoon for matching wedding bands stamped with binary code. Personalize your gold bands with a meaningful message only you two will understand.

7. Fingerprint Rings

Embrace both your individuality and your unity with striking fingerprint wedding rings. The handcrafted rings use wax casting to create an imprint of your fingerprints on a gold, platinum or palladium band.

8. Video Game Rings

Player 1, have you found your perfect Player 2? Celebrate with these geeky gamer wedding bands.

9. Game of Thrones Rings

“My sun and stars, moon of my life.” Recreate Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo’s passion – and showcase your Game of Thrones obsession – with handmade his and hers wedding rings.


10. Stackable Orbit Rings

Show your partner that your worlds share the same orbit. Simple stacking rings – each featuring its own small planet – are fused together to create one beautiful ring.


Photo credit: Flickr/zanastardust; Flickr/ProjectAlice 


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