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How to Propose This Summer

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing
summer proposal ideas

Looking for the perfect opportunity to pop the question this summer? The season is already starting to heat up, so now is a good time to make plans for your romantic proposal.

Make a moment to remember with one of these sweet summer proposal ideas.

Summer Proposal Ideas by My Trio Rings

At the Fair

There is something so romantic about going on a date to the state or county fair – a date-night that has withstood the test of time. Go in the evening, when it’s not as hot outside, and do all of the activities she loves. Speed around in bumper cars, eat cotton candy and hold hands on all the roller coasters. Pick a simple but heartfelt moment to propose. Wait until you reach the very top of the Ferris wheel, with a view of the whole fair, and ask her to marry you. Or play a game to win her a giant stuffed animal, then hand it to her along with a diamond engagement ring.

Nighttime Stroll

If you and your partner love being active in the great outdoors, use nature as the perfect backdrop for your romantic proposal. Head out on a night hike close to home, bringing flashlights, a few blankets and a romantic surprise, such as champagne and strawberries. When you reach your destination, propose under a blanket of stars with a brilliant engagement ring.

Summer Proposal Ideas by My trio Rings

Child’s Play

Plan an entire day of fun, throwback-to-childhood summer activities. Go for a long bike ride. Get ice cream cones. Run through the sprinklers or do cannonballs in the swimming pool. At the end of the day, suggest you make chalk art on your driveway or sidewalk. Make it into a game, saying each of you should draw a picture with a hidden meaning that the other person has to guess. Turn your backs to each other so she can’t see your masterpiece, and write your romantic proposal. After they read your proposal note, that’s when you present that Little Red Ring Box and the beautiful engagement ring of their dreams!

Summer Proposal Ideas by My Trio Rings

Rainy Day Romance

Have a custom jigsaw puzzle made of a photo of you holding the diamond engagement ring and a sign that says, “Will you marry me?” Wait for a summer storm, and spend the day at home putting together the puzzle together. Wait for the big reveal, and have the authentic gold and diamond ring ready for to propose!

Rainy Day Proposal Idea by My Trio Rings

Written In the Sand

This approach is beautiful in its simplicity. Before you propose, find a spot off the beaten path – perhaps behind a sand dune or another protected area – where your message won’t be erased by waves or passersby. Write in the sand in large letters, “Will you marry me?” (you could also compose the letters out of sand stones found on the beach) and plan a walk along the beach with your significant other. Pretend to stumble across the message, then, when they read it, get down on one knee and propose with a sparkling diamond engagement ring.

Summer Proposal Ideas by My Trio Rings

Dinner On The Beach

Enlist the help of a few trustworthy friends to help set up your beach proposal. While you and your sweetheart are out and about in the afternoon, your friends will set up a special dinner for two on the beach – a table and two chairs (sturdy so they won’t blow away), flowers, candles, a bottle of sparkling wine on ice and a meal from your girlfriend’s favorite restaurant. Pop the question when you arrive at this private restaurant on the beach, then enjoy your romantic dinner.

Message In A Bottle

Find an antique glass bottle or hinged box at a thrift store or antique market. Write your proposal on a small slip of paper and place it in the bottle or box, then have a friend bury it halfway in the sand and stand guard from a hidden spot. Take a walk with your girlfriend along the water, and make sure she sees the hidden treasure. When she opens it and reads the note, have their dream diamond engagement ring ready to put on!

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Modern Couple's Guide To Proposing

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